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[Bruce Sterling] º Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology [multiplication PDF] Ebook Epub Download º A very mixed bag This probably counts as essential reading for fans of cyberpunk, but only some of the stories qualify, genre wise However, the other stories fit in in terms of era They are interesting academically, as a glimpse into what else was going on in literary sci fi in the early 80 s.
Of special note is that the 2 Gibson stories printed here were also included in Burning Chrome, so if you, like me, initially picked this us as a Gibson completist, you will be a little disappointed Oh well, my fault, the tiniest amount of research would have prevented that But this is still absolutely worth reading The stories are all over the place, but they show fantastic imagination.
As as far as re reading Gibson goes, it was cool to re read Red Star, Winter Orbit There is something trippy about reading a 30 year old sci fi story, set approximately now, about the Soviet Union A bizarre and fun time capsule.
Cyberpunk en el mayor sentido posible del subg nero literario G nero Relatos.
Lo que nos cuenta Con nota preliminar de Andoni Alonso e I aki Arzoz, y con pr logo de Bruce Sterling, ambos peque os ensayos de lo que signific y significa el movimiento Cyberpunk, recopilaci n de trabajos cortos que exploran distintas vertientes de esa corriente que trajo ideas frescas a la Ciencia ficci n hace algo m s de treinta a os y que es mucho m s extensa que implantes, virtualidad, delincuencia y corporaciones y eso puede chocar a m s de un lector, avisados quedan Quiere saber m s de este libros, sin spoilers Visite With Their Hard Edged, Street Wise Prose, They Created Frighteningly Probable Futures Of High Tech Societies And Low Life Hustlers Fans And Critics Call Their World Cyberpunk Here Is The Definitive Cyberpunk Short Fiction CollectionContents The Gernsback Continuum By William GibsonSnake Eyes By Tom MaddoxRock On By Pat CadiganTales Of Houdini By Rudy Rucker Boys By Marc LaidlawSolstice By James Patrick KellyPetra By Greg BearTill Human Voices Wake Us By Lewis ShinerFreezone By John ShirleyStone Lives By Paul Di FilippoRed Star, Winter Orbit By William Gibson And Bruce SterlingMozart In Mirrorshades By Bruce Sterling And Lewis Shiner Perhaps looking back at cyberpunk from 2014, it is impossible to fully grasp what the authors at the beginning of that movement were truly about We have Bruce Sterling s intro of this anthology to help us out, including other names for the movement at the time Outlaw Technologists, Eighties Wave, Radical Hard SF, and others Maybe we just needed to call it the Weird at the time, and in each decade assign different authors to that category When I read this anthology I struggle to place each story within the parameters of what I would call cyberpunk Is time traveling and stealing art from Thomas Jefferson cyberpunk or just time travel and alternate reality Is a future where humans mate with stone statues cyberpunk Or even a near future where Russia s space program is folding To me, none of these stories fit, and there are only twelve in the anthology to begin with Sterling points out that it is a label none of them chose, and I think it was just an attempt to capture people who were experimenting with new ideas and directions in science fiction in the 1980s This isn t an anthology to read if you are hoping for stories like William Gibson s Sprawl Trilogy It s just not what it is.
The best story to me was Solstice by James Patrick Kelly, but for its ideas than how it was written It combined Stonehenge with custom designer drugs, clones, and cryogenics I also really liked Red Star, Winter Orbit co written by Gibson Sterling but just thought it was a solid regular old science fiction story.
To read the stories online The Gernsback Continuum by William GibsonSnake Eyes by Tom Maddox Rock On by Pat Cadigan only available online in German Tales of Houdini by Rudy Rucker 400 Boys by Marc Laidlaw Solstice by James Patrick Kelly Petra by Greg Bear Till Human Voices Wake Us by Lewis Shiner Freezone by John Shirley Stone Lives by Paul di Filippo Red Star, Winter Orbit by Bruce Sterling and William Gibson Mozart in Mirrorshades by Bruce Sterling and Lewis Shiner Una lectura largamente postergada Yo le voy a dar 4 estrellas por hacer media, pero como veis he puntuado cada cuento por lo que si sois muy vagos y os fi is de m , pod is leer solo los mejores seg n mi opini n.
Una pena que est descatalogado en papel y haya que tirar de viejo con suerte.
Mientras le a he ido actualizando y puntuando cada cuento por separado y lo he recopilado en mi blog Rese a Mirrorshades Una antolog a ciberpunk.
A battered copy lives in my nightstand at all times Between novels, I always come back to this, flipping through the pages until a word catches my eye Such a diversity of talent, mixed together quite well here.
