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¸ Read õ Out of the Ashes by William W. Johnstone ✓ Out of the Ashes is about 2% post apocalyptic men s adventure and 98% half baked political utopian babbling.
A secret army of rogue elements of the US military start a war between China and Russia These are the good guys, the ones that kill billions of people Ends up that they were somehow having their strings pulled by presidential candidate Logan Hilton, who is for some reason the bad guy for doing the same thing.
Most of America is wiped out by nuclear and germ warfare Veteran and genre fiction writer Ben Raines, an obvious stand in for Johnstone, proceeds to travel around the country interviewing survivors to preserve the oral history of the nation But mostly, he bangs liberal college girls less than half his age when he isn t patronizing them.
He occasionally stops to toss a grenade at redneck militias, but there s a lot sex than violence in the first part of the book, and way Andy Rooney ing For a character that came of age in the 60s, Raines comes across a bitter old man, whining about rock music, the IRS, the FCC, and other trivialities that one would think would be overshadowed by having some 90% of the worlds population killed off.
There is a smattering of action as Raines butts heads with KKK and neo nazi groups, but these are just introduced so that Raines normal level of 80s conservative racism seem acceptable in comparison Raines is no bigot after all He recognizes that not all black people spend their welfare money on defense lawyers so they can stay out of prison while raping white women, only a sizable percentage Some are decent, well educated, and don t listen to black music known in the US as music Well, one is And some of the mixed race women are actually attractive enough to sleep with, provided they don t look or act black This is going to have to pass for open mindedness here.
Back to the plot, eventually, and President Logan Hilton is trying to rebuild the country, forcing people to relocate and taking their guns The deep south becomes New Africa, the KKK run portions of the midwest, and Raines heads off to start the tri state empire of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming with the Rebels You know, the ones that killed off most of the planet.
I know I have to put up with a little political soapboxing with these things, but Out of the Ashes is almost 500 pages of naive drivel, with maybe twenty devoted to action More baffling, there s like 34 volumes in the series over the next twenty years.
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A classic post apocalypse America novel from a conservative POV I enjoyed as a youth and reading it again 20 years later it was interesting Still pretty much a modern pulp novel, but some of the early 80s fears seem strange Maybe its just me, but I don t see a race war on the horizon.
Also looking at the Tri states as presented here I realized just how non liberatarian it was Actually a little totalitarian in its own way.
So not as cool as it was an adolescent, but still an interesting book.
This is an apocalyptic novel set in the late 1980 s Instead of the Soviets fading away, the button is pushed our hero roams post apocalyptic America doing good The only reason I give the book 2 stars is because I happen to believe most of the conservative philosophy behind the novel Unfortunately, the plot writing are atrocious I got about halfway through page 276 of the MMP edition before I couldn t take it any.
I hadn t realized this was a series when I started reading it or I would have looked at it closer It reminds me of the Executioner or Axler s novels If you like that sort of thing, this would probably be right up your alley I had my fill over 30 years ago, though.

It has been written that there is nothing in the world savage than the American fighting man William W Johnstone s Out of the Ashes was one very brutal and long diatribe I picked this book up on impulse as I passed it on the shelf at the library It seemed like a potentially good Dystopian Story my latest craze The world is completely and utterly destroyed by nuclear warfare and one man, Ben Raines, has what it takes to unite the people and fight for freedom in it s aftermath.
Sounds good huh And it did deliver on several levels, but not where it counted and it was totally pulled asunder by the lengthy and preachy right wing underscore to the story itself.
The first part of the book is taken up with the build up to the actual nuclear war which sees all the main players on the nuclear battlefield loose their heads completely and fire off every single nuclear warhead at every possible target and then some Could this happen I d like to think not At least not to this extraordinary length It seemed like a bunch of toddlers spitting their dummies in unison Hmmm.
It was OK, but lengthy, and unfortunately an indication of what was to come We only get to see Ben, our protagonist, briefly in this first part of the book I just didn t get the feeling that this set up the story adequately, or maybe it did and I just lost the message in all of the copious pages of twaddle.
The middle part of the book is the war and immediate aftermath This is where your Dystopia fans will be happiest Life is harsh and lonely and devastating Gangs and looters abound and the baddies seem to make up most of the survivors Cockroaches always survive a nuclear fall out and all that Ben survives, of course, but missed the actually war, waking up to an altered world and loneliness This was nicely done, and perhaps the saving grace of the whole book This and this alone, is why I bothered to read the book to fruition If this hadn t have been so well put together, I don t think I would have bothered to wade through the rest of the lengthy and tedious spiel.
Part three is where Ben unites his rebel army and builds a type of utopia, albeit a strictly controlled and intensely law abiding one They have a period of peace and well being, having made it through the worst world war in mankind s history, they then have to battle a civil one against the newly formed American Government This is where it turns unbelievably brutal.
That s Brutal with a capital B Now I know war is not pretty, blah, blah, blah But when so much effort is put in to describing it the way Johnstone has, I can t help feeling this author has an axe to grind Everything about this book feels that way From beginning to end I get the distinct impression that Johnstone wants us to listen and learn or else.
I recently reviewed a book that left me wanting More of my principles challenged, of my beliefs tested and of my world changed I think I may have got that in spades with Out of the Ashes Too much so.
So, it s back to little old Fantasies and mildly Dystopic novels for me, but I will say one thing If a book makes you think, really think for good or for bad, about what has been written, then it can t be all lacking, can it What do I give this lengthy and often at times, over the top description of a post apocalyptic life in America 4 10 Finished the book and it was OK on the NBRS I m sorry, but even if this book did make me think, it was just too darn wordy and went on a round a bout speech trip to Preachville for me.
Not a bad apocalyptic military read Johnstone is a bit far to the right so far he s out of the park , and he belabors his social arguments, but the story itself is a fascinating picture of how society could reform after nuclear and germ warfare.
In a post apocalyptic world, Ben Raines helps put a utopian society together.
I enjoyed this story It had a lot of interesting ideas Definitely a men s adventure though.
Warning strong language, violence and sex.
Language can get bad, but the story is very good Pulp through and through, I love it.
Come And Take It The Worst Case Scenario Has Come To Pass A Nuclear Strike Has Crippled America Gangs, Looters, And Vandals Have Seized The Streets The Decent Few Can Only Pray For A Leader To Protect Them Luckily, One Of The Survivors Is Ben Raines Rebel Mercenary, Retired Soldier, And Tireless Patriot, Raines Is Searching For His Missing Family In The Aftermath Of This Devastating War His Relentless Pursuit Through The Ruined Cities Of The West Unites Him With The Civilians Of The Resistance Forces They Become His Recruits For A Revolutionary Army Dedicated To Rebuilding America Then Comes The Final Outrage An Armed Attack By Government Forces With The Fate Of America S New Patriots Hanging In The Balance, Raines Vows Government Be Damned To Survive, Find His Family, And Lead This Once Great Nation Out of the Ashes David from Morris Whiteside Gallery recommends this entire ASHES series of books This is the first of around 35 books.
On Book 5 in the series.