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Download Epub Format ✓ Keep the Aspidistra Flying PDF by Ù George Orwell London,Gordon Comstock Has Declared War On The Money God And Gordon Is Losing The War NearlyAnd Rather Moth Eaten Already, A Poet Whose One Small Book Of Verse Has Fallen Flatter Than Any Pancake, Gordon Has Given Up A Good Job And Gone To Work In A bookshop At Half His Former Salary Always Broke, But Too Proud To Accept Charity, He Rarely Sees His Few Friends And Cannot Get The Virginal Rosemary To Bed Because Or So He Believes , If You Have No Money Women Won T Love You On The Windowsill Of Gordon S Shabby Rooming House Room Is A Sickly But Unkillable Aspidistra A Plant He Abhors As The Banner Of The Sort Of Mingy, Lower Middle Class Decency He Is Fleeing In His Downward FlightIn Keep the Aspidistra Flying, George Orwell Has Created A Darkly Compassionate Satire To Which Anyone Who Has Ever Been Oppressed By The Lack Of Brass, Or By The Need To Make It, Will All Too Easily Relate He Etches The Ugly Insanity Of What Gordon Calls The Money World In Unflinching Detail, But The Satire Has A Second Edge, Too, And Gordon Himself Is Scarcely Heroic In The Course Of His Misadventures, We Become Grindingly Aware That His Radical Solution To The Problem Of The Money World Is No Solution At All That In His Desperate Reaction Against A Monstrous System, He Has Become Something Of A Monster Himself Orwell Keeps Both Of His Edges Sharp To The Very End A Happy Ending That Poses Tough Questions About Just How Happy It Really Is That The Book Itself Is Not Sour, But Constantly Fresh And Frequently Funny, Is The Result Of Orwell S Steady, Unsentimental Attention To The Telling Detail His Dry, Quiet Humor His Fascination With Both The Follies And The Excellences Of His Characters And His Courageous Refusal To Embrace The Comforts Of Any Easy Answer A Note on the Text Keep the Aspidistra Flying Essentially this is every art student s dilemma, or at least it was back in my day, to sell out and deal with the Man or be true to our art and starve in an attic Whether to find one s place within the system or try to forge a unique life outside of it One thing we had in common was pot plants An aspidistra in Orwell s case, another kind of pot plant for me.
As the story works itself out Gordon discovers twothings, things we had in common we were really rather average poets and artists, and the answer to all the problems caused by following one s mediocre calling and being permanently broke, was the Man himself, aka Filthy Lucre After all, there is a limit to how much cash you can borrow and still feel yourself an independent soul Also, at least for a man, including Gordon much to his chagrin, it s much harder to get laid if you haven t a bean to your name.
So what did we all do We sold out Are we happy with our decision and our lives, did we even stay as artists Probably most of us look back on our youth, well misspent as artists are wont to do, fondly, but are now solid citizens of society We have morphed into the Man ourselves and don t call it selling out but making a living.
It s not a bad read, amusing in parts, but Gordon is such a tiresome creature and it was all a bit, in a not too distant historical sense, been there, done that, grew up Not Orwell s best book, but still pretty good Rewritten Jan 29, 2017

It s a tiresome book with a bitter, complaining main character with artistic ambitions The snapshot capture of the time and place made it worth reading The most difficult times were the 1800s, when many Victorian homes began to have indoor lighting powered by gas Gas lights produced toxic fumes that induced headache and nausea, blackened ceilings, discolored curtains, corroded metals and left a layer of soot on every flat surface Flowers and most houseplants wilted Only two particularly hardy plants managed to survive the dismal environment of a Victorian home the Kentia palm and the aspidistra These two plants, especially the aspidistra, became a mainstay of every Victorian parlour, drawing room, lobby and upscale ballroom.
Keep the Aspidistra Flying, George OrwellKeep the Aspidistra Flying, first published in 1936, is a socially critical novel by George Orwell It is set in 1930s London The main theme is Gordon Comstock s romantic ambition to defy worship of the money god and status, and the dismal life that results.
The aspidistra is a hardy, long living plant that is used as a house plant in England, and which can grow to an impressive, even unwieldy size It was especially popular in the Victorian era, in large part because it could tolerate not only weak sunlight but also the poor indoor air quality that resulted from the use of oil lamps and, later, coal gas lamps They had fallen out of favour by the 20th century, following the advent of electric lighting Their use had been so widespread among the middle class that they had become a music hall joke appearing in songs such as Biggest Aspidistra in the World, of which Gracie Fields made a recording 1984 1363 322 1391 304 9789644530401 1392 1394 1396 278 9786009987924 1396 288 9786008137597 1396 288 9786006052588 1396 288 9786006549484 1396 336 9786009724963 1363 322 240 1936