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[ Read Online Diamond Dust À vegetarian PDF ] by Peter Lovesey è Probably a 3 1 2 stars, but I ll give it the whole 4 Peter Diamond is a very human detectivenever so than in Diamond Dust Fully dimensional characters, juicy plotting, emotionally wrenching Murder Betrayal Tension Diamond Dust has it all.
Murder strikes too close to home for Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond, and he is determined to know why, no matter what it takes A well written, suspenseful read with numerous twists, but for me, there was an essential improbability in the eventual, surprising solution.
Detective Inspector Peter Diamond of the Bath CID is turning fifty and his wife is planning a surprise party for him Peter has recently solved a crime of murder and after watching the man sentenced for life, he is assaulted on the courthouse steps by the convicted man s girlfriend who scratches his face with her long nails and then starts hitting him causing him to fall down As she continues pummeling him, he realizes he is being watched and does not retaliate for fear someone will snap a picture Then when he reports to the CID, his Assistant Chief Constable tells him he is transferring him to Bristol to form part of an organized task force Although he is disappointed, he rushes to a murder scene and discovers the victim is his wife Stephanie One would think this would surely end his streak of bad luck, but next he is being investigated for her murder He swears to find her killer even though he is barred from the case and partners up with a cop from a previous precinct When another wife of a policeman is found murdered with two shots to the head like his wife, he realizes he is facing major crimes to solve Peter Lovesey is among the top of crime novelists and his intricate plots and witty dialogue make him irresistible to readers of this genre.
My first introduction to DI Peter Diamond and the writer Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will be searching of this series Well paced thriller,hard to predict plot outcomes and cleverly weaves characters A perfect crime book.
One of the best detective stories in recent times Lovesey threads several story lines so expertly you really have no clue where the thing is going until almost the very end characters are very credible.
I think this one was the best in the series so far with its multiple twists and turns A shocking event occurs early in the book, something totally unexpected Thereafter Diamond hunts for the perpetrator overcoming a number of obstacles There is a wonderful subplot as well, involving a jewel heist I found the story enjoyable from start to finish Added bonuses in this series is an education in British slang and much about the history of Bath.
Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond Is Confronted With A Crime That Comes Too Close To Home His Beloved Wife Has Been Killed, Apparently Just The Most Recent Victim In A Series Of Murders Of Police Spouses Despite His Superior S Orders To Leave The Solution Of This Crime To Other Members Of The Force, He Is Determined To Find The Killer Himself Supt Peter Diamond of the Bath Murder Squad is on the sidelines for this casewell, officially, at least That s because the murder victim is his own beloved wife, Stephanie Devastated and reeling, Diamond knows intellectually that he needs to step aside and let the team do their jobs, that he s too close to the situation But emotionally, his heart disagrees And when he is suddenly in the frame as the chief suspect, he knows he has to strike out on his own to discover his wife s killer.
Devastating for those of us who have come to love Steph Diamond along with her grumpy, no nonsense husband, this was a tough book to get through, and with enough plot twists and turns to keep you guessing for quite awhile.
This is the shocker in which Peter Diamond is called to the scene of a murder and finds his own wife, Stephanie, shot in the head Of course, he s not allowed anywhere near the investigation, but of course he conducts his own And then he has to be ruled out as a suspect, so much endure the questioning, the search of his house, and the confiscation of his service revolver He is the first one to connect Stephanie s murder to another case, and aside from her killing, it s pretty predictable but also heart wrenching.
The biggest spoiler would be revealed by discussing the central crime of the novel I didn t see it coming The twist at the end I didn t see coming either, but I had a great time reading this book Inspector Diamond is investigating a murder which happens on his own patch and the decision to keep Peter outside of the normal chain of investigators allows the story to have both police procedural parts and independent investigator parts I really enjoy this series.