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✓ Magyk Ù Download by È Angie Sage Magyk Septimus Heap, 1 , Angie SageMagyk an archaic spelling of Magic is a fantasy novel written by English author Angie Sage It is the first book in the seven book Septimus Heap series The sequel, Flyte was released in March 2006, Physik in March 2007, Queste in 2008, Syren in September 2009, Darke in July 2011, and Fyre in 2013 The book cover of Magyk alludes to the diary that the ExtraOrdinary Wizard Marcia makes for her apprentice, Septimus Heap The cover also depicts Septimus s Dragon Ring, rendered as if it were sitting atop the diary 2008 1386 530 9786005142020 1387 437 9789646305857 1388 437 9789643695125412 www.
com I read this book many, many moons ago I loved it then and I love it now Things from the book came back to me as I read them Septimus Heap was taken away as a newborn child with the nurse saying he was deadhe was not He was taken away to turn him into something else In his place there was left a baby girl that was found by the father, Silas Heap It s funny this happens right as their baby is taken hmmm.
wonder who she is So the house is full of Heaps and several years later when the secret finally comes out who Jenna really is, she goes on a journey with the ExtraOrdinary Wizard named Marcia, her father Silas, one brother Nicko, Boy 412 who was a guard to the wizard tower and the Heap s dog Maxie They take a precarious trip to their Aunt Zelda in the swamps It s such a fun book with all of the little magical things like the Shield Bugs, they are so cool and I want a group of them of my own My favorite was Jenna s pet rock that she named Petroc Trelawney I want one, actually I have some rocks around here I intend to paint different colors with little faces I doubt they will come to life it I pet them though I love their Boggart friend too There are just so many things to like about this book They have to face a bunch of junk trying to keep away from the bad guys that just want to get Jenna back They find out some things they never knew They learn spells and mostly have a good time It s a great book

This was pretty good A nice, quick, easy read that kept me entertained I especially enjoyed the whimsical tone throughout I would have liked to see a bitemotional depth and moral ambiguity from the characters though This book doesn t really go there Also a tad long for middle grade Still, a good read, especially for kids, I m sure.
Audiobook Edition Magnificent Memorizing Delightful Bursting with danger and where treachery can be found hiding around every corner I am completely stunned that Magyk by Angie Sage is her debut Silas Heap pulled his cloak tightly around him against the snow It had been a long walk through the Forest, and he was chilled to the bone But in his pockets he had the herbs that Galen, the Physik Woman, had given him for his new baby boy, Septimus, who had been born earlier that day.
It was then that Silas sensed something nearby Something alive, but only just He was aware of a small human heartbeat somewhere close to him Silas stopped As an Ordinary Wizard he was able to sense things, but, as he was not a particularly good Ordinary Wizard, he needed to concentrate hard He stood still with the snow falling fast around him, already covering his footprints And then he heard something a snuffle, a whimper, a small breath He wasn t sure, but it was enough Underneath a bush beside the path was a bundle Silas picked up the bundle and, to his amazement, found himself gazing into the solemn eyes of a tiny baby Silas cradled the baby in his arms and wondered how she had come to be lying in the snow on the coldest day of the year Someone had wrapped her tightly in a heavy woolen blanket, but she was already very cold her lips were a dusky blue and the snow dusted her eyelashes As the baby s dark violet eyes gazed intently at him, Silas had the uncomfortable feeling that she had already seen things in her short life that no baby should see Thinking of his Sarah at home, warm and safe with Septimus and the boys, Silas decided that they would just have to make room for onelittle one He carefully tucked the baby into his blue Wizard cloak and held her close to him as he ran toward the Castle gate.
As Silas disappeared into the shadows of the tunnel that led to The Ramblings, a tall figure in purple stepped out and barred his way Marcia gasped Silas What on earth Tell no one you found her She was born to you Understand Shocked, Silas nodded Before he had time to say anything, Marcia was gone in a shimmer of purple mist Dead cried the Matron Midwife She pushed Silas aside with a powerful shove and ran down the corridor Inside the room, Sarah Heap screamed Silas went in with a heavy heart He saw Sarah surrounded by six white faced little boys, all too scared to cry She s taken him, said Sarah hopelessly Septimus is dead, and she s taken him away At that moment a warm wetness spread out from the bundle that Silas still had hidden under his cloak Silas had no words for what he wanted to say, so he just took the bundle out from under his cloak and placed her in Sarah s arms Sarah Heap burst into tears.