Rated Individually The Gernsback Continuum William Gibson Snake Eyes Tom Maddox Rock On Pat Cadigan Tales of Houdini Rudy Rucker 400 Boys Marc Laidlaw Solstice James Patrick Kelly Petra Greg Bear Till Human Voices Wake Us Lewis Shiner Freezone John Shirley Stone Lives Paul Di Filippo Red Star, Winter Orbit Bruce Sterling William Gibson Mozart in Mirrorshades Bruce Sterling Lewis Shiner Mirrorshades Una antolog a cyberpunk Mirrorshades The Cyberpunk Anthology, 1986 , es una recopilaci n de relatos a cargo de Bruce Sterling, que intenta ser una representaci n de este subg nero de la ciencia ficci n peque a definici n de cyberpunk normalmente transcurre en un futuro cercano, dist pico, dominado por megacorporaciones, donde se a nan personajes marginales con alta tecnolog a, en una ambiente pr ximo al g nero negro, todo ello bajo una est tica que recuerda a la pel cula Blade Runner.
De entre los relatos recogidos en la antolog a, me quedo nicamente con tres El resto me han parecido bastante flojos El continuo de Gernsback, de William Gibson El protagonista es un fot grafo al que se le encarga un trabajo, hacer fotos de edificios y arquitecturas retrofuturistas, inspiradas en las obras de la ciencia ficci n de los a os 30 y 40 Hasta aqu todo normal, pero un buen d a la realidad de las fotograf as empieza a filtrarse en su propia realidad Gran relato Ojos de serpiente, de Tom Maddox Rock On, de Pat Cadigan Cuentos de Houdini, de Rudy Rucker Los chicos de la calle 400, de Marc Laidlaw Solsticio, de James Patrick Kelly Petra, de Greg Bear En un futuro post apocal ptico, cercano a la Edad Media, una catedral g tica esconde a humanos y a seres de carne y piedra Me ha parecido muy bueno, aunque est m s cercano a la fantas a que al cyberpunk Hasta que nos despierten voces humanas, de Lewis Shiner Zona libre, de John Shirley Stone vive, de Paul di Filippo Estrella roja, rbita invernal, de Bruce Sterling y William Gibson En un futuro donde la Uni n Sovi tica tiene la primac a en el espacio, la estaci n Kosmogrado pasa por problemas, ya que se ha tomado la decisi n de desmantelarla, y sus habitantes deben abandonarla Pero no todos est n dispuesta a dejarla Muy buen relato Mozart con gafas de espejo, de Bruce Sterling y Lewis Shiner Incredibly dated and barely even cyberpunk Brief short story collection from the early days of cyberpunk, with some authors that you d consider it Gibson, Cadigan, Rucker, Sterling and some you wouldn t Greg Bear The stories themselves are bad, as many don t even bother with computers or the internet at all, and come across as a weird rock and roll version of New Wave SF The focus on drugs seems na ve in a world where people deal with mood altering drugs to medicate mental issues on a daily basis no drug artists, just HMOs and a lot of tawdriness.
The whole rock and roll punk aesthetic feels dated now, as in Cadigan s piece It feels quaint, because even in the 90s rock was dead, and punk itself as an aesthetic died too Some of the stories even feel like parodies before parodies Gibson s The Gernsback Continuum feels like a bad piece of his cool hunter post cyberpunk days, despite being his first published story There s the cyberpunk trend of hard, last name protagonists Stone, Cage John Shirley s Freezone is probably the book s best take on cyberpunk, and it s interminable to read Probably the best indication of the book s staleness is the title I don t think anyone now thinks mirrorshades are cool Mirrorshades now are the domain of the cop, the authority figure who wants to hide his eyes Mirrorshades are what determines the bad cop from the good cop in The Lego Movie This book is interesting as a historical piece, and as a documentation of why movements in SF tend to not survive beyond the key novels that define them As a collection of stories around the popular idea of cyberpunk, it fails badly.

Here the mediocre and the barely readable rub shoulders with pop genius The lesser cyberpunks come across like caffeinated 1950s squares desperately trying to sound like the beatniks they ve heard so much about Want some holodrugs to go with your cyberslang, daddy o The greats have a singular ease of style and taste for the bizarre that gives you a whiff of the 80s, but the colors are still bright after twenty years.
Flawed, but essential.
Initial reaction Probably 3.
5 stars There are some really interesting and good stories in the mix included here, and only a few that didn t really strike me all that well, whether it was the fact some of them were random and not necessarily what I would term cyberpunk, or that some of them seemed a little dated I did appreciate Sterling s introduction on Cyberpunk as a genre overall, and I thought it was a good collection overall Some of the authors I m very familiar with their work, while others were new to me.
Full review As a genre, I really enjoy reading cyberpunk stories, and I m proud to say that I was born in the same generation that this particular subgenre was created within the sci fi community Granted, there are many stories I consider in the vein of cyberpunk that I ve been exposed to in my time From William Gibson s Neuromancer which I plan to do a re read and review shortly to the movie Blade Runner , which is based on Phillip K Dick s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Even to anime series like the Ghost in the Shell franchise, Akira, and Bubblegum Crisis AD Police Parasite Dolls because the latter three are set in the same universe, technically speaking Or if you want to talk about gaming, I could name a ton of recent and old games that fall under cyberpunk Anyone remember the PC Phillips CD i game Burn Cycle No Maybe I m the only one who s old enough to remember that game The soundtrack to that, alongside another PC game I used to play called Megarace are among a few I would name that were ahead of their time, and aged surprisingly well So, in pursuing various literature on cyberpunk, I came across the Mirrorshades collection of 12 contributions by various up and coming at the time cyberpunk writers The compilation was done by Bruce Sterling, who not only contributes a rather defining Preface on the Cyberpunk genre and how it was interpreted at the time, but he also contributes to the collection as well.
