Trailer ä The Alchemist's Cat PDF by ä Robin Jarvis

Trailer ä The Alchemist's Cat PDF by ä Robin Jarvis The First Of Three Terrifying Prequels To The Deptford Mice Trilogy Reveals A Shocking Truth How Did Jupiter, The Lord Of The Sewer Rats, Come To Be The Sower Of Such Evil It Is The Winter Of And Young Will Godwin, An Alchemist S Assistant, Chances Upon A Mother Cat And Her Three Newborn Kittens In A London Churchyard Taking Pity On The Freezing Family, Will Carries Them Back To His Master S Apothecary Shop And There, Among The Bubbling Bottles And Foul Smelling Jars In Dr Spittle S Laboratory, Unfolds An Extraordinary Tale Of Sorcery, Villainy, And Murder Full Of All Of The Intricate Twists And Turns That Robin Jarvis S Many Fans Have Come To Expect The twist ending was awesome Just awesome Though I didn t particularly like the setting, it wasn t a bad book at all I rather liked it Perhaps the lack of illustrations helped I often find illustrations particularly Jarvis distracting, because I have something else imagined and it turns out to be totally wrong Somehow, when I heard that there were three kittens, and one of them was a runt, I thought the runt would turn out to be Jupiter And then his brother was orange and named Jupiter So I thought I was wrong And then I was right in the end I also thought Spittle was Samuel Godwin Then he was introduced as Elias Theophratus Spittle, and I revised my opinion But then he was Samuel Godwin I suppose my intuition merits a good listen now and then I started out hating Jupiter, once I knew his name, because I knew he turned into an evil pimple of a rat god later But then he started being really nice to Leech, so I was conflicted The plot was great As said before, the twist ending was marvelous I never saw it coming That is, I sort of subconsciously saw it So if you read this and get stuck in the middle somewhere, keep plowing through it It is not worth it until the end Everything you think about Jupiter is wrong until the end If you don t finish, go ahead It s your loss.
This book is part alternate history or perhaps historical fiction , part anthropomorphic animal story, and part dark fantasy Set in 1600 s London, it tells the back story of Jupiter from The Deptford Mice trilogy While I enjoyed it very much, there were a few anthropomorphic animal inconsistencies that prevented me from giving it five stars, though I might do 4 1 2 if we could Cats having arms works fine in a true anthropomorphic animal story, but when humans are prominent in the story, it seemed a bit odd to me Despite such minor complaints, I m looking forward to the rest of this trilogy.

This is a violent and unbelievably horrific book Example Will is beaten to a pulp but when Molly finds him and hugs him tightly he doesn t even flinchreally The characters are so miserably pathetic I was never sure who to root for which talking, unlikable cat will we end up with since the ones we kind of liked are dispatched to grisly deaths Perhaps, this will be revealed in one of the sequels I do not intend to read.
Having had a quick look at some of these reviews, I think I must have been a very strange child Reviewers talk about it being horrifically dark , while this was one of my favourite books at around the age of 11, which I read again and again along with its sequels As a result, it s one of those books that still conjures the feelings and imagery of a unique world, perhaps 15 years later I am now a library manager and am disappointed that we don t seem to have any Robin Jarvis on our shelves I am keen to address this, but am worried that I won t have the same love for these books if I was to re read them I also think that imagery in books is only as dark as you have the ability to imagine, so is often of a reflection of yourself Perhaps these books are darker than most aimed at children, or perhaps adults are having darker experiences of them because we have had darker experiences, and forget that children can handle than we think they can and we want to preserve their innocence I have to give this book five stars because that s how good I remember it being