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[ Pdf Freeware Ü westerns PDF ] by Rudy Rucker ñ More wtf than Wetware.
Huge parts of this book are pornographic Now, I don t have anything against pornography, per se, and I wouldn t even have considered this as such, except that Rucker is trying so hard to make you believe that Randy Tucker is a pervert.
The problem with pornography is not necessarily that it s vile, but that it tends to be boring I doubt I ll ever bring myself to read volume 4 Realware.
While these books are not amazing, I like how each book is something different with new concepts, plots, and focus, but still following from previous ideas and continuing the same history in a cohesive manner.
Quite a lot of cool tech ideas that are rather well thought out the moldies themselves I especially liked the description of how a moldie bus ripples to get passengers to the back and clear room for new ones , the philters and the ideas of programming the perception of reality and the use of Wscher and Penrose kind of math , perceiving 2D time, and alien life from that are ascended being decrypted back So much originality in one book, and despite all the sci fi it s still mostly comedic and slightly cartoonish though that is also a slight disadvantage, it gets away with being light, but could also have been amazing delving seriously into any of these ideas.

read it in preparation of my Ph D Thesis It was okay, but not up my alley.
Overly long and creepy in the sexual predator kind of way Rucker overstays his welcome here The story is slow and 60% flashbacks all of which explore the boring and rapey backstories of his unlikable characters The ideas and worldbuilding are interesting, but Rucker s imagination fails to capture the implications of any of his many technologies outside of fucking and getting fucked up Oddly Deleuzian there is a pedophile ish character named Cory Rhizome, among other explicit references this book yearns for a kind of pure smooth space libertarianism, but instead embodies that fascistic tendency within the becoming a body without organs that Deleuze and Guatarri warn against in One Thousand Plateaus Everything moral, spiritual, or artistic is uncoded and recoded as a space to rape and exploit I wanted so much from this Rucker is creepy and perverted in his previous work but it seemed to amount to something, to express something, but this book tastes bad I would recommend potential readers stop at Wetware if they can even stomach that books rapey vileness.
I don t usually like humor with my science fiction, but this series is so weird and mind bending I can forgive that Actually I like the structure of this book, it pulled me through the pages very quickly Not that this is all humor and slap stick it takes itself seriously Mostly I love that one of the characters has the name Joke , but is often the most practical Haha.
I have read the first three books of this series and have tried so hard to get into them, but none of them do a damn thing for me I almost feel guilty because I know people who like them and I generally like cyberpunk, but these have never gripped me in the way that a Gibson or Stephenson often have, let alone many other writers in the genre Maybe it s simply a subjective matter of tastes I m not going to recommend it, but I won t say avoid it either But if you re not into this particular sub genre, I would probably stay away This book sucked There s a blurb on the back from NYT, This is your kind of book I promise you it isn t 200 pages of religious zealots having sex with amoeba robots, then in the last two chapters, aliens for some reason Barf B.
Rudy Rucker Has Seen The Futured It Is ExtremeThe Godfather Of Cyberpunk A Mad Scientist Bravely Meddling In The Outrageous And Heretical Rucker Created Bopper Robots, Who Rebelled Against Human Society In His Award Winning Classic SoftwareNow, In , Moldies Are The Latest Robotic Advancement Evolved Artificial Lifeforms Made Of Soft Plastic And Gene Tweaked Molds And Algae, So Anatomically Inventive And Universally Despised That Their Very Presence On The Planet Has Thrown The Entire Low Rent Future Into A Serious Tailspin So The Moon Is The Place To Be, If You Re A Persecuted Moldie Or An Enlightened Flesher Intent An Creating A New, Utopian Hybrid Civilization Of Course Up There, There Are Other Intergalactic Intelligences To Contend With And Some Not So Intelligent Who Have Their Own Agendas And AppetitesThis Is Scientific Fabulation At Its Most Brazenly Inventive Funny, Cutting Edge And Deeply Informed No Writer Alive Puts It All Together Like Rudy RuckerArtificial Life Forms Made Of Soft Plastic And Gene Tweaked Mold And Algae, Moldies Are Evolved Robots In The Year Anatomically Inventive And Universally Despised In A Sleazy, Low Rent Future, Sexual Fraternization With Moldies Is Strictly Taboo A Societal Sin That Is Of No Concern Whatsoever To Randy Karl Tucker A Kentucky Boy Who Has Seriously Strayed From The Heritagist Religion S Stern Teachings About The Evils Of Artificial Life, Randy Feels A Definite Something For Monique, Moldie Bookkeeper And Maid At The Clearlight Terrace Court Motel But Moniques Sudden And Inexplicable Abduction From The Planet Coupled With Unsettling Revelations About Randys Own Dubiousorigins Is Dragging The Degenerate Flesher And All Those Around Him Into An Ugly, Conspiratorial Messeven As It Pulls An Unsuspecting Humanity Ever Closer To A Stunning Encounter With Intergalactic Intelligence Good, but a little tedious.