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[Anthony Horowitz] Å Scorpia [urban-fantasy-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Not one Alex Rider book has yet to disappoint me The book Scorpia takes so many twist and turns to the Alex Rider series The only thing I have to say is that the books are getting a little repetitive I feel like the same thing is happening in every book, and Alex is just going to some different country than before I still really enjoyed this book though, and I think you might like it.
After reading several reviews I notice that at the beginning of the novel Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz, the reader does get glued to the book I found myself continuously telling myself fiveminutes till I go to sleep But as the book progressed I was slowly convincing myself that the book was not up to my level and something that I could have been reading in grade 6 Horowitz starts the book off really well He immediately introduces the conflict in the novel The antagonists are all in one room about to start a conference Horowitz describes the meeting using a simile It was clear that the people who congregated in this place came from many different parts of the world, but they had one thing in common a stillness, a coldness even that made the room as cheerful as a morgue 2 I found the use of this simile very affective as it placed a clear image in my mind of what is occurring This is the only thing that I liked, being able to picture everything extremely well But there was a time where I disliked the description While reading the novel I really thought I was able to predict what was going to occur next on a regular basis For example when Alex was in Europe looking for Scorpia, I just knew somehow the most unpredictable thing will happen and somehow Alex will find it And sure enough it happened And that was when Alex saw it, a flash of silver as the sun reflected of something on the edge of his vision He turned his head There was nothing A canal leading the other way Another canal crossing it A single motor cruiser sliding underneath a bridge 29 It happens too many times in one novel.
Another thing I despised is how Alex s work seems way too easy and highly unlikely His ability to continuously find himself in near death experiences and somehow figure a very un probable way out is to familiar and reoccurring in the novel I especially disliked the time where Alex was trapped in the room which floods and somehow gets through the crevasses of the floor and escapes This was the time where I disliked the large amount of description The reader knew Alex would get out of the situation, it was too early for him to be killed or something, yet it took like 10 pages for him to get out of it Now I am not a lazy reader but I think the suspense of that scene was unnecessarily long Overall the book can be addicting but I really think that it is aimed at children rather than teens.
Alex Rider, Teen Spy, Has Always Been Told He Is The Spitting Image Of The Father He Never Knew But When Alex Learns That His Father May Have Been An Assassin For The Most Lethal And Powerful Terrorist Organization In The World, Scorpia, His World Shatters Now Scorpia Wants Alex On Their Side, And Alex No Longer Has The Strength To Fight Them That Is, Until He Learns Of Scorpia S Latest Plot An Operation Known Only As Invisible Sword That Will Result In The Death Of Thousands Of People Can Alex Prevent The Slaughter, Or Will Scorpia Prove Once And For All That The Terror Will Not Be Stopped The book I read is called Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz Horowitz has written other books such as Point Blank, Stormbreaker, Eagle Strike, and Skeleton Key This is the fourth and final book of The Alex Rider adventures This book is about a teenager boy that is a spy for MI6 He goes to Italy to find a company that he heard about from a former enemy named Yassen Gregorovich Just before Yassen died he said Alex would find his destiny in Scorpia He ends up working for them, but after hearing about there evil plan they have come up with that will kill Thousands of British schoolchildren he double crosses them in the end I think one of the weaknesses in this novel was the reason for which Scorpia planned to kill Thousands of kids It wasn t a terrible reason but I think the Author could have come up with a better reason Also, there were many lies told to Alex during the course of the novel Yes it did give the story a good plot twist but also it was a little confusing and hard to follow at times I was interested in the fact that a teenager could be a spy for MI6 And I also liked how the Author made it so that Alex would have also died with the schoolchildren if the plan had gone through So not only did he have to stop Scorpia from killing Thousands of kids, but also stop them from killing him Also it is interesting how he can save the world when he is so young and how he stood up to the most lethal terrorist organization almost by himself Also, the different ways that Alex Rider escapes from captivity And how the plot always keeps me double guessing whose side he is on This novel was very good and I highly recommend it I also recommend reading all the books in the series If you like novels that have suspense, a good, interesting plot, and decent action I suggest this book It has some weaknesses but overall it is a very good novel.
Okay, so that was different from the previous Alex Rider books Very different.
VERY, VERY different.
It was deeper A good number of characters wererounded, feltreal than they ever have I ACTUALLY GOT THE FEELS I mean OH MY GOSH, I ALMOST WANT TO SPOIL SOME THINGS BUT I CAN T BUT I WON T.
It was different, guys The storyline, the motivations, the outcome It was an Alex Rider book, all right non stop action and lots of twists and turns but it broke out of the mold some of the previous books had been crafted in It was GROUND BREAKING I mean, if Eagle Strike was a game changer, then Scorpia is an EXTREME game changer.
