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Á Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse ¼ Download by ✓ James Wesley, Rawles Patriots Surviving The Coming Collapse Is A Novel Set In The Near Future That Describes A Full Scale Socioeconomic Collapse More Than Just An Exciting Read, It Is Packed With Useful Survival And Preparedness Tips It Was Described By One Reviewer As A Survival Manual Neatly Dressed As Fiction An Earlier Short Draft Edition Of The Novel Was Distributed As Shareware On The Internet In The Early S At The Time, Despite The Relatively Small Readership Of The Internet, It Had Than , Downloads, Making It The Net S Most Popular Shareware Novel Of The Decade It Was Hosted At Seven Mirror Sites On Three Continents Patriots Is Distinctly Pro Christian, Pro Preparedness, Pro Gun Ownership, And Anti Racist It Is Considered A Must read By Those Are Concerned With The Fragility Of Our Society, And Those Interested In Preparedness It Is Also Popular In Libertarian Circles Patriots Was Authored By James Wesley, Rawles, The Editor Of So I ve decided to stop reading this one although I m not quite finished I can t take it any As a lot of other people have said, the format for this book is really odd If you like lists you might really like this book There are lists of every blood type and what types of blood those types can receive, lists of every kind of gun with the types of rounds that those guns shoot and what you might like to shoot with those guns, lists of food items, tools, and processes Even step by step order for how to have a baby and sew up someone s arm It was a little too list heavy for me Honestly, the story is kind of boring and unrealistic Nothing at all happens for the first two years, and we don t even get to know what s happening in the country because we re focused on this tiny farm in the middle of nowhere It s funny though they manage to store 4 years worth of food, medical supplies, endless weapons and barter items don t worry they are all listed for 10 people in the basement of a small house, and they never run out of anything, despite the fact that they are supposedly giving a lot of stuff away because they are such good, charitable Christians oh, and a token Jew.
The saving grace for this book is that it does encourage preparation and planning for the future and some of the information is accurate Unfortunately it is fiction so you really can t use it for a help manual even though it s just about as exciting as reading a text book This is not my definition of a Patriotism, and really I wish that people would stop writing books like this I believe in being prepared for difficult situations, like the one described in this book, and I would like to get on board with the prepping movement, but this conservative militia scare tactic isn t helping anyone It comes across as militant and hypocritical.
Wow I learned a lot from this book.
I learned how to mount a gun on my airplane.
I learned how to treat bullet wounds.
I learned that you can tell whether someone is a good guy or a bad guy by the following means if they have high quality guns that they take care of, they are probably a good guy if they have low quality guns in disrepair, they are probably a bad guy Everyone carries around a book or other text because that is the only possible source of morality If it is a bible, they are a good guy If it is Chairman Mao s little red book, they are probably a cannibal looter If it is a pornographic magazine, ditto.
I learned that minorities and women are the most likely to be injured or killed in combat.
I learned that stoners like to steal guns to support their habits, so you should trick them into thinking that your guns are guitars because they don t know anything about guitars and wouldn t have any reason to steal a guitar, if they were looking for something valuable.
I learned that having a rose and skull tattoo probably means you re a homicidal biker.
I learned that the 14th amendment and the 26th are maybe even worse than the 16th.
I learned that reasonable people will stockpile pre 1965 quarters.
I learned that epistemic closure is an extremely frightening thing.
In a way I d like to do 2 things here First I d like to be able to rate this higher I believe that the idea of a possible collapse of some kind isn t all that far fetched I d seen the power go down in areas of Nashville for as much as 2 weeks and it got bad Any kind of complete collapse would lead to massive death and even horror This could have been and should have been an interesting book TOO MANY books ON THIS TOPIC CROSS OVER INTO FRINGE BELIEFS This one doesn t do that It s just not very interesting.
The second thing I d like to do sort of is start a shelf titled action.
I read tried to read a nonfiction book by this author on preparedness The problem was that first he pushes his own programs and second his survival strategies are geared to people who have a virtually unlimited budget for survival equipment and some kind of bolthole fortified farm This book purported to be a novel is about a group of people who ve prepared using hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their bolt hole readyI know because the writer goes into GREAT detail about how, when and why they bought everything including paying cash for the farm It s a fantasy about his own plan which you can get details of for a small fee and feeds right back into the nonfiction book which pushes his own programs etc.
I d really like to find some good books about this scenario about actual people learning how to survive without becoming part of the mob of killer refugees this writer pictures pouring out of the cities to endanger all the smart prepared people so far the only good ones have been about zombies.
I m not ruling it out but I m not really putting zombies among my top 5 reasons for collapsenot my top 3 anyway.
I wish I could rate this higher, I wish I could like it , I wish I could recommend it.
I wish I hadn t used an Audible credit on it.
Anyone who knows me knows I like post apocalyptic fiction And I like almost any of it However, I did not like Patriots Surviving the Coming Collapse.
This book seems to be less of a novel than a cross between James Wesley Rawles personal fantasies diatribes on the state of the Union.
