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Á Eagle Strike ñ Download by Á Anthony Horowitz Eagle StrikeBy Anthony Horowitz1 I decided to read the book Eagle Strike because I have read all the previous books in the series and they were quite interesting.
2 An interesting character in the story is Damian Cray He is a very famous pop singer who is a very influential person to the world, as he has met people like the queen and the president of the USA He seems to be a very likeable character, that is until the story progresses He is interesting because he is different to your average villain Most villains just want world domination and power, but Damian Cray is causing chaos to help others.
3 A quote that I found interesting was Come join me for some tea so we can discuss how you re going to die I found this quote interesting because it was quite funny how calm Damian Cray was only a few hours before he was going to blow up and kill millions of people This quote brings out Damian Cray s personality, and really shows that he is different to most villains.
4 Eagle Strike made me think about pop stars in the world today, and if there were any people in the world like Damian Cray It is scary to think about what global catastrophes could take place if these type of people got hold of nuclear weaponry Another scary thing is that if there are famous people in the world that have the same mindset as Damian Cray, we wouldn t be able to tell, which could potentially lead to disaster.
Alex Rider, vacationing in the south of France with his girlfriend and her family, is finally enjoying a fully relaxing couple of weeks But when his girlfriend s father becomes the target of a Russian assassin who also happens to be a nemesis from Alex s own past, Alex is dragged back into extreme danger.
The fourth book in this YA James Bond style series was a bit different from the first three in that Alex isn t given an assignment by MI 6 but rather stumbles upon one Even when he wants to get MI 6 involved, they don t believe him This time around the evil madman is an eccentric billionaire named Damian Cray who was born to wealth, became a world renowned pop star and philanthropist known for huge acts of charity.
Once again the writing is fast paced and the plot thrilling and the stakes couldn t be higher up to and including preventing 25 nuclear explosions around the world But this time around, the personal stakes for Alex are tougher than ever When a teenager is not believed, either by those in authority or by his best friends, it can seem worse than nuclear war The book s ending ramps it all up onenotch when Alex discovers another truth about his own family which will change his life forever My favorite Alex Rider novel so far I m interested to see where this new information will take Alex in the next book and whether he will be able to trust anybody ever again.
Sir Damian Cray Is A Philanthropist, Peace Activist, And The World S Most Famous Pop Star But Still It S Not Enough He Needs If He Is To Save The World Trouble Is, Only Alex Rider Recognizes That It S The World That Needs Saving From Sir Damian Cray Underneath The Luster Of Glamour And Fame Lies A Twisted Mind, Ready To Sacrifice The World For His Beliefs But In The Past, Alex Has Always Had The Backing Of The Government This Time, He S On His Own Can One Teenager Convince The World That The Most Popular Man On Earth Is A Madman Bent On Destruction Before Time Runs Out I m short on time today, but, this was a fun action adventure novel.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a teen spy for a secret government agency If you have, then this is the book for you Alex Rider is a teen spy for MI6, British intelligence Eagle Strike is the fourth addition to the Alex rider Adventures by Anthony Horowitz.
In Eagle Strike, Alex Rider gets acquainted with Damian Cray He is bent on making the world a better place by destroying a large amount of countries The history behind Alex is phenomenal His uncle, an agent for MI6 and Alex s last family member, is killed on a mission for MI6 and Alex is recruited The climax is intense and full of action Anthony Horowitz has created a great plot once again.
Damian Cray is focused on greed and power, but Alex is focused on stopping Damian Cray from ruining the world No matter what your size, you can accomplish great things The reason for this is that it is about a teen that is trying to save the world In this book Anthony Horowitz creates a world of suspense and action The main character gets stuck in many traps, including being caught in a human video game This is a must read for young adults, but I recommend reading the others in the series first Words 218 It was the garden of a man who wanted to rule the world but couldn t, and so had cut the world down to his own size I was not expecting the huge twist in this book and this has opened up a whole new range of ideas that i have in my head and i can t wait to see were this story goes Plot As i said i did not expect the huge twist that has come out of this book and Alex learning about what his uncle really was to me was a huge shock This story was full of twist and turns but one thing that i loved is that the fourth book went back to the basics of the first book in the series and i feel like i started to enjoy the series again The third book was a little bit of a let down and i feel like that that book felt different then the other books but the fourth book redeemed itself Alex s life has changed now that he has learnt the truth about his uncle and MI6 and i cannot wait to see how it plays out in the fifth book Unlike the other books in the series, MI6 does not believe Alex and his story about Damian Cray so Alex decides to take on a mission alone and not on MI6 s orders In true Alex rider fashion his instincts turn out to be correct and he takes down Damian Cray and stop his crazy plan for world domination like many of the previous Villains in this series Eagle Strike brings back the original origins of this series and i hope the fifth book continues to have a strong plot and character development I m still holding out for Alex to have some friends to join him when he goes on missions because that would be an interesting dynamic.
Another fantastic book in the Alex Rider series I don t have much to say that s not a spoiler, though view spoiler I love Yassen Not even kidding a little bit He s so amazing I remember first reading this book and having to wait for the next one to come out and ever since then, my sisters and I have chosen to ignore The Ending.
I know this book is about Alex But like Yassen deservedOkay.
Summary for my own benefit my memory sucks Flashback with Hunter and Cossack, Yassen returns on yacht, Sabina s house explodes, bullfight, Damian Cray Saint or Singer , I think I m in love with an assassin, MI6 is just a bank, gameslayer, the plastic chute, the COINS, not robot snake, bicycling across a barge, Sabina kidnapped, tea with Damian, Air Force One, Yassen Gregorovich Denial hide spoiler I think each book in this series gets better and better Eagle Strike continues the fast paced action I found the book got a bit slow in the middle, but it certainly finishes with a bang Off to get Scorpia now

Eagle Strike Alex Rider, 4 , Anthony HorowitzEagle Strike is the fourth book in the Alex Rider series written by British author Anthony Horowitz The book was released in the United Kingdom on September 4, 2003 and in the United States on April 12, 2004 It is set mostly in Southern France, Paris, Amsterdam, and London.
Alex Rider series Novels Stormbreaker , Point Blanc , Skeleton Key , Eagle Strike , Scorpia , Ark Angel, Snakehead , Crocodile Tears, Scorpia Rising, Russian Roulette, Never Say Die, Nightshade 2010 1388 280 9789642980000 21 .
6 i had to see what it is all about a thriller for youngsters so i read it it is well written.
nice, sharp, a lot of great imegination but will i read another one no.