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[Ray Bradbury] » From the Dust Returned [vegetarianism PDF] Ebook Epub Download î Ray Bradbury, America S Most Beloved Storyteller, Has Spent A Lifetime Carrying Readers To Exhilarating And Dangerous Places, From Dark Street Comers In Unfamiliar Cities And Towns To The Edge Of The Universe Now, In An Extraordinary Flight Of The Imagination A Half Century In The Making, He Takes Us To A Most Wondrous Destination Into The Heart Of An Eternal FamilyThey Have Lived For Centuries In A House Of Legend And Mystery In Upper Illinois And They Are Not Like Other Midwesterners Rarely Encountered In Daylight Hours, Their Children Are Curious And Wild Their Old Ones Have Survived Since Before The Sphinx First Sank Its Paws Deep In Egyptian Sands And Some Sleep In Beds With LidsNow The House Is Being Readied In Anticipation Of The Gala Homecoming That Will Gather Together The Farflung Branches Of This Odd And Remarkable Family In The Past Midnight Stillness Can Be Detected The Soft Fluttering Of Uncle Einars Wings From Her Realm Of Sleep, Cecy, The Fairest And Most Special Daughter, Can Feel The Approach Of Many A Welcome Being Shapeshifter, Telepath, Somnambulist, Vampire As She Flies High In The Consciousness Of Bird And BatBut In The Midst Of Eager Anticipation, A Sense Of Doom Pervades For The World Is Changing And Death, No Stranger, Will Always Shadow This Most Singular Family Father, Arisen From The Earth Mother, Who Never Sleeps But Dreams A Thousand Times Great Grandm Re Grandfather, Who Keeps The Wildness Of Youth Between His EarsAnd The Boy Who, Than Anyone, Carries The Burden Of Time On His Shoulders Timothy, The Sad And Different Foundling Son Who Must Share It All, Remember, And Telland Who, Alone Out Of All Of Them, Must One Day Age And Wither And DieBy Turns Lyrical, Wistful, Poignant, And Chilling, From the Dust Returned Is The Long Awaited New Novel By The Peerless Ray Bradbury A Book That Will Surely Be Numbered Among His Most Enduring Masterworks How to make Tracey happy Similes, metaphors, A house that s the epitome of gothic,ghosts,ghouls and strange beings, Egyptian mummies, creaking hinges, howling winds, and a certain Mr Bradbury telling the tale This book is a collection of short stories all with a common denominator, They are familyWhen nobody believes in the good or in the bad then how can they exist P dele que tome esa misma alma y la introduzca en el tronco de un rbol, y te despertar s a la ma ana siguiente con p jaros cantando en tu cabeza verde Pide ser pura lluvia, y caer s sobre todas las cosas Pide ser la Luna, y s bitamente mirar s hacia abajo para ver tu p lida luz que pinta pueblos perdidos con el color de las l pidas y los fantasmas espectrales.
La obra de Bradbury siempre me puede, es mi debilidad Me hace sentir como si viviera en el Pa s de Octubre, y todos los d as es Halloween De la ceniza volver s es una lectura amena, c lida y nost lgica, como todas las de Bradbury, y est llena de aventuras fant sticas y sobrenaturales Recomendad simo.
Maybe you ve had the experience of not liking something because it turned out not to be what the marketing said it was Seems to happen with films a lot e.
g films that are a lot cerebral than the dumb action movies they are made out to be or the opposite The trouble with this is it isn t the fault of the artists involved Maybe if you d come to it blind you d have liked it Or if given an honest impression of its nature, you said, I ll skip this one until I m in the mood for it and did so, you d have liked it I try to counter this as best I can and judge the work on its merits, not those of the advertisers trying to manipulate me with success As an aside, I m reminded of a question I like to ask people which films have trailers that are better than the actual fims I put forward Stallone s Cliffhanger and Michael Bay s Pearl Harbour.