Don t get me wrong, he has done an admirable job of researching in order to supply facts to explain his opinions has an index in case you want to look it up yourself, but that s part of what makes this less of a novel of an instruction book.
The basic plot is that the United States and also much of the world has sunk into another Depression called the Crunch A group of like minded people, who call themselves the Group, have been expecting this for years They ve bought farms in Idaho stocked up food, medicine, and various other supplies They ve also all bought uniforms and have accumulated quite a pile of weapons.
The introduction of characters reminded me of the opening of a Babysitters Club novel name the character, give a brief history of their personality, strengths, weaknesses, how they came to join the group The dialogue between characters is extremely stilted real people simply don t talk the way these people do Many of the pages are thinly disguised lists of supplies in case you want to bug out yourself There s also a lot of discussion of the weapons ammunition how to procure it.
Bottom line If you re looking for an instruction manual on How to Start Your Very Own Militia, then this is the book for you I ve always been a conservative, but reading this made me think Oh this is what the liberals see us as Yes, I ll admit that would be quite frightening Honestly, I could bring myself to keep reading halfway thru chapter 6 As a novel, this was so, so bad Seriously, the critics of Stephenie Meyer s writing would reconsider their position after reading some of this dialogue.
Fourteen years ago, when I first left the military, I did a lot of reading and research on the militia movement in the United States This was only a few years after the Oklahoma City bombings, and I had met a few militia types while in the service One of the books I heard referenced over and over again was called The Turner Diaries, so of course I read it The Turner Diaries is one the most vile books ever written it is a racist screed that is so horrific that I couldn t help but laugh out loud at a few points It was awful, simply awful I used to actually hide that book on my bookcase until I finally gave it away to someone years ago With that said, I could see why people interested in militias, or in being a survivalist, would read it A good friend suggested that I read Patriots, but I was hesitant After reading The Turner Diaries , I was not interested in 400 pages of paranoid ranting about the Aryan race and the ascension of Nordic Man Trusting my pal, I started this book on Thursday and could not put it down until I was done Now, let s be clear the writing is not very good The characters are one dimensional The plot America falls into chaos, then rises again from the ashes is hardly original think Lucifer s Hammer , or The Parable of the Talents, The Handmaiden s Tale, etc What is remarkable about this book is how freaking real it is I learned about what to expect if the lights go off and stay off than I could have researched on my own in a library in a month The author is a survivalist, and he clearly has thought this whole thing through, from very detailed passages about guns to medicine, food, energy, clothing, home defense, travel, the rule of law, and on and on and on It is amazing Without going too into the plot, the American economy, then the global economy, collapse The federal government is broke n and of no use Before too long, rioting, looting, and lawlessness spreads from coast to coast, followed quickly by hunger and disease The first third of this book was so frightening that I literally had a hard time sleeping I had a similar experience with Octavia Butler s Parablebooks I almost put Patriotsdown it was bothering me that much And no, it s not terribly graphic, but you get the idea just how bad things could be if people are truly hungry and scared It was chilling.
The second third of the book is about the early days after what the author calls The Crunch People are struggling to stay alive Those who planned live Those who didn t die It s that simple The main action during this middle part of the story involves fighting off brigands and slowly making contact with other survivors.
The final part of the book was the best I won t go into it, but slowly the survivors rebuild America, and after fighting off tyranny restore our Republic Sounds lame, but I was getting all teary eyed by the ending Great stuff So this is a fun, thought provoking read, but not for everyone If you are interested in guns, for example, this one is for you Lots of guns If you are interested in rooting for a group of brave Americans who fight off the United Nations, restore our Constitution, and make jerky out of virtually any sort of mammal, I encourage you to read PatriotsDo you like the Founding Fathers Do you secretly watch Glenn Beck Do you know what CONTUS stands for DO YOU LOVE LIBERTY You won t be disappointed.
I bought this book after looking at the high overall score it got, and after reading a few of the good reviews How I wish I would have read some of the 1 star reviews before buying it This book is without a doubt the worst novel I have ever read in my life Where to begin First off, there is no real story involved here There are probably 20 pages of blather in between every plot progression in the book The plot will progress a little bit, then Rawles will spend the next 4 or 5 pages describing in painful detail weapon specifications, inventories, etc.
There is also no character development whatsoever, besides the fact that they are all a bunch of religious zealots When they aren t ambushing and killing communist cannibals seriously , they are either praying, discussing religion, or engaging in other drivel that makes each page boring than the next.
Their moral compass is completely out of whack as well These are people who won t eat canned food they find on the side of the road because they consider it stealing , but think nothing of accosting private citizens walking down a public street at gunpoint while they meticulously go through all of their private belongings, questioning them on each item.
And what is up with the author s name I guess it should have been a warning sign when the author puts his name on the book like James Wesley, Rawles What the hell is the comma for Later on in the book they have a child at the retreat and they name the kid Jacob Edward Samuel, Gray WTF In order for a end of the world survival novel to be successful, you have to be able to relate to the characters after nearly 200 pages, I still could not remember which one is which I found myself thinking that if I was in that situation, I would rather be out on my own fending off looters than living with these nutcases at their retreat.
