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Download Epub Format ¾ David Copperfield PDF by ä Charles Dickens David Copperfield Is The Story Of A Young Man S Adventures On His Journey From An Unhappy And Impoverished Childhood To The Discovery Of His Vocation As A Successful Novelist Among The Gloriously Vivid Cast Of Characters He Encounters Are His Tyrannical Stepfather, Mr Murdstone His Brilliant, But Ultimately Unworthy School Friend James Steerforth His Formidable Aunt, Betsey Trotwood The Eternally Humble, Yet Treacherous Uriah Heep Frivolous, Enchanting Dora Spenlow And The Magnificently Impecunious Wilkins Micawber, One Of Literature S Great Comic Creations In David Copperfield The Novel He Described As His Favourite Child Dickens Drew Revealingly On His Own Experiences To Create One Of The Most Exuberant And Enduringly Popular Works, Filled With Tragedy And Comedy In Equal Measure This Edition Uses The Text Of The First Volume Publication Of , And Includes Updated Suggestions For Further Reading, original Illustrations By Phiz , A Revised Chronology And Expanded Notes In His New Introduction, Jeremy Tambling Discusses The Novel S Autobiographical Elements, And Its Central Themes Of Memory And Identity David Copperfield is an early queer novel by Charles Dickens It follows David Copperfield, a gay man in early 19th century England, as he tries to seduce and betroth another gay man, James Steerforth Copperfield first sets his eyes on Steerforth at Salem House where they both must subdue their love for each other, giving their age difference and the society of the time However, as the novel progresses, Copperfield and Steerforth live openly as a homosexual couple Their relationship comes into peril when Dora Spenlow, a jealous fag hag, refuses to continue living as Copperfield s beard and forces him to marry her Thus, Copperfield and Steerforth break apart All seems lost until Copperfield befriends Tommy Traddles, another boy whose acquaintance he had made at Salem House They partake in a salubrious love affair to which Dickens pens several hundred pages of steamy man on man action However, once again this relationship is cast into peril by that bitter old queen Uriah Heep.
Uriah Heep is a mean gay and the epitome of masc4masc culture Heep sees Copperfield as fit young otter and attempts to kill off Traddles by throwing pearls beneath his feet la Showgirls However his plan is spoiled after his findom daddy, Mr Micawber the man who famously threw the first brick at Stonewall , repossess his pearls because Heep refuses to send him anydaguerreotypes of his feet.
Or, in other words David Copperfield isof the same from Dickens More straight forward than some of his previous novels, Dickens instead relies on verisimilitude rather than ridiculousness in order to tell this story It is a pity as theoutrageous Dickens is, theI enjoy him However, despite this novel only receiving three stars from me, it is still better than most novels ever written It is only three stars within Dickens own bibliography and not the greater Western canon It probably would have been four stars if he had includedchapters with Miss Mowcher.
David Copperfield MASTER VILLAINoh you architect of doom your devious passivity and willful naivete know no boundaries your crimes are many your poor doting mother hustled off to an early grave, and you do nothing you repay the Murdstones attempts at improvement with intransigence and a savage bite you return Mr Creakle s guiding hand with laziness and scorn you do nothing as your idol Steerforth humiliates Mr Mell you run from honest work in a factory you must be too good for that you impose upon your poor dear aunt Betsy Trotwood you immediately discount poor umble Uriah Heep how dare you condescend to him you say nothing as Rosa Dartle defames good honest people over dinner you introduce that atrocious snake Steerforth to those good honest people you terrorize your poor landlady your drunken shenanigans with Steerforth are revolting good Agnes was no doubt secretly appalled you caution Traddles to avoid generosity with Micawber mind your own business, Iago you stalk your boss s daughter only Jip recognizes your villainy you entangle poor Julia Mills in your scheming you attempt to extract money from your workplace but fortunately Mr Spenlow and his partner are wise to your gambits you continue to stalk poor innocent Dora even after her father s untimely death and no doubt your villainy was the cause of that you bind Dora to you the poor doomed natural you set the servants against her you make her hold your pens, you tyrant you help Uriah Heep cause a good Doctor much stress you cast aspersions on that Doctor s own wife her cousin their marriage you strike the poor umble Uriah Heep across the face a resounding blow you monster berating and improving Dora to an early grave the poor natural, the innocent child wife even Jip dies at your feet you humiliate and drive away the poor umble Uriah Heep you allow poor honest Ham to plunge into the sea to his death you fail to save your friend Steerforth from his own watery death you allow Rosa Dartle to heap abuse upon his grieving mother you laughingly exile two families to criminal Australia you secretly gloat and sneer while witnessing the very proper Mr Lattimer and poor umble Uriah Heep behind bars your most dastardly deed stringing along the good Agnes for decades and finally, you bind her to you in a long game marriage plot i fear for her safety oh Diabolic Doady oh you monstrous villain, David Copperfield

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Charles Dickens can do no wrong, except perhaps keep around 100 pages of rather irrelevant tangents in this book.
It was such a powerhouse of characterisation and world building that I barely know where to begin All of the characters were utterly divine, even the detestable Uriah Heep and the unbelievably pathetic Dora, and most especially the wonderful early Feminist icon that is Betsy Trotwood I often have my doubts on first person narrative, but Dickens is one of the few who can do it so well without losing many of the great advantages of reading with an omnipotent narrator David Copperfield is unreliable in many fields mostly his blind spot for falling in love but he is in tune with his surroundings and can express what he feels other characters around him are feeling so suitably that it matters not that we are seeing the world through his young eyes only.
The world was fantastic I am always immediately transported to these places when I read 19th Century fiction and this was no exception The strife of the poor and the decadence of the indifferent rich is interwoven here like smoke billowing in to pure oxygen There were so many nooks and crannies to be explored that it took me a while to get through this nigh on 900 page book, but it was worth it.
Aside from one or two tangents which meant the story line stalled ever so slightly, it flowed magnificently and I don t remember laughing so much at a book that wasn t a straight humour novel Dickens has a way of writing with such endearment about his characters and society, but also tearing them apart at the same time It was a beautiful ride through the English countryside and a nice run through the heavy streets of London and I don t think Thackeray was wrong when he said, Bravo Dickens Blog Instagram Twitter Pinterest Shop Etsy 898 David Copperfield, Charles Dickens David Copperfield is the eighth novel by Charles Dickens The novel s full title is The Personal History, Adventures, Experience and Observation of David Copperfield the Younger of Blunderstone Rookery Which He Never Meant to Publish on Any Account It was first published as a serial in 1849 50, and as a book in 1850 Many elements of the novel follow events in Dickens s own life, and it is often considered as his veiled autobiography It was Dickens favourite among his own novels In the preface to the 1867 edition, Dickens wrote, like many fond parents, I have in my heart of hearts a favourite child And his name is David Copperfield 1971 1342 1367 665 1384 1030 19 1353 19 43 1363 117 1365 160 1365 175 1369 174 1369 150 1372 144 1375 120 1377 159 1379 236 1385 120 1388 1388 679 1389 211 1391 242 1391 118 1392 208 1393 243 1393 481850.