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[Anthony Horowitz] Û Point Blanc [suisse PDF] Ebook Epub Download · These are addicting I think I am gonna read the third one before I go to bed.
Liked this better than Stormbreaker, because the involvement of a 14 year old spy seemedcredible, but perhaps it just took a second book Alex Rider is coerced to masquerade as a hell child of a magnate to enter a prestigious school, where miscreants are re educated When two parents die under unusual circumstances, MI6 decides something is wrong there Alex is sent to a mountaintop in Switzerland, where he is basically on his own to discover what is rotten there and uncovers a devious plot by a sociopath Addendum Great murder at the beginning involving a holographic projection of an elevator in an empty shaft MI Assigns Alex Rider, , Undercover At An Elite Prep School For Teen Rebels After Two Fathers Are Assassinated Principal Dr Grief And Vicious Cigar Smoking Mrs Stellenbosch Are The Only Teachers All The Students Act Studious, Perfect And Identical When Alex Finds The Plot, The Villains Find Him, And The Mountain Peak Has Only A Black Ski Run Escape The worst time to feel alone is when you re in a crowd I really enjoyed the second book in this series muchthan i did the first one, it just stepped itself up from the first one I now haveof an understanding of this world and the main character Alex Rider Plot this book picks up a couple of months after the first book ended and Alex is trying to live a normal life and attend school, however this doesn t last long when MI6 needs his help and he is soon going undercover in a private school This story went in a total different direction than i was expecting it to go in and i was honestly surprised Anthony really knows how to write crazy good villains and it shows with the two main villains in this book because they are both all sorts of crazy and i would not like to face them myself The characters werefunnier, the plot was action packed and evolved for me since the first book and i m thankful that happened All the settings and and scenes went intodepth that i was wanting this story to have and man did the author deliver because it was brilliantly done I would love for Alex to have maybe two friends to help him with his adventures because its still one thing for me thats missing from this series and i hope in book three i get to see another person help Alex on his adventure I enjoyed this book, the ending of this book was crazy good and i know i didn t enjoy stormbreaker but this second book point blank really saved it for me and i will definitely continue on with this series after this strong second book.
This is the book that got me hooked on the Alex Rider series Anthony Horrowitz was so clever in making up this story How he made it sound realistic but I also think it was a bit science fiction ish but I liked that about it When a crazy scientist makes clones of himself and replaces sons of multimillionaires with them it sounds impossible right But not for Anthony Horrowitz.
Synopsis After completing his first mission with MI6, teenage spy Alex Rider is sent on another quest to discover the truth about Point Blank, a school for troubled youth Posing as the son of a wealthy businessman, Alex goes to the school, only to be weirded out by what he sees What secret could the director of Point Blank be hiding The Good Anthony Horowitz s writing is great, as usual, and there was a real sense of menace and suspense throughout the novel.
The Bad It could have used a littleaction.
Content Concerns Sex Alex leers at a teenage girl in a bikini, but only in a PG way a brief reference to a man and woman who aren t married being in bed together.
Nudity A teenage girl is said to be wearing a bikinithan once.
Language Three or four uses of the h word one use of bloody.
Violence Two or three chapters of intense, but non graphic, action a gruesome operation is described view spoiler , but doesn t actually happen hide spoiler 3.
5 Kick ass starsI read this book a long time ago and enjoyed it a lot especially because the main character is a fourteen years old male devoid of the usual teenage angst This book is the second in the Alex Rider series where Alex is a spy in training for MI6 During the course of his training Alex learnsabout the world and uncovers a potentially deadly secret which leads our hero into a daring adventure This was a fun and entertaining book with likeable characters and fantastic action.
Such as fast paced suspense filled book I loved every page of this book Alex is such a funny and witty character and, this is such an interesting series that I think I will never get bored of Can t wait to read the next book

In this new mission, Alex Rider has to infiltrate a secretive boarding school for spoiled teenage kids of rich parents who need a little bit of etiquette.
So Alex Rider takes on a new identity and personality Indeed, he is required to blend in act spoiled, wear dirty clothes, be unpolite, etc I must say, if spying as a career does not work out in the end for this young man, he could surely become an actor.
I mean, he is really, really good at making people see what they want to see and not who he truly is But at the same time, if spying as a career does not work out for him, it s because it s killed him, so there wouldn t be a possibility for a career switch, now would there Just like its predecessor, POINT BLANK is full of mystery, action and danger It was good to see Alex Rider make a friend, even if of short duration He says he has friends at school, but that s just words without proof of friendly interaction with someone else of his own age I guess I m concerned for his well being I can t help but want to continue following his adventures I feel as though he deserves someone to be there with him, because he is almost always alone Why should that person not be me Oh God, Lola, relax, he s fourteen But I can t help it, Alex Rider so needs a hug, especially after what Alan Blunt did to him Vile man Vile man.
Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin This was a great story, I really love the Alex Rider and Jason Steed series.
If you want to escape read a teen spy novel Anthony Horowitz is a brilliant author.
This book we see Alex go to Switzerland, where the worlds richest kids or kids or rich and important parents go to school but are brainwashed.