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Download Epub Format ✓ The Battle of the Labyrinth PDF by Ñ Rick Riordan Estoy muy contenta de haber retomado esta serie despu s de muchos a os de rendirme.
Me encant este libro, me lo beb lol SO MUCH YES.
holy hades this is for sure the best book in the series so far there is a lotadventure, much better pacing, and incredibly improved character development and world building one of my main concerns about the previous books is that they have the same repetitive vibe and feeling this book totally changed things up and i couldnt be happier i love that percy is getting older his character is becomingcomplex and the storytelling definitely shows that the juvenile feel of the first couple books has disappeared and the story has becomerelatable to me, reading this as an adult kind of a bittersweet feeling knowing theres only onebook left, but im ready 4 stars See this review andlike it on www.
net This entry to the Percy Jackson series just took things to a whole new level As a first time reader of the series, it blows me away that not only am I enjoying this series as an adult reader, but I m actually finding that my excitement and love for it has grown with each book as well The writing has improved, and the way that Riordan has slowly been building up the stakes in each story has definitely stoked my interest as well I m so hyped to see how the big showdown in the next book is going to go down I have to talk about the characters for a second The dynamic Percy has with his friends has gotten better and better with each book I never thought I could find another group of friends in a children s story that I enjoyed quite as much as the gang from Harry Potter, but Percy s gang of friends are just as compelling I love the core trio Percy, Annabeth and Grover but the outliers that Rick Riordan has added on over the course of the series like Tyson, Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Thalia have grown on me as well None have grown on methan Nico though In the previous book, I had some real issues with Nico In a lot of ways, this book seemed to build off of much that was introduced in the previous one and I thought it worked out well for Nico in terms of growth I really felt for him and his struggles during this book Also, I love his strange on again, off again burgeoning friendship with Percy I m very excited to see how that develops in the final book, especially considering the implications of their existence and the whole prophecy subplot that Rick Riordan has been establishing for 4 books now Hopefully it doesn t let me down I m a sucker for magical locations and creatures in my fantasy the stranger the better So the fact that basically this entire book gets set in a spooky, atmospheric and magic filled Labyrinth was essentially a dream come true for me I think it had earned points in my mind for that before I d even started the book, to be honest Riordan doesn t disappoint with the setting either, instead he utilizes the magical properties of the Labyrinth to introduce a whole host of memorable locations, creatures and events This is the most fun I ve had in a Labyrinth since I had to rescue my stepbrother from goblins If I had to change one thing, I would have wanted this novel to be a trifle longer While I think Riordan s ability to write characters and plot a story is definitely improving, in some ways I wish the prose would slow down a bit and describe things a little bitThere are certain scenes particularly the action sequences in this book that I felt like could have been a bitgrand or of a larger scale than they ended up feeling because the prose moves along with such zeal to get to the next event Sometimes a sense of dread and danger is good, and I think it s muddled a tiny bit in those fast moving scenes With that being said, plot wise and character wise, this was definitely my favorite of the series I love the way the main plot and theme of the series has sort of unfolded around Percy and the years he s spent questing for the Gods of Olympus I m looking forward to seeing how his final clash with the Titans is going to turn out Onwards to book 5 4.
5 5 starsPercy Jackson Reviews The Lightning Thief The Sea of Monsters The Titan s Curse The Battle of the Labyrinth The Last Olympian RTC At first I was going to rate it 4.
5 stars, but that ending made me smile so much and I think that was what I ve been looking for in this saga I wanted a PJO book to end leaving me with a warm feeling in my heart and I didn t get it until this book 3 I love Nico so much Also, I really like Poseidon.
So 5 stars

Why did I wait so long to read theseI have no good explanation and if you ask me I ll just give you the shifty eyes and mumble something incoherent because I don t have a good reason What counts though is that I am reading them now right On the upside I don t have to agonize for the long wait for new books to come out, but still if I had just known So as expected Percy s summer is going to be filled with another quest and yet another colossal problem that brings him closer to the prophecy This time around Annabeth is in charge of the quest and they will have to find Daedalus, the creator of the Labyrinth, to stop Kronos from attacking Camp Half Blood Of course the Labyrinth is no regular maze It shifts and deceives and there are a butt load of monsters on every corner In the mix we have Rachel Dare who we meet briefly in the last book, and she will play a major role here We get to see what Nico is up to, and I gotta say I really liked him in this one Can Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson solve the maze in time to find Daedalus before Luke does There is this one scene where Percy is alone and contemplating a tough decision he has to make and I took a little sniff and thought,Aww.