OH MY THIS AUDIOBOOK is a TREASURE Magyk by Angie Sage and narrated by Allan Corduner had me on tenterhooks as it began with the opening bars of dramatic music, then as the music slowly fades out as the words of the first chapter can be heard The characters on the good side are delightful, the bad are chillingly evil And the magical and non magical creatures are imaginative and creative The storyline is unique and well thought out and the paste is fast There s never a dull moment throughout the story making it addictive to listen to and I found myself coming up with any excuse to hole up in a comfy spot with drink and snacks and resume listening to the story Narrator Rating see details below Narrator Allan Corduner s performance was astounding and delightful to listen to His used a wide range of different tones, voices, sounds, and volumes that enhanced the story ten fold He was an expert at tranfixing the listener nearly imperceptibly so that when I closed my eyes I was transported into the story, effortlessly feeding images directly to my imagination like a live wire Overall Narration Rating Allan Corduner earns an above and beyond 5 for his performance, topped off with a WOWZA for dessert This bedtime story will keep you wide awake late into the wee hours of the next morning Magyk is a tremendous accomplishment as a debut novel You have my full attention, Angie Sage What is in store for us in the upcoming novels in this series boggles my mind I can hardly wait to delve into book two in the Septimus Heap series, Flyte I m very sad that Mr Corduner won t be the narrator for the remaining audiobooks in this series I m really hope that narrator Gerard Doyle will be up to the task as I have every intention to listen to the remaining six books in audiobook format Stay tuned my book loving friends If you re interested in how and why I grade narrators, please see my profile page REVIEW Magyk by Angie SageI have just read and enjoyed Magyk by Angie Sage It is the story of Septimus Heap, a wizard apprentice I noticed a few similarities to my own Spook s Series For example both Tom Ward and Septimus Heap are both seventh sons of seventh sons Also pointy shoes are mentioned and a boggart features Of course there are differences too Angie Sage s book features wizards who are wielders of magic In my books the Spook and his apprentice practise a craft and use salt and iron and rowan wood to counter the dark magic of their opponents It will be interesting to explore this further and I will be doing so on Sunday, 4th October, 10 am at the Bath Festival where Angie and I will be answering questions and comparing books.
Joseph Delaney.
Long, entertaining, with some humorous lines, and nice chapter illustrations British version More Harry Potter similarities I didn t mind the postscript with what happened to the minor characters And the prose was certainly better than Paolini s first book I somehow can t force myself to read the second one , and the plot was a lot fresher, too But there were some negatives as well too many characters, without a focal character With no main person to focus and interpret things, it was hard to feel emotional attachment to anyone You think the book will star Septimus Heap, but then it switches to a girl named Jenna, and only at the end does the boy Septimus really make any choices or become important at all And you re in the head of way too many adult characters, not to mention the guard bugs which admittedly were funny, but I don t think I really needed their thought processes in such detail Another problem was that new characters showed up in every chapter, resulting indistractions from forming a bond with the main character whoever that was supposed to be.
Poor Angie Sage How annoying, to write a book about a young wizard right in the midst of Harry Potter mania Comparisons are unavoidable, and reading this story in the shadow of Rowling s legacy makes it difficult to properly evaluate the characters and plot without drawing mental links between Boggart and Hagrid, DomDaniel and Voldemort, that leave an adult reader feeling dissatisfied with the world of Magyk It is, however, important to keep in mind that this IS a different book, with different strengths and weaknesses It is written for a younger audience than HP many scary parts are played down or narrated from the perspective of an historic event There s less suspense and many breaks for play and mundane activities that slow the forward momentum enough to let small children relax after a scary chase or a bad turn of events There are many nods to classic children s fiction, including things that made me groan in pain, such as the Heaps address at There and Back Again Row Grrraauugggghhh Tolkien is rolling in his grave If you like Edith Nesbit or Enid Blyton you ll see a lot of their influence The first 150 pages were not to my taste I struggled through them, but found the last half of the book picked up and caught my interest Sage s strength lies in her love of boating and wet places Once the focus of the story moves away from the castle and into the marshes, the author relaxes into her own world of old British coastal ways that don t feature strongly in Rowling s franchise the salty ways of sailors and bogs, mists and mud, bad cooking and swamp creatures Several technical aspects of the book annoyed me no end I found the use of a special, bolded font for all Magykal words to be deeply irritating.
