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[Jeph Loeb] ò Superman/Batman: Public Enemies [military-science-fiction PDF] Read Online ☆ A Tale Of Loyalty And Unlikely Friendship Featuring Two Of The Most Recognizable And Popular Super Heroes On The Planet, SUPERMAN BATMAN PUBLIC ENEMIES Pairs The Man Of Steel With The Dark Knight The Iconic Super Heroes Unite When Longtime Superman Enemy Lex Luthor, Now President Of The United States, Accuses Superman Of A Horrible Act Against Mankind, And Assembles A Top Secret Team Of Powerhouse Heroes To Bring Superman In Dead Or Alive But After The Dark Knight Detective Proves Luthor S Accusations To Be Baseless, The World S Finest Duo Prepares To Topple The Corrupt President S Reign Once And For AllCollects Superman Batman I really wanted to like this one, but it was bad, painfully bad It had a moment or two of hope and it held my interest, but ultimately I was left hugely disappointed First off, this is by far the most homoerotic comic I have ever read The relationship between Batman and Superman surpassed the Odd Couple and dabbled into the very strange territory of secret love affair I m sure this was not the intention of the author but the constant secret admiration and worship of one another is uncomfortable and odd at best Second the writing is just awful, clunky and forced The whole purpose of a graphic novel is to see than tell, but the author was constantly stating the obviousI hate when Batman does that, it makes me angry, I am so madThe constant switching between the internal monologue of B and S yes they actually refer to one another with these nicknames is distracting, annoying, and unnecessary We get it We can understand the differences and similarities between the two without you hitting us over the head with it Thirdly, the interpretation of some of the characters, especially the women is terrible Lois Lane looks like a tranny and Power Girl is supposed to be one of the sexist superheroes out there and she looks like a cross dresser who ate Power Girl Finally, the plot seems very poorly constructed with quite a few plot holes and the most absurd resolution I have ever seen view spoiler a humanoid rocket that is half Batman half Superman, really WTF hide spoiler Where is the rivalry Sure these guys may have already settled their debts and have learnt to work together, but where is the competition Where is Batman s naturally morose attitude Where is his desire to show that you don t need super powers to kick ass This just didn t get the relationship of the two right, and over it pointed out the most painstakingly obvious details such as I hate it when he does that I mean we don t really near to be explicitly told this The art can carry it through I shall read no further.

Lex puts out a warrant for Supes, a bunch of villains heroes turn up to help capture him, it s not heavy on plot as it focuses on Batman and Superman waxing poetic about each other I m not sure about the artwork some of it works and then at times it looks like a shitty knock off Bruce Timm After reading some reviews i was expecting some over the top bromance, proclamations of love, life saving endearing moments, y know a lil something something But nah son, you all lied It s probably a bit too cutesy for me, i need drama from my guys and at least 70% brooding from Batsy Also there s a line about Alfred in this that really annoyed me and i don t get it, i don t think Bruce would only think of Alfred as just the help like come on without Alfred, Bruce would be 100% done Annnnnd i ve read a bunch of Loeb s work and this is the only one where it didn t feel like his writing like i had to double check he wrote this, usually my emotions have been kicked in the teeth or there s a plot twist this doesn t have either, and i know he isnt glued to Sale s side but i missed his art It s definitely one for Lex fans he kinda steals this show in this and Batman and Superman are kinda meh I d still say pick it up just don t expect a lot and if you do want a good Batman and Superman bromance then pick up Snyder s unchained instead.
This is literally like a McDonald s value meal for the eyes I consumed something, yes, but it s not lasting and I don t feel sated Sigh.