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✓ Software É Download by ¸ Rudy Rucker Cobb Anderson Created The Boppers, Sentient Robots That Overthrew Their Human Overlords But Now Cobb Is Just An Aging Alcoholic Waiting To Die, And The Big Boppers Are Threatening To Absorb All Of The Little Boppers And Eventually Every Human Into A Giant, Melded Consciousness Some Of The Little Boppers Aren T Too Keen On The Idea, And A Full Scale Robot Revolt Is Underway On The Moon Where The Boppers Live Meanwhile, Bopper Ralph Numbers Wants To Give Cobb Immortality By Letting A Big Bopper Slice Up His Brain And Tape His Software It Seems Like A Good Idea To Cobb This book is set in a dystopian future where the Boomer cohort has been shipped off to Florida to live on free government provided food drops, and rent is free, because Social Security ran out before 2020 when the book takes place and riots forced the government to somehow provide for the huge aging cohort In the book, the aging Boomers are called pheezers for freaky geezers many of whom still cling to their youthful rebelliousness remember this book was written before the 80s when many of the former hippies switched allegiance and became responsible members of society, settling down, settling for straight world jobs, educational pathways, and so forth Some drugs are legalized by the 21st C and although there s no internet or cell phones in the book, there are startling advances in robotics such that robots can be essentially physically identical with specific individuals and robots have achieved autonomy or freedom The revolt of the robots deciding to disobey humans was assisted by the book s protagonist, computer scientist and pheezer Cobb Anderson The autonomous robots were thereafter banned from Earth and banished to the Moon, where they diligently work on industries mining that cannot be performed on Earth, subsequently trading their products such as tank grown replacement human organs, for cash Thus, there is a trading relationship between Earth and Moon but the robots in charge of the moon robot colony called big boppers want ,much Meanwhile, the worker robot bees on the moon, some of whom are called diggers, dislike their bopper overlords, and a revolution is about to break out that may overthrow the boppers and their nefarious plans The book revolves around Cobb s yearning for a new life immortality He strikes a Devil s bargain with the boppers and travels to the colony assured by them that he will be made immortal His Software personality and memories will be transferred to a replica robot the hardware Unfortunately he becomes a robot remote, not exactly an completely autonomous robot like the boppers and the entire scheme depends on the boppers preserving his tape the program, that is his personality and memories, which are encoded on tape That means his life depends on a thin sliver of plastic not terribly permanent, despite the illusion of immortality given that his mind memories have been transferred into a non aging robot There are non stop scenes of drug use but not that much sexual prurience per se There is one potentially exceptionally violent scene at the beginning of the sci fi novel but the near victim of vivisection managed to escape I almost didn t bother reading the book, which I regarded as trashy although it did win a prestigious sci fi prize back in the 80s It was over the top, provocative it has a distinctly anti feminist slant I could handle the attitude having grown up in the pre feminist era But many people would not enjoy reading a book that doesn t seem to contain one positive portrayal of women although Annie and Cobb finally seem to be bonding toward the end of th book, and Wendy and Sta Hi in the end seem to have reached some sort of contentment both women do not come off positively when they are first introduced ditto for most if not all of the female characters in the book It s possible to read the book as a product of its age and laugh but some readers today might be put off by the anti feminist slant The book seemed fevered although it s well written, by and large maybe because Cobb and other characters, maybe most of the characters, are either drunk, stoned, or robots some evil that Cobb or Sta Hi the other protagonist are trying to dodge, cheat, beat up, evade, escape from, and so forth The book doesn t lack for action and it s of course a page turner considering the reader wants to find out if Cobb does achieve eternal youth and so forth There was one particularly hilarious scene when Cobb figures out a sub routine that has been built into him as a robot what he needs to do to feel drunk since as a robot, alcoholic beverages don t affect him, nor does he actually require food or drink and thus enjoy himself socially, at parties dances and so forth This isn t a particularly pleasant book but as a fast, trashy read, I suppose it s acceptable The reader does want to find out what happens to Cobb and the other characters I won t spoil the spectacular ending, so it s up to the reader to find out by making it to the end of the book On a less sensationalistic note, it s interesting to read how one author envisioned life 40 years into the future how society would cope with the Boomers, if Social Security really did dry up There aren t any gadgets a notable lack of imagining what would happen with respect to computers computers are still seen in the book as