Well, the same can happen with books, as From the Dust Returned proves, because this is NOT, nor ever has been, Bradbury s latest novel, as it says on the cover of this edition It s a compilation of short stories written over a period of several decades,concerning an overlapping set of characters, locales and most of all, moods and themes The principle pieces are all old, by which I mean, published in previous collections and I had read most of them before There are also a fairly large number of short pieces that are new, added mainly to turn the collection into a kind of complete fictional history but not a novel So I was faced with the fact that I wanted to read a novel and was faced with a short story collection I resolved this problem by picking up a real novel by somebody else.
The history here is primarily that of the Elliot Family and the House they live in The Elliots are Special one has wings, one can slip her mind into anyone or anything, whilst not moving from her bed Others may be vampires If you ve read much Bradbury you may well have come across an Elliot Family story or others with a similar mood of Gothicism and nostalgia for superstition and story, such as Usher II The same fear of too much enforced sanitisation is dominant in Fahrenheight 451, too But there is a problem here There is a uniformity of atmosphere, technique and imagery that gets stale when presented with so much of it at one time In other words, you have to either spread it out over a long period of reading or risk purple prose overload Similar problems are sometimes remarked upon when reading Saki short stories and H.
P Lovecraft shorts, too.
That said, some of the new material is excellent I particularly liked the beginning pieces about the early history of the House and it s first occupants and, standing alone, some of the older stories are Bradbury greats See my review of The April Witch, which is included here as The Wandering Witch, for instance The trouble is that this family of stories about the Family jostle and crowd each other, when squashed into this small space contained between the covers of a single volume, with no leavening.
This is the first Ray Bradbury book i ve read cringes But it was the most beautiful story i ve heard in a long time Mr Bradbury knows how to paint the most vivid pictures in ones mind with his words The dream like atmosphere is enough to lull one into a mind set where truly, a family such as this, can exist It is a quick read, but so worth revisiting Overflowing with imagery and poetry, this book is just amazing.
It s like Shakespeare meets Poe are married by Tim Burton i reread it often.
Spectacular This is, hands down, the BEST Halloween ish ghost story I ve EVER read Neil Gaiman, take notes This book is a part of the reading challenge I ve signed up for Gotta finish it in a week not challenging at all, tbh The rememberers of noons I like that It s Ray Bradbury and his wonderful phrases and words that keeps the reader interested in this book This is pure October albeit I chose summer to read it with wraiths and ghosts and vampires and werewolves and mummies all combining into one big somewhat happy family What ambience is there Are we kin to autumn rains As the cover of the book illustrates by the great Charles Addams , the centre of this book is a house, a huge house, in midwest America It is the home of a strange family which is experiencing a reunion with members from around the world These are not humans so it doesn t matter if there aren t enough beds, because cellar coffins and empty chimneys will do just fine There must be a mouse in every warren, a cricket on every hearth, smoke in the multitudinous chimneys, and creatures, almost human, icing every bed.
Somehow the parents managed to adopt a human child, Timothy, who wants very much to be a part of this strange family The boy is much treasured by his aunts and uncles and cousins and especially by his ancient grandmere, she who was born into death two thousand years before Jesus and the crown of thorns It is Timothy who helps to save the family when echoing whiffs of angry villagers with torches start their march Are we shadows on a ruined wall Are we dusts shaken in sneezes from angel tombstones with broken wings It took me a bit to get into this, perhaps because this wasn t written as one novel but as a series of magazine stories throughout Bradbury s life, all woven together for publication in 2000 Timothy the boy is not strong enough to keep the level of interest high, but it all comes together toward the end I am one of those folks who respect cemeteries in the belief that someone must visit the forgotten That s what this book reminds me of, the wisp of remembrance we all have before our own time comes Bradbury even captures the spirits who lurk behind squeaky doors While oils glistened the gates and doors of the world, there was always one door, one hinge, where I lodged for a night, a year, or a mortal lifetime Put not butter, nor grease, nor bacon rind upon my resting places.
Pure Bradbury Since he was raised by libraries , I have engaged upon visiting the local libraries often in memory of he who could write.