I m just going to give a brief summary of all the stories and my reactions to them in the following It took me a little while to comb through this collection, but for what it was worth I enjoyed the collective whole Many of these authors are familiar to me Gibson, Sterling, Shiner, and Shirley , but quite a few are first time reads for me So I ll have some new authors to look up their bibliography stemming from this collection.
Starting with William Gibson s The Gernsback Continuum this was written in 1981, I believe, before Gibson published Neuromancer I ll admit I was taken by the writing in this one, and the story was a reflective piece of a traveling photographer who ensured he was paid going on a roadtrip for a project He has visions of projected futures transposed over things he observes It s supposed to be a criticism of what sci fi had been portrayed in previous ventures, and I saw the distinction It was an interesting narrative to read in and of itself I think to start off the collection as far as shaping it, it was good, but it wasn t the strongest effort I ve read from Gibson Overall score 3 5 stars.
The second story Snake Eyes by Tom Maddox, was a new author and story for me, the story written in 1986 I loved this tale of a man who believes his brain is hijacked after coming home from war in Thailand He s actually on the mark with the revelation, considering his insatiable appetite and odd behaviors Basically his brain gets hijacked by a reptile, or rather reptilian tendencies oO He refers to his out of control habits as being taken over by the snake The narrator s voice is really strong and intimate Well paced plotting, and it held my attention through the whole ride One of my favorite stories in the collection Overall score 4 5 stars Rock On , the third story, was written by Pat Cadigan in 1984 my birth year, FTW Yeah, Ididn t really care for this so much It has two of my favorite topics blended together cyberpunk and music, showcasing a 40 year old woman Gina who has sinned with her explorations in rock and roll and caught in a realm she wants to escape from, but I felt oddly disconnected with it No pun intended Gina s voice is decent, sharp and dark, but the story meandered a bit than I would ve liked I kinda want to read from Cadigan to get a feel for her style though Overall score 2 5 stars Tales of Houdini by Rudy Rucker was a new author and story for me It wasweird I couldn t really see how this was cyberpunk at all In sum, it s basically Houdini getting abducted several times and escaping, and putting his mother s fears to rest when she s worried about him I guess I would rank this on the same scale maybe lower than the previous story If I had the choice, Cadigan s stylistic appealed a bit Rucker just didn t capture the setting of the anthology all that well to me in retrospect Overall score 1.
5 5 stars 400 Boys by Marc Laidlaw captured the whole youth in rebellion thematic that I tend to associate with some parts of cyberpunk, so I definitely saw the aim in this account of a young group protagonists who have to face off againstwell400 Giant boys I kind of pictured the 400 Boys being like the Boomers from the Bubblegum Crisis series, whichdoes not mean good things for the boys facing off against them Overall score 3.
5 5 stars Solstice by James Patrick Kelly was another strong entry, about a drug developer and technically his female clone and Stonehinge referencing I was surprisingly drawn in throughout the tale and it s among the best that the collection offered in retrospect Overall score 4.
5 5 stars Petra by Greg Bear didn t really grab me as much as I wanted, but I did like it for what it offered I just didn t think it was very cyberpunkish Gothic type story where it deals with stone statues and flesh children, including a Stone Christ statue in the mix It was okay, but somehow an outlier for the collection Overall score 2 5 stars Til Human Voices Wake Us by Lewis Shiner was another interesting offering from the collection not directly evocative of cyberpunk images, but themes are certainly dark story of a man s relationship and transgression with a mermaid doesn t quite go the way he planned Overall score 3 5 stars Freezone by John Shirley s an interesting story from the collection a mixture of a downtrodden U.
S with a rock music structuring I definitely liked the imagery and mood of it Overall score 3.
5 5 stars Stone Lives by Paul Di Fillipo and Red Star, Winter Orbit by Bruce Sterling and William Gibson were both stories I enjoyed, but probably not as much as other in the collection The first dealt with a man who had his eyes stolen by organ theves and struggling within the urban jungle he lived in until a chance opportunity gets him back on his feet The level of detail in this story was very good, and I d probably rate it 4 5 stars Red Star, Winter Orbit didn t really strike me as cyberpunk, but it was a good story basically showing a Soviet man who walked on Mars, but even as he s aging, he ends up leading a resistance against the military I d probably rate it 3 5 stars Mozart in Mirrorshades by Bruce Sterling and Lewis Shiner closes out the collection with a really interesting tangle of historical figures From Mozart to Thomas Jefferson among others, it was an interesting characterization I don t know if I d call it cyberpunk, but it did make an interesting piece for speculative fiction and social commentary 3.
5 5 stars.
It was worth the time taken to read, and certainly enlightening Some of the authors in the collection are new to me in that I haven t read them before , but I d certainly seek out of their work, as well as the ones I know, from this collection.
Overall score 3.
5 5 stars