To conclude, any body who gave this book than 2 stars hasn t read nearly enough books It is total garbage The only good thing about it is that there is some decent survivalist information in the book However, there are much much better books you can read to get the same information without have to read 20 pages of some nutjobs blathering just to get a few useful tips.
I wish I had my money back on this book, it is truly pathetic and a waste of money Buyer beware Contrary to the assertions of many reviews, Patriots did have an editor I have acquired a draft of actual proofreading notes from the editor of Patriots I am not at liberty to say how I acquired these notes, or who delivered them to me, so don t ask Here are some representative quotes from those notesI m not seeing enough lists here These lists are a literary goldmine The reader will eat those up like Halloween candy More lists The reader needs to know about the character s firearms and ammunition It is not possible to go into too much detail on this matter Cut out character development if necessary The reader will get to know the character by his firearm Germans are been there, done that villains If you want real villainy, I have one word for you Belgians I choked on a waffle once It was terrifying This character is not high enough on the Asperger s spectrum Fix that It is a good start presenting these two looters as Communists, but less savvy readers might not know who Chairman Mao is Perhaps the looters could be seen punching a baby Or eating a baby Your call In order to prevent the reader from mistaking the women for man bashing lesbian feminists, make a point of demonstrating them being enthusiastically obedient to their husbands What religion are the heroes, again I can t remember It has been over five pages since you referenced that the protagonists as Christian Unacceptable We don t want them to be mistaken, even for a second, for atheists Get rid of all of the sex scenes between the male protagonists Instead, have the men sublimate their man love for each other with long descriptions of them admiring each other s weapons as well as the size of the loads of their ammunition The reader will be able to crack that code Your dialog is too short Don t say your dialog out loud to see if it sounds like how people actually talk Instead, imagine that your characters are delivering seminars, or speaking to others as if they were toddlers Not enough exposition on the door of the Group s retreat This door is the breakout star of the story and the reader is going to want you to spare no detail on how this door was made I want an entire chapter devoted to the door This inanimate slab of wood and metal should be the most well developed character in the entire story There is interest in optioning a spin off novel, and perhaps a movie deal, just for the door itself I ve been told that Kirk Cameron has expressed interest in a movie, provided he gets cast as the door I realize that there is some logic to a State Trooper using pepper spray on Matt Keane during this traffic stop, but that is just not dramatic enough Just forget pepper spray exists and is issued to every uniformed law enforcement officer in the country Just have him go for his gun Instant drama There needs to be a black guy in the story so that the Reader will know that none of the heroes are racist I recommend that the black guy be married, so that he will not appear to be a threat to the men in the Group And try not to make him too uppity In fact, don t waste a lot of time developing a character at all Just name him Jefferson or Jackson or Washington or something The Hispanic woman doesn t come across as Hispanic enough Emphasize phonetically her heavy accent so that the reader will know how exotic she is, while also making her off putting enough so that she doesn t pose a threat to the other women in the Group Make her sound as much like Charo as you can Thank God this is over with This is not a story This is 300 pages about guns, stuff you need should the economy ever collapse, and about 20 characters that are all the same person It s very random, it s very boring, and it s very subjective to this one guy s ideas of what would happen should the economy ever die for realz Yeah I could say it s worth reading just because he does give a list of stuff it would be nice to have in such a situation, but really, don t waste your time Just visit a survivalist blog or something It s much faster and cheaper, and your brain will thank you for not slogging through this travesty of dead trees.
1 star novel2 star survival manual4 star product catalogas a novel, the characters are all exactly the same, the plot is stretched, and the clumsiness of it all hurts the eyes as a survival manual, the actual skills involved tend to be sketchy at best, But this book truly shines as a product catalog for Rawles sponsors I didn t count the number of times he talked of his characters doing something like taking a firearms course at frontsight training in california or talking about mountain home freeze dried food The sad thing is, in 10 years, many of the businesses mentioned will be out of business, or will have changed their name, anyways as such, the useful shelf life of this book is extremely low Although he s welcome to have his own personal preferences, just because rawles endorses products does not necessarily mean they re the best ones No information here that isn t already available by the boatload on rawles blog.
Some have touted the ability of this book to convince family and friends to start preparing a little BS first of all, the book caters to the far christian right and beats you over the head with that, unless your friend happens to be a part of the far christian right this coming from a conservative libertarian you might as well use the book for kindling secondly, the book does advocate owning some questionably legal items, and questionably legal practices, if your friend has a problem with breaking said laws IE most of us then they ll balk if you give them this.
probably the worst part of this book is that the author creates 2 interesting characters a little less than half way through the book, Spends two or three chapters talking about them, goes on to talk of something else, and NEVER gets back to these two you never get to hear about what happens to them, you just return to talk about the main cardboard cutouts that represent main characters.
All in all, 1 out of 5 The book is worthless, if I wanted to be advertised to, I d pay attention the the ads on the website, not buy the mans book I intend to get rid of this book asap.