I did not enjoy the mish mash of different verb tenses, narrative voices and points of view, particularly the heavy use of flashbacks.
I must also complain about the many, many convenient interventions by previously unknown devices that saved the day for our young adventurers Deus ex Machina is everywhere Being attacked by a scary wizard in a deadly boat Not to worry, here s a secret boat you never knew you had Being hunted by a man who is going to set you on fire Not to worry, just use the magic anti death charm someone gave you last week If Horace had been the editor on hand for the first read through of this script, it would still be languishing on the bottom of the slush pile.
To conclude, this book is a fun read for little kids It is NOT one of the hot new Young Adult crossovers that get printed with a second, Adult version of the cover As a thirty something, I can say that while I could enjoy reading this story aloud to an 8 to 10 year old, it was too young for me to enjoy on my own.
I actually ended up enjoying this book quite a lot It took me a fewchapters than I would have liked to get into the story and the characters, but after a while I found that I did feel invested I liked the distinct personalities of the characters, and how consistent they seemed to be It also took a while to understand the magical world Two parts to this one, being the good vs evil statuses and people, how things came about, and what it all meant I still feel there isto it all though, and perhaps these areas will be explored in the later books Enough came across, however, for the story to unfold as it should have The second part is how magic works in Septimus Heap s world I think I got a pretty good understanding by the middle of the book though, so again, it didn t bother me too much I still can t decide if the bolding of every magical word was cool or annoying All in all I thought the book was written pretty well, and the plot flow was good It s told from multiple perspectives, which makes for a bit jumpy read sometimes, but pretty much the transitions are smooth The ending was satisfying, and good Though a few things were left unresolved, I m assuming it s for the following books Hopefully.
There were some things that very young children, or very sensitive children, might be upset about mainly relating to cute woodland creatures who we re not entirely sure what their fates end up being But overall it s a very G read or maybe PG There is one part at the end that s pretty unsettling, but the fact it s rectified makes it less so.
A few character traits were somewhat irksome, but again, I m hoping that the author delves into these in the next books this book did a good job, so I m trusting that the author will continue in a similar fashion.
Some things were predictable, but others surprising And at the end of the book is an interesting collection of whatever happened to certain characters, instructions for various charms, etc.
I d recommend this book to fans of other young adult fantasy, and while I m not as in love with the book as certain others in this genre, I did find it a very fun read The First Part Of An Enthralling New Series Leads Readers On A Fantastic Journey Filled With Quirky Characters, Clever Charms, Potions And Spells Ages The Th Son Of The Th Son, Aptly Named Septimus Heap, Is Stolen The Night He Is Born By A Midwife Who Pronounces Him Dead That Same Night, The Baby S Father, Silas Heap, Comes Across A Bundle In The Snow Containing A Newborn Girl With Violet Eyes The Heaps Take This Helpless Newborn Into Their Home, Name Her Jenna, And Raise Her As Their Own But Who Is This Mysterious Baby Girl, And What Really Happened To Their Beloved Son, Septimus The First Part Of This Enthralling New Series Leads Readers On A Fantastic Journey Filled With Quirky Characters, Clever Charms, Potions And Spells, And A Yearning To Uncover The Mystery At The Heart Of This Storywho Is Septimus Heap Angie Sage Writes In The Tradition Of Great British Storytellers Her Inventive Fantasy Is Filled With Humor And Heart Magyk Will Have Readers Laughing And Begging For Eine s e und toll erz hlte Geschichte aber leider nicht meins Im direkten Vergleich haben mir die Chroniken von Anbeginn besser gefallen Das Buch hat f r mich auch nichts mit Harry Potter zu tun Aber das nur am Rande hat nichts mit meiner Bewertung zu tun, hab das nur des fteren in anderen Rezensionen gelesen