taking up a room and so forth The book was written before the advent of personal computers but there was always speculation about how advanced robots might become The book, albeit to me at least, rather trashy and as I said, it does contain one scene of near gratuitous violence plus endless or less degrading anti feminist portrayals of women still, it works I suppose as escape fiction In the book, women are essentially sex objects or drugged out skanks, mindless robot vixens or aging virago s None of the depictions of women are attractive although, as I mentioned above, Ann and robot Cobb eventually do form a bond, and Wendy and Sta Hi seem headed to at least temporarily become a couple by the book s end Interestingly, there is at least a moment of insight into why otherwise rather cartoon like Sta Hi became the way he became after his father dies and he is talking with robot Cobb Sta Hi s shell of cool, or detachment drugged out or straight is shattered as he and the reader realize that it was his home problems, problems with his parents, that led to his self destructive behavior Also, poignantly, his dad, who was always critical of his rebellious son, loves robot Sta Hi since he has assumed at least a superficially normal life unfortunately, that was an illusion and the reality that his actual son never changed, is yet another insightful or pathetic plot twist The book otherwise has some nuanced characterization despite characters or robots being often portrayed as cartoons Cobb both as human and robot is definitely multi faceted He helped the robots free themselves but prior to making his deal with the Devil, he can t free himself from the fear of death, and so self medicates himself with drink daily He s become an old though majestic man who has taken to sitting under palm trees on the beach meditatively drinking cheap sherry, trying to quell his thoughts of death, and the wife he abandoned Later, as a robot, he feels he has it made but his existence depends on a tape running in a mobile computer stored in a refrigerated truck, and meanwhile, robots, including him, are banned on Earth This book is a fast, easy read and for a trashy sci fi novel from that pre 80s era, I suppose it s fun in a way I read it in two days and I m a slow reader so a fast reader could probably read it in a few hours It s not poorly written, and it is interesting or fun to read it mostly Still, despite the prestigious prize the book won back in the 80s, I can t give it than two stars.
You should think of me as a person My personality is human I still like eating and and other things This combination of human and robot fused into one a prime philosophic enigma addressed squarely in Rudy Rucker s Software Take a close look at the gal above, a young lady who could be Misty from the novel talking about her identity Twenty five year old, randy Stanley Hilary Mooney Jr aka Sta Hi Mooney is certainly attracted, big time, but then again he starts thinking of the wires behind her eyes it would be like having sex with a machine, an inanimate object Rucker s 1982 cyberpunk classic is hardly the only piece of fiction to present the human as robot puzzle Or, should I say robot as human Recall beautiful Rachael Rosen from Philip K Dick s 1968 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and the 2014 film Ex Machina featuring stunning Alicia Vikander as Ava With our world s rapidly evolving computer technology, maybe such an alluring, sexually charged creation isn t that many years away Isaac Asimov s three laws of robotics formulated back in the 1940s dark ages demand robots slavishly abide by an overarching ironclad rule humans first, robots second Ralph Numbers, a forward thinking bopper boppers are robots with real brains created some years prior by the novel s main character, old man Cobb Anderson says phooey to such inferior human twaddle Humans first and robots last Forget it No wayRalph reflects with wry satisfaction on how he taught other boppers to reprogram their robot circuitry to transcend Asimov s laws and thus attain true freedom Not only did Cobb Anderson build the first generation of real brain boppers but he gave his boppers the capacity, in turn, to produce other sophisticated, intelligent boppers to the point where those advanced iterations developed consciousness And now those fully conscious boppers would like nothing than to expand universal consciousness and mystical awareness of the oneness of life by converting inferior forms of intelligence such as humans, little minded boppers and diggers worker robots into reprogrammed extensions of their own big bopper minds If all this sounds crazy, you are far from mistaken In his lecturers From Here to Infinity An Exploration of Science Fiction Literature, Michael D C Drout proclaimed Software and Freeware, two books in Rudy Ruker s Ware Trilogy, as the weirdest good books you will ever read Perhaps not surprisingly, Software won the Philip K Dick award What was the award, I wonder Perhaps a year s supply of speed or tabs of LSD Reading Rudy Rucker s turbo injected spinning at the speed of light fiction, I wouldn t be surprised But seriously folks, I suspect than drugs, what really infuses Rudy s fiction with its edgy brilliance is his background in advanced mathematics and computer science And please keep in mind the author has over two dozen novels and other works of fiction and nonfiction to his credit