Some stuff involved in this book BASE jumping a woman named Julia Rothman the prime minister running all over Venice Nile the black and white man a uh very savage school Invisible Sword a retainerQuite frankly, I am shook My heart is feeling things OO Okay Well This book This book was pretty cool, all said At the end of the last book, I was almost in shock I mean, whooooah ALEX RIDER HAS A BIGGER PLOT THAN JUST A TEENAGE SPY RATTING OUT BAD GUYS EVERYBODY GO HIDE UNDER A TABLE OR PUT A PAPER BAG OVER YOUR HEAD OR START USING THAT SUB ETHA THUMB THINGY THE WORLD IS ENDING Sorry, your ears are probably bleeding right now Or would it beaccurate to say your eyes But I loved it that this time there was plot I mean, yeah, the other Rider books are pretty great in their own right, but just as I was starting to get bored I mean, well, not reallyI probably would have read this series until my eyes fell outI m pretty desperate for reading material these days Anthony Horowitz pulls something new out of his hat and viola yeah, viola , you have a fresh new plot and a refreshed new interest in the Alex Rider series I just feel like we shouldn t have gone on so much of the same country before getting to the exciting part I don t know how many people have read just two books and thought they were too similar in general plot device and thus, preferred to take the helicopter out of the desert in boredom rather than trudge through to a somewhatsatisfying conclusion Not thatit was all that greatOkay, I m conflicted It was a good book, but it s considerably below reading level and I shouldn t be eating it I mean, reading it I mean, I shouldn t be eating books of any sortnot even good books like the classics Anyway, brings me to a quick point before leaving Alex Rider, despite his age, would be aappropriate book for me if I were 10.
I thought it was pretty good, though it was a lot like the last book The whole series is kind of repetitive Other than that though, it wasn t bad.

The 5th book in the Alex Rider series introduces us to Scorpia, an organization that was teased at the very end of the previous novel Scorpia is to the Alex Rider world what SMERSH is to James Bond or THRUSH for Man From U.
E fans or CHAOS for Maxwell Smart fans It s an international criminal organization that performs high level operations for well paying clients Alex starts this book disillusioned with MI 6 and their continuing manipulation of him The end of the last book provided some eye opening revelations about his family and now he s a vulnerable teenage boy who just wants a normal life Enter Scorpia Alex finds himself torn between loyalty to his father s legacy, revenge, and trying to figure out where he belongs Another critical entry in the series as Alex discovers much of his family s secrets and his own backstory This series is really jelling into a much larger story arc than individual books would suggest Readers should definitely start at the beginning of the series While we still get the adrenaline charged saving the world adventure that makes these books so fun to read, this one dives a bit deeper into the character of Alex Rider It was also nice to see the MI 6 leadership perhaps turning a corner with Alex The final chapter of this novel provides one of the biggest cliff hangers I ve ever experienced in my reading life I m sorely tempted to peek at the first chapter of the next book immediately, just to reassure myself.
Scorpia Alex Rider, 5 , Anthony HorowitzScorpia is the fifth book in the Alex Rider series stories about the adventures of Alex Rider a 14 15 year old spy , written by British author Anthony Horowitz It begins several weeks after the events of fourth book, Eagle Strike, and up to nine days before the sixth, Ark Angel 2010 1386 341 9789642980000 21 1387 312 9789641750956 .
actual rating 4.
5 5 stars In my opinion this is the best Alex Rider book in the entire series so far and i loved the direction it took Plot this book picks up after the events of book four and Alex is trying to get back to lead a quiet life and get away from MI6 and being a spy for them However things do not go to plan when Alex is swept up in that world again when he is recruited by a very top assassin group called Scorpia Alex soon learns that his father was apart of this organisation and he is lead to believe that MI6 was in fact the reason why his father was killed, Alex soon sets out on a mission to kill MI6 lead director Mrs Jones I love how this book in the series had a different tone to it and i love the direction the author has taken this series i feel like it has started to become darker then the other four novels before it Don t get me wrong Alex has done a lotthings then any 14 year old would be doing at his age but i feel like this book he was really put through a test Alex is really lied to by every single person in this book and he doesn t have any clue who he should trust and i feel like there is no one left But as things unravel throughout the book we see that MI6 and his father were working together and we see that Scorpia were the ones in fact that killed both Alex s mother and father in the plane crash Alex did some really big character growth in this book and i can honestly say the events will change him going forward met a woman named Julia Rothman She was very beautiful but a complete bitch There is still so much to go and you can tell that Alex s story isn t over just yet and by the way things ended i don t think Alex will die i think he will come close but will come out of it alive with how strong this book was i hope it continues to stay strong and have the character and story development this book because story wise book five has been the strongest for it.