Trailer Ø The Batman Adventures: Mad Love PDF by ☆ Paul Dini

Trailer Ø The Batman Adventures: Mad Love PDF by ☆ Paul Dini The Trend In Superheroes Of The Late S Was Dark, Grim, Gritty, And Not Very Kid Friendly Then Along Came The Animated Batman Series The Visual Style Was Totally Unique Clean, Sharp, And Bold Batman Adventures Mad Love Is An original Comics Story Drawn In The Style Of The Popular Animated Series It S Even Put Together By Paul Dini, A Major Force Behind The Animated Show This Particular Story Involves Batman S Old Foe, The Joker, And Joker S Cute But Deadly Sidekick, Harley Quinn Actor Mark Hamill Of Star Wars Fame, Who Plays The Voice Of The Joker In The Animated Series, Claims That This Is One Of His All Time Favorite Comics, Calling It Bold, Lusty, Gleefully Demented read this one because I wanted to see how Bruce Timm s art looks like on paper Great artwork If you re a fan of the animated series you ll definitely like it In fact this story was later adapted into an episode of the same name in The New Batman Adventures.
The story explains the origin of Harley Quinn and her relationship with the Joker Seeing her Puddin fail again and again at the hands of Batman, she executes one of Joker s plans for killing him while giving it a twist from her side.
It s a quick read, and if you are in the mood for a good old humorous Joker book then this is the one for you.
Harley Quinn s origin as only her fathers could tell it Creative Team Writer Paul DiniIllustrator Bruce Timm DON T YA WANNA REV UP YOUR HARLEY When Harley Quinn did her first appearance in the episode Joker s Favor from the now iconic Animated TV series Batman The Animated Series, in 1992, hardly her fathers , Paul Dini Bruce Timm, would being able to imagine the HUGE impact that her creation would make not only in the animated format, but also in comic books and now even in live action productions Hey, Mister JIt s clear that they hadn t figure out her origin since the beginning, due a comment that Harley does when she s arrested by Batman about that it wasn t a good idea leaving the beauty school She was just another member of Joker s band and it s very likely that she won t appear much later, but audience got in mad love with her at once, and two years later, she was easily one of the most popular animated characters of all time BanzaiSo, she deserved a worthy origin, and what better than being done by her fathers , Paul Dini Bruce Timm, in this now iconic one shot comic book, winner of an Eisner and Harvey Awards for Best Single Story in 1994, and that it got so popular that it was the only story from the tie in comic book title of The Batman Adventures that got a TV animated adaptation NOW IT ALL WORKS Then, Harley Quinn, from a secondary animated character with a loosely non disclosure background as beauticianshe became Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel, PhD, rising young psychologist that she started her promising career at the infamous Arkham Asylum, where she thought that an easy way to success in her field was to make a study in one of the criminally insane residentsThe Joker.
Poor Harleen never knew how bad call was that one and how her life wouldn t be the same any PuddinAnd Gotham City wouldn t be the same any neitherit would became better and funnier Thank you, Paul and Bruce, for creating such wonderful character

Harley, Harley, Harley Poor thing Now, I m not a very good feminist Let s just put that out there And I love Joker Harley stories The Joker and Harley Quinn are pretty much the ultimate in the abusive relationship In real life, this would be the saddest thing I d ever heard But that s what s so great about fiction, you can look at something from totally different perspectives and you can explore impossible ideas and outcomes You can take a maniacal serial murderer and pair him with an adorable, but completely insane, proverbial villain cheerleader and the dynamic is not only amusing but there is really something quite charming about it Go figure.
So, here we are presented with the origin of one of Batman s greatest female adversaries He doesn t have many, but bear with me We get some Harley Quinn backstory, and it s a lot of fun Her genius creators Paul Dini and Bruce Timm have made her history tragic and shocking and oh, so darkly funny.
Some of my favorite bits that they didn t end up doing at all in the really quite accurate cartoon portrayal a few years later are the daydreams Harley has of her dream life with her loving puddin And there s even one pretty amusing daynightmare from the mind of the Clown Prince of Crime himself, when he s imaging his humiliation at what the other super villains will say, when they find out that his cute little bouncy girlfriend managed to capture and kill The Batman, all by her lonesome, after he failed so many times before Pretty great This is excellent Harley Quinn is my favorite She s psychotic and demented and hopelessly in love with a murderous psychopathic clown How brilliant is that This comic isn t just a lot of fun and adorable and entertaining It s a damn good read Everything a comic book should be, with a couple of cherries.
5 stars In her own way, Alfred, Harley Quinn s as crazy as the Joker Her playful exterior hides an obsessive and dangerous mind.
The only reason I took away 0.
5 stars is that I prefer the New 52 Suicide Squad origin story I love my Harley Quinn with bleached skin and funky hair It s dramatic than going out and stealing a jester suit.
Anyway, I can never get enough of Harley and the Joker I love them together, their dynamic The Clown Prince of Crime did an amazing job of unleashing dr Quinzel s craziness And I love how it is implied that Harley is smarter than Mr J She actually caught Batman and had a real shot at killing him until Puddin stepped in You go, girl