Fortunately for lovers of SF, Rudy Rucker is still going strong at age seventy one Any reader who enjoys breaking a mental sweat over paradoxes and the metaphysical maze of computational machines, artificial intelligence and the Turing test will have ample material to chew on in the pages of Software This includes the appearance of a robotic twin for both Cobb and Sta Hi Cobb2 can flop and flounder with the best of them Sta Hi2 turns out to be the obedient, reliable, hard working son his dad always wanted Are these doubles human enhancements or human deficient There s also Robert Nozick s thought experiment of brain transference the brain from person A including all past memories is placed in the body of person B After the operation person B thinks he is person A Is his thinking accurate Is B entitled to take on the rights and responsibilities of A, including living with A s wife and children Such a thought experiment is further complicated in Software Is Cobb still Cobb when his brain Software is given a new bopper body hardware Such dilemmas go back to the mind body problem conceived by such thinkers as Ren Descartes I purposely went light on plot there s simply too many freaky chutes and ladders, including a trip to the moon, a brain drinking party in Florida, a bopper freezer in a Mr Frostee ice cream truck and enough reefer to keep even Stay Hi hi This is a very good book, a very weird book and a very crazy book I always wondered if another novel could take the hallucinogenic cake and join PKD s Dr Bloodmoney as the strangest, most bizarre, twisted novel I have ever read For this distinction, Software wins the Glenn C Russell prize Born in 1946, Rudy Rucker is not only an American science fiction author and among the founders of cyberpunk but also an expert in advanced mathematics and computer science.

Totally crazy fun I haven t had this much sheer delight in crazy robot action in ages The boppers are a blast.
Get this turn the whole meme of eating brains into a gigantic robot enterprise to upload meat people into imperishable robot bodies, turn the moon into a robot paradise fueled by program evolution, add a serious stoner meat person to join in the fun up in the moon, and make sure we ve got a lot of funny and light and subversive dialogue, and we ve got Software.
Truly, this is one of those gems that should be a cult classic rocking around in people s mental spaces and cropping up every once in a while in regular conversation.
We re going to Disneyland Okay, wait, let s place this in its proper time, shall we 1982 This is officially the start of the cyberpunk movement, but it shares very little in common with Neuromancer It s of a 60 s stoner movie with crazy philosophizing robots behaving like zombies for people s meat brains for the stuff we hold in em, with weird homages to the traditional human lifestyle that s epic comedy than a serious piece of love Think Asimov s Robots meeting Hunter S Thompson I love it But that s not to say that there isn t some issues with plot or payout at the end of the novel, because there isn t much of that there.
But honestly I just don t care Its wild and fun and funny and I m thrilled because it s only the first of the four in the quadrology The mark of a good book is sometimes all about how much fun we have not focusing on silly things like plot This is an idea lover s book and it s written very well, transporting us away into a hellofafun pot dream.
This is one of those books I am surprised people have not read or at least heard of This won the first ever Philip K Dick Award and book two in the series won the award years later Not that I put all of my stock in awards but whatever will encourage people to read this book I will mention.
Part of me badly wants to rate this book 5 stars but there were a few things that bothered me enough for a final 4 1 2 star rating I experienced some difficulty starting but once the action kicked in, the difficulty disappeared I was, and still am, completely confused as to why Sta Hi was so important to the boppers Maybe I missed something And Annie just flat out annoyed me What was her purpose Past these issues, I loved the book ALL science fiction and cyberpunk fans should give this a chance Rucker created a disturbingly unique future setting, one full of possibilities, which has me excited to start the next in the series I liked the two main characters, Cobb and Sta Hi surprisingly enough and I really loved the ending More than a few distressing things happened to the characters Extremely distressing, as in there were live brains involved My ick factor was near maxed out so bonus points have been provided and you have been warned.
This book is original, even by today s standards, so considering this was written in the early 80 s, I think it is important and reflective of the ideas included Rucker explores some weighty topics, forces his characters to ask some serious questions, to make seriously permanent decisions I have read few science fiction books that explored what it is to be human so well as this book does by exploring artificial intelligence By saying I am a mirror, and considering who said that, well, Rucker begins to spell everything out for the reader who wants to look past the surface story of drugs and action.
I want to be a United Cults Minister with a drunkenness subroutine Stuzzy I love books with memorable, made up slang.
Highly recommended.