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☆ Read Ö Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie Í An Elderly Spinster Has Been Poisoned In Her Country Home Everyone Blamed Emily S Accident On A Rubber Ball Left On The Stairs By Her Frisky Terrier But The She Thought About Her Fall, The Convinced She Became That One Of Her Relatives Was Trying To Kill Her On April Th She Wrote Her Suspicions In A Letter To Hercule Poirot Mysteriously He Didn T Receive The Letter Until June Th By Which Time Emily Was Already Dead ,, , , , , , ,, , .
Dumb Witness Hercule Poirot 16 , Agatha ChristieDumb Witness is a detective fiction novel by British writer Agatha Christie, first published in the UK by the Collins Crime Club on 5 July 1937 The book features the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot and is narrated by his friend Arthur Hastings Emily Arundell, a wealthy spinster, writes to Hercule Poirot on the belief, she has been the victim of attempted murder, after a fall in her home in Berkshire However, her family and household believe she actually fell by accident, after tripping over a ball left by her fox terrier Bob When Poirot receives the letter, he learns she has already died her doctor, Dr Grainger, states her death was from chronic liver problems A new will she made while recovering from her earlier fall bequeaths her vast fortune and home to her companion, Miss Minnie Lawson Seeking to investigate Emily s belief someone wanted to murder her, Poirot, accompanied by his friend Arthur Hastings, notes that under her previous will, her nephew Charles Arundell would have inherited, along with her nieces Theresa Arundell and Bella Tanios All three wish to contest the will, but do not pursue this course of action Visiting the house on the pretence of buying it, Poirot discovers a nail covered with varnish and a small string tied to it at the top of the stairs Through Emily s last words, he concludes that Bob had been out all night and that she had therefore fallen down the stairs as a result of a tripwire, and that there is a chance Emily was indeed murdered Her family thus become suspects in that matter In his investigations, Poirot learns that during a seance held in Emily s home, a luminous aura was noticed coming from her mouth when she spoke 2012 1390 324 9789643637576 1393 1397 20 1395 46 9786008299288 The Hercule Poirots, my friend, need only to sit back in a chair and think If I started listing all the reasons why I can t do without Agatha Christie and her Poirot in my life, you d probably reach through the screen thumbing your nose at all known laws of physics because, well, I m sure you could recite them all by heart by now I am very aware I can be that obnoxious So I won t I ll indulge my dark side and simply tell you why I didn t enjoy Dumb Witness also known with the farappetizing title of Poirot loses a client so much as to consider it one of my favourite Poirot s adventures view spoiler Money is the motive hide spoiler I really enjoyed the different twists and turns in Dumb Witness It wasn t Christie s strongest, but it was a fun read nonetheless.
Seventy year old Miss Emily Arundell wasn t looking forward to the Easter weekend when her family would descend on her She knew they were all interested in a slice of her vast fortune they had been told in no uncertain terms to wait until she died But when she left her room in the dead of night unable to sleep, Emily tripped at the head of the stairs and tumbled to the bottom After being checked over by her niece s husband who was a doctor, it was found her only injuries were bruises and shock Emily was very lucky But as she lay in her bed with her mind constantly playing over the incident, Emily was convinced she didn t fall over her dog, Bob s ball even though that was what the family had concluded.
M Hercule Poirot received a letter on June 28th but was astounded to note it was dated 17th April He was bemused as to why it had taken so long to get from Market Basing to London it was only a short drive The letter was from one Miss Emily Arundell and though a rambling and confusing letter, Poirot was convinced the writer was concerned for her health When he and Hastings drove to Market Basing that very day, he was shocked to discover Miss Arundell was dead her home Littlegreen House was up for sale Poirot s little grey cells were decidedly interested in investigating this conundrum the mystery was one he would solve the famous detective M Hercule Poirot never failed But with his client dead, how was Poirot to go about it Hastings wasthan a little befuddled Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie is another great Poirot mystery Old fashioned and stuffy, nevertheless the mystery is beautifully laid out with Poirot wading his way through everything, big or small, in his usual meticulous manner It s always great to catch up with the great detective and his sidekick Hastings each time I pick up an Agatha Christie novel Highly recommended.
This book is really important to me now But not because of the story So this review will be drastically biased, and I will explain why in a moment.
If you follow my reviews, it s no surprise to you that I am a super Christie fan, and yes, I ll admit, in my experience reading her books she can do no wrong Every book I ve read has been fantastic or at least worth reading I love her style, her characters, and her in general I actually have a poster of her on my wall, no word of a lie.
This book was no exception I was caught off guard by the ending, and the adventure of getting to the ending was worth the read as well But, in all honesty, this should not be a five star read, it should be four Maybe less if I wasn t such a fan boy.
This past week has been really hard for me and my family I spenttime at the hospital than at home, I slept maybe 6 hours in 3 days, and I had to work and do a job interview on top of that It s been really stupid And to be quite honest with ya ll, I know that I rate with my heartoften than not Reading this book is all the kept me sane all week You may disagree, but for me, that s worth 5 stars.
Published in 1937, this is the sixteenth Poirot mystery Emily Arundell is an elderly spinster, who writes to Poirot after a nasty fall, attributed to her dog, leaving his ball on the stairs The letter is delayed and, by the time Poirot and Hastings, visit her, they find that she is already dead, due to a short illness However, as Miss Arundell asked Poirot to investigate, he feels duty bound to do so, and soon finds that Miss Arundell s death caused some controversy, as she made a new will, shortly before she died, leaving all her money to her companion, Miss Lawson, and disinheriting her nephew and nieces.
It soon transpires that all of the family had been gathered together, shortly before Miss Arundell s death, and that all had reasons to wish her dead, in the hope of inheriting money There are lots of fun characters and some good plot twists, while Hastings is always a joy He did not appear in many books and so I am always pleased when he accompanies Poirot on his travels A fun read and well plotted, as you expect from Christie.
An old maiden died in her house deep in the country Her death was natural and expected, but there was a little problem Her will was unusual, almost scandalous She also sent a letter to Poirot vaguely saying about her troubles and beseeching him to come to her for a consultation For some mysterious reason Poirot received the latter two months after it was supposed to be sent he became interested in the delay and in the whole case As a result at the time he made it to the place the lady was buried a long time ago Thus another title afitting one in my opinion Poirot Loses a Client The problem with the title Dumb Witness is the following the Dumb Witness is supposed to be a dog, but the dog was not a witness to anything At one point its absence became significant, but that was all regarding its witnessing All in all, a bad title.
The mystery was good, but not quite on the level of the best ones from Agatha Christie This was my first read and I was able to guess the villain The number of suspects was very limited from the beginning and it was possible to eliminate all but two of them fairly early Later on one clue was revealed that clearly pointed to one of them I was even able to catch on it before Poirot looks like the grey cells were getting rusty, exactly like Capt Hastings feared Yes, Poirot s not very bright sidekick was present and the story was told from his point of view Here I still have to repeat myself and say that even not the best from Agatha Christie means well above vast majority of that the genre can offer The mystery was good, the story was moving along at a nice page, and the characters were great as always 4 stars.
A perfect Christie closed room mystery that for me, much like Hastings s mind and his own deliberations, twisted and turned around various people.
Written in 1937 it has that mix of middle class England, Victorian aunts and younger family members as well as love, money and yes of course murder I also enjoyed Christie s subtle humour both with and at Poirot s expense, especially from an elderly lady midway through the book.
A 4 star read from the Queen of Crime.