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The Book Report: Lord Peter Wimsey, younger brother of the Duke of Denver, bibliophile, and dilettante in the arts and sciences of murder, meets his One True Love, the Other Half of His Soul; where else would he do this, but in court? Too bad she's the accused in a rather sensational murder trial, in which she is accused and about to be convicted of poisoning by arsenic her Illicit Lover, now ex after having the *temerity* to propose honorable and legal marriage to her.
He was, it turns out, having her on when he refused to countenance the idea of marriage; he was counting on his Peculiar Charms to sway his Muse and fellow novelist into revealing her true depths of devotion to him by setting this test.
Having fallen (and Fallen) for it, Harriet felt (not at all unreasonably) that she'd been a right prat and, in umbrage extreme, slung the rotter out on his ear, refusing thereafter to treat his suit.
Subsequent to their final meeting, unluckily, the rotter collapses and dies at his cousin's home, where he's been living for over a year since the end of the dream.

Lord Peter, attending the trial (as who would not?) with the Hon.
Freddy and the Dowager Duchess of Denver (aka Mater), forms the simultaneous convictions that Harriet is innocent, and that she shall be Lady Wimsey as soon as the event can be fixed.
How to forestall the hangman's deft attentions is his sole focus, needless to say, and he goes about proving the identity of the real culprit with his accustomed panache, energy, and cunning.

Ah, but stay the strains of the Wedding March, dear readers, because Harriet.
quite sensibly.
is Once Bitten, Twice Shy re: matrimony.
She offers herself as his leman, his dollybird, his bit o' stuff, but marriage? To a wellknown aristocrat, with all the attendant hoo and pla? No, indeed.
Wimsey is, well, not to fobbed off with mere sex when what he craves is glory and delight everlasting in matrimony golden, so he ankles off as soon as he sees her acquitted.
The End.
Only, of course, not so much.
But that's another book.

My Review: A Certain Party, who shall remain nameless herein but is frequently addressed by me as "Horrible" and is known on LibraryThing as "karenmarie", has really, really put her foot in it this time.
I mention, oh so casually in passing, that long, long ago I read and disliked this book.
"Oh," burbles The Evil One, "I read that and found it both witty and amusing, don't you think it would be fun to reread it?" I, ever the innocent and naive victim, forgot that the aforementioned Evil One has hooked me on everso many mystery series with her offhand cruelty, fell for it and reread the book.
Reader, beware! NEVER VENTURE NEAR HER! You'll end up reading long lists of (admittedly quite good) mysteries.

Wimsey is certainly not for every taste.
His erudition, not notably fine for that era, is huge by modern standards, and so his references to poets, writers, and cultural furniture quite ordinary in the 1930s, will come across as condescending to thos of this less wellversed (!) time and place.
His general attitude of privilege might cause some sensitive souls in the era of Political Correctness to flinch.
And Sayers' lovely, steady, and quite dry prose will go down like a martini at a Salvation Army bash with the modern reader accustomed to gutter talk, explosions, gunshots, and generally seamy turpitude that passes for most modern mysteries.

And thank GOD for that.
It's a breath of chamomilescented mountain meadow air to me to refind these books in a state and at a time when I can appreciate them.
No one tell The Evil One, blast her eyes, that I am thoroughly glad to have read this book at 51 that I understood and so little of at 25.
Loose lips sink ships! A solid 4 star read and another enjoyable Wimsey.

More tomorrow (soon) 😬

And for once it is tomorrow as I put pen to paper, well fingers to a keyboard.

So firstly as I really enjoyed it, let me address why it isn't 5 stars, but only 4.
Well, I felt that (view spoiler)