Percy is growing up Just like they all are Things are getting to bedangerous and we are getting nearer to the climax More pieces of the puzzle are being presented and Riordan is being crafty just like a good storyteller would be I actually can t fathom how he keeps up with all of it All these gods, monsters, and plot lines to follow truly great stuff As you can tell I m totally pumped to read the last book which I know will not disappoint The Last Olympian here I come Oh God I m currently reading the fourth book and I kind of don t want to finish this book, so I won t read the fifth book because I AM STILL NOT READY TO FINISH THIS SERIES, but I also want to know how this book ends and how this series ends THE REVIEW IS POSTED SPOILERS read AT YOUR OWN RISK on this review, I m just going to tell you guys why I didn t really like it this is hard for me to say this but this book was just not that interesting for me I mean, the first, the second and the third book were all pretty good and they could make me laugh But this book, it wasn t funny and I might smiled once or twice but I didn t laugh and I also have this problem with Annabeth it s just like I don t know her any in my opinion, she was pretty different in this book and different in a not good way she was pretty mean or sarcastic towards Rachel for examples You re the guide, Annabeth said with mock politness lead on page 250 So, Rachel, Annabeth said, where are you from, exactly She said it like, What planet are you fromBut Rachel didn t look offended page 253 look, I don t know what was Annabeth s problem until she acted that way towards Rachel I personally think that Rachel is a nice and sweet girl and I think it s impossible to not like her but well, Annabeth didn t really like her so much, I guess.
and there s also this scene where Rachel guided them towards Daedalus s workshop but Annabeth said it s wrong and bla bla but then, Rachel found the workshop and Rachel was right and my expression to Annabeth in that scene like ha yeah, right, Annabeth and there was this scene that annoyed me so much and it involved Annabeth Tyson told Rachel she was pretty, which made Annabeth s nostrils flare like she was going to blow fire page 311 Seriously, was that even the same girl I had idolized since the first book where s the old Annabeth I want her back I don t want this Annabeth that acted pretty bitchy and annoying I don t like this Annabeth at all I can t believe I m going to say this but to be honest, I ship Percy with Rachel but will this ever happen sighs and let s talk about the plot of this book The plot was interesting and I understood it but I didn t feel shocked when I knew that Quintus was Daedalus but I also wasn t expecting that to happen how could I not be shocked for something that I didn t expect W E I R D and I wish this book was funnier this book wasn t funny it s not like the first, the second or the third book This book seems darker than the first, the second and the third book but it s so much less funny I would ve gave this book a higher star if it had been funny But the truth is, it s not funny or barely funny I didn t even laugh while reading it sure, I smilled but laugh nope, I didn t laugh in conclusion, I didn t really like this book this book wasn t good but it s not bad either it was fine, but this book certainly didn t get a special place in my heart but I will still read the fifth book because I m curious how this series ends and I m also curious about Annabeth in the next book will she still act like that any or will she become like her old self and I wish I ll seeRachel s scenes in the next book she s so awesome thank you for reading and liking this review, guys I hope you all have a great Sunday I ve read the first four books in this series to Celyn now and got her 5 for her birthday A fun read, though the monsters get steadilyoutlandish as Rick mines the lesser known corners of Greek myth In this book we meet the Empousa who are pictured as wearing brazen slippers and bearing flaming hair The name is said to mean one footed This is because they are a one legged hybrid, with a donkey s leg and a celestial bronze prosthetic legPart of me is wondering how long before South Park s Scuzzlebutt turns up with a hand that s made of celery and Patrick Duffy for a left leg We also meet Kampe who is depicted as having the head and upper body of a beautiful woman, the lower body of a dragon, a massive scorpion s tail full of venom, snakes around her ankles, and 50 grisly heads of various creatures wolves, snakes, bears, lions bubbling around her waist She also possesses black wings on her back and a pair of envenomed swords The labyrinth itself and Daedalus were interestingly portrayed Percy s girl cluelessness continues unabated And the Luke Kronos plot comes to a bubble.
I also liked the rather silly Mrs O Leary hell hound and the issue of giant dog biscuits and squeaky pink full sized buffalo chew toys.
Normally the inconsistent level of farce and semi seriousness would bug me, but the series style and charm has somehow inured me to it.
Celyn continues to make her yes sign when I ask if I should give these books 5 and who am I to argue with the expert Percy hits 16 next book should be fun Join my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes.
A 83% Very Good NotesIt s about awakenings, transgressive cracks, and how dread, desire and death indwell the formless chaos of potential.
Percy Jackson Isn T Expecting Freshman Orientation To Be Any Fun But When A Mysterious Mortal Acquaintance Appears At His Potential New School, Followed By Demon Cheerleaders, Things Quickly Move From Bad To WorseIn This Fourth Installment Of The Blockbuster Series, Time Is Running Out As War Between The Olympians And The Evil Titan Lord Kronos Draws Near Even The Safe Haven Of Camp Half Blood Grows Vulnerable By The Minute As Kronos S Army Prepares To Invade Its Once Impenetrable Borders To Stop The Invasion, Percy And His Demigod Friends Must Set Out On A Quest Through The Labyrinth A Sprawling Underground World With Stunning Surprises At Every Turn