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Download Epub Format » Four Films: Annie Hall/Interiors/Manhattan/Stardust Memories PDF by é Woody Allen There should be little doubt that Woody Allen, than a competent director, is brilliant writer of comedy The scripts from Manhattan and Annie Hall , included in this collection, are the living proof of his genius Despite having seen both movies hundreds of times, I enjoyed reading these scripts immensely There is so much great witty dialogue and laugh out loud remarks about relationships or society in general Really perfect writing The collection falls short of greatness in my view due to the inclusion of two scripts I don t care much about Interiors dramatic movie by Woody No thanks and Stardust Memory too crazy to work as a script.
Annie Hall 5Interiors 3Manhattan 4Stardust Memories 5 An exquisite collection of transcripts of four of the greatest if not the four greatest Allen movies.
Worth reading not just out of interest in screenwriting though these are not the actual scripts but transcripts, they re very useful to get the structure of the films down it s actually gripping, and reads like novels.
If you want to become a film writer, I would suggest reading this, NOW A master

For anyone who is interested about how great screenplay s are written you can look no further then Woody Allen screenplay s A master of natural dialogue mechanics.
Review of ManhattanI was looking to see if it was Allen as a comic that delivered these movies or the script I am sure some of each Annie Hall seemed to be based mostly on Allen s and other actress and actors timing and delivery Annie Hall is in the actors hand and was done well but as a stand alone screen play it is not as accessible Manhattan is, while I don t want a remake or another cast, Manhattan lives on the page NYC is a character and the setting is ever so important, but as a piece of literature the timing the jokes the wit and ideas are captured in the text One could read it fresh and enjoy it I think this is a major step up from Annie Hall a transformation in his ability to write No offence to Annie Hall which is carried by great actors but Allen is playing Allen and his timing breath life into the jokes and wit Manhattan could have been played by a non Allen actor not that I wish this but it is a complete text I would see the movie first then read it because it is rather a perfect movie as is Annie Hall Note Annie Hall is the first screen play in the book.
Star Dust memories is a very complete play but I am thinking it is improved on film with it call for cuts and gages based on shifting sets and scenery I love the ending and Dorrie as always but Isoble is just great Quite a great film but not a pure play, it comes alive on the screen and was meant for the screen.
I finished Interiors, I am sure that this is better on film, it explores the damage of leading people on and letting them what is convenient to them an to the person feeding them the lie A husband leaving his wife, a wife who wants to control things so that they don t stagnate A Daughter and wife that allows all to have their rose dilutions in spite of the damage it causes, who won t acknowledge that she is gifted and her husband isn t A sister who is a success on paper but really only gets by by her looks A dark tale will have to see if the filming adds to the story.
Three masterpieces and a dark and very good film Interiors from Allen s original run Few filmmakers have had the combination of visual style, humor and dialog as Allen The hyper real, extremely stylized Felliniesque Stardust Memories is a snapshot of how many of us who are writers see the world If you love film, these screenplays are a wonderful addition to your collection Woody Allen s screenplays read like his New Yorker short stories only formatted differently, so, no complaints However, if you re studying screenplays in order to produce your own, Mr Allen s scripts might not be the best place to go to first, for he knows he s going to be directing his stories so the screenplays are filled with descriptions and suggestions for camera work Nevertheless, this collection is beautiful and for some reason made me admire Stardust Memories.
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