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Download Epub Format Ì Batman PDF by Ì Doug Moench Not as good as I remember it from my childhood, but still pretty good.
The main gripe I have is that I remembered Azrael in the background, and that apparently happened before this story arc Also, Bane wasn t introduced here, there was some kind of side story with the Riddler, Killer Croc and Bane before the action of this collection, so there are some blanks which this book doesn t cover The complaint I m making is that this is not the comprehensive Azrael Batman Bane story arc I thought it would be.
The entire story isn t particularly strong, but when you know what s coming in the climax, it kind of feels justified that what precedes isn t stellar Some Batman foes picked for the roster are very much silly The Mad Hatter and Amygdala, for example , others are a bit menacing than you d think The Ventriloquist , others are kept in their less serious versions Joker being a prime example and are cartoony Not necessarily a bad thing, and rather a sign of the times when this comic was published originally early 90 s.
Bane doesn t really show to be an all that big mastermind he has a good idea and executes it, but it doesn t seem like there s much for him to do in the time in between letting out the Arkham inmates and confronting Batman The fact that he knows who Batman is in the end is also a case of He s just that smart instead of some action or analysis on his part, at least nothing we see.
So yeah, other than those final few pages, there s nothing here which is really groundbreaking, but it s a solid Batman thread anyhow The way Batman fights with exhaustion is gripping, but a bit overdone he keeps saying he s out of juice, but it only really shows during the gauntlet Dunno, I m looking forward to Who Rules the Night to see some Jean Paul Bruce time if I get it, as my memory may fail me again.
It s been a while since I ve read a Batman comic, but they never get old Batman s style changes, but it s always classic stories, and this is no exception.
This Riveting Book Sets Batman On A Path That Will Change His Life Forever A Mass Escape From Arkham Asylum And The Emergence Of Batman S Most Threatening Foe, Bane, Sends Gotham City Spinning Into Chaos And Takes Batman To The Limits Of Human Endurance Graphic Novel FormatEvery Man Has A Breaking PointEVEN THE Batman The Dark Knight S Deadliest Enemies Have Escaped Arkham Asylum The Joker, Amygdala, The Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy, Zsasz, Killer Croc, The Firefly, The Riddler, The Ventriloquist And Scarecrow One By One, He Must Face Them All In Mortal Combat But Lurking At The End Of This Seemingly Endless Gauntlet Is The Deadliest Menace Of All A Mysterious Man Mountain Known Only As BANE The First Volume Of The Epic KNIGHTFALL Story, This Edition Contains Batman And DETECTIVE COMICS The masked villain Bane arrives in Gotham with a plan to destroy Batman release all of Batman s prisoners from Arkham Asylum and once he s gone through them all, he ll be at his weakest and then then he will break him The first part of the Knightfall trilogy is overlong and a bit dull to be honest It s a good storyline, Bane setting loose a ton of villains into Gotham and then sitting back, waiting for the perfect moment to strike, but all it means is that Batman has to go through each and every villain in a kind of rote, dull way as we slowly see Batman get weaker and weaker.
But why is he so worn out even at the start of the book It s not explained in the book but the prelude to this is a fight Batman had with Black Mask and his gang which wore him out, along with a venom juiced up Riddler, followed by what can only be described as a mid life crisis I know Bruce can t sleep nor is he willing to take any rest so he s an exhausted wreck even before Bane sets free the inmates of Arkham.
Luckily Bruce has a new ally in Jean Paul Valley aka Azrael, a graduate student in Gotham U, who discovers that he s been unconsciously trained from birth to be an assassin for an ancient religious order While he plays a relatively low role in this book, he s being helped by Tim Drake Robin to overcome his conditioning to turn him from a would be villain to an ally.
I felt there was a lot of crap in this book and a lot of it has to do with aesthetics Jim Aparo s artwork looks very 90s and is bound to be a turn off to many new Batman readers who ve been exposed to tremendous artists like Jim Lee, Tony Daniel, Yanick Paquette, Jock, Frank Quitely, Philip Tan, the list goes on Joker s face looks ridiculously exaggerated, his mouth looks like you could fit a bowling ball in it, its so elongated, while Zsasz s eyebrows look so jagged they re jutting off of his face entirely There s a Batman villain in this book I ve never heard of and it s easy to see why he s called Film Freak and his superpower is that he s got film reel earrings that s it Then there s the Batmobile which looks like a Blackberry Torch, Tim Drake s haircut looks very 90s while Bruce s do looks strangely like Superman s, then there s the 90s mobile phones and printers computers The book comes across as very dated.
Appearances aside, the story s not that enthralling either The enemies that sap Batman s strength are all second tier villains like Mad Hatter, Zsasz, Poison Ivy, Cornelius Stirk, and let s not forget the incredible Film Freak This bizarre line up culminates with Batman vs Bane where Bruce actually looks scared of Bane, something I felt was very out of character.
The book has a solid overall story arc but it s a long dull slog to get to the conclusion until things get interesting Broken Bat had its moments, I particularly enjoyed Batman s beat down of Joker for the murder of Jason Todd years before, but unfortunately these were few and far between I m going to read the rest of the trilogy but for those who re on the fence about reading this first book, I d say take a look at the second to last page and you ve basically got the book in a nutshell Broken Bat is for Batman completists only, for casual comics readers this book will be boring.
Extreme shock value, but it s just trying to copy The Death of Superman.
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If you ve seen The Dark Knight Rises, then know that what you see here is one of the many comics that inspired some of the great scenes that Christopher Nolan translated onto the big screen As much as this volume is known as an absolute classic in Batman s universe, it however struggles to survive the test of time Published in the 90s, written by both Chuck Dixon and Doug Moench, illustrated by Jim Aparo, Jim Balent, Norm Breyfogle and Graham Nolan, Knightfall is only the first part of a trilogy, and essentially the most memorable story arc The great writers behind this volume introduces readers to Bane and his ultimate plan to take control of Gotham by first getting rid of the one and only Batman While Bane manipulates the whole orchestra and devises a painful and exhausting trial for Batman, the story essentially leads to the one and only highlight hinted in the title of the volume Is Bane s plan truly flawless Will he be able to take down the Dark Knight The crusader that no other villain has yet been able to put an end to Bane makes sure to drain out every single inch of energy of his target before he gets his own hands dirty If that isn t cruel, I don t know what it that s a lie, I can think of a billion things that are quite sadistic, mind you Essentially, the story really begins when we find out that Bane plans on making a giant hole in Arkham Asylum in order to unleash every criminal that Batman had put behind bars to this date Talk about a nasty leakage to your favorite aquarium If having a vast and notorious cast of villains running freely and cooking up their own personal flavor of a plan to bring down the Bats isn t something to worry about, you re wrong The whole volume showcases countless villains, whether its the Film Freak, the Mad Hatter or the Joker himself You ll quickly realize that each one of them will make sure to drain a little something out of the Caped Crusader before the grand finale Repetitive in nature, the story can easily bore a person that sees this as a d j vu of Batman bringing down villains once again Knightfall isn t exactly about digging deep into the villain s psyches and discovering a goldmine in