Book Season Autumn October wings and fiery eyes Bradburys style is unique in his powerful and vibrant expression of the ordinary and the bizarre And he has done it again His poetic and powerful prose coupled with the imagination and fantasy born in his spirit has defeated all my preconceived ideas and notions.
The way Bradbury uses to put into words and give life to colorful and exotic characters has totally won me over From the Dust Returned is a funny and ironic written tale pregnant with symbolism denouncing the flaws and prejudices inhibited in our society.
Bradburys world is populated with remarkable, bizarre and colorful beings with strange and peculiar appetite for life From the Dust Returned is composed of short stories beginning in 1946 and completed in the year 2000 The reader will be introduced to the so called Family.
Here you will have to dealt with ghosts, Mummys, winged humanoids, and all sort of beings pertaining to the realm of the night and the Halloween season.
Think of the famous and popular Addams family , and you will have the right clue for the sort of entanglement and ambiente you will be involved in On the Orient North Here you have a ghost travelling per train to the homecoming meeting with his family.
But he is in desperate need of help if he wants to be successful at arriving safe and timely to his destination Uncle Einar What happens when a winged man loving the night gets married and must accommodate and sacrifice his peculiarities and preferences for the love to his family Well, read it for yourself and you will find it out Make haste lo live This is my absolutely favorite one Immortality, birth, rebirth, eternity, and the sparkling enthusiasm, freshness and joy of what it means to be alive.
And I loved it so very much how Bradbury describes and depicts the electrifying effect and impact that a beautiful young woman brings about with a mere kiss of hers From the Dust Returned is also a wake up cry for all of us Its an appeal for solidarity with the minority living under us, for understanding and acceptance in the midst of differences The family members are so different and have such peculiar life styles, that they attract the suspicion, enmity, and open persecution from the society in which they lived From the Dust Returned makes a good reading for the Halloween season.
If you love ghost stories populated with all sort of dark and mysterious shapes and forms, and are also partial to creepy and fantastic tales veiled in a gothic atmosphere and a dense aura.
Then go for it This is definitely the right thing for you Well,it was a real pleasure having read this one.
So I ll give it five stars, and recommendation to all my goodreads friends.
Happy readingsDean From the Dust Returned is a fix up novel by Ray Bradbury He took several short stories such as Uncle Einar , The Homecoming , The April Witch and other of the October Country variety and bound them together into a new novel that would have made Charles Addams proud Like most of his works and like the best poetry, it should be read aloud and enjoyed for the rich, descriptive language Bradbury commands If a reader enjoyed The October Country or just the short story Homecoming or if anyone liked The Addams Family, this will be a good selection A must for Bradbury fans.
This is a re read for me read from October to December 24th, 2014 Started on one holiday, finished on another Ray Bradbury s beautiful language makes this a delightful read I love the sentences and the pictures they form in my mind the weather came in through broken glass, from wandering clouds going nowhere, somewhere, anywhere, and make the attic talk to itself Invisible as autumn winds, fresh as the breath of clover rising from twilight fields, she flew She soared in doves as soft as white ermine The House was a puzzle inside an enigma inside a mystery, for it encompassed silences, each one different This is the story of the House, located somewhere in October Country, and a boy named Timothy A very normal boy, being raised by very un normal people There is a mummy, a vampire, a man who can fly, a woman who travels with her mind, and every other sort of delightful creature you can imagine.
There is fun, but there is also danger After all, in a world that has rejected God in favor of science, the belief in spirits and the unseen has dwindled and the Family is starting to fray and turn to dust.
This book was many, many years in the making Many of the chapters were originally short stories published in magazines I think for this reason, the story is often disjointed and lacking a cohesive flow As much as I enjoy the language and the storytelling, I wish it had been written from beginning to end to make it of a seamless read In one chapter, the barn burns down In the next chapter, the Family gathers in the barn for a meeting The end of the book does not flow as nicely as the beginning chapters and I felt some of the magic was lost Of course, I did take two months to finish it and that may have been part of the problem I still enjoyed this book, but I felt the transition from various short stories to one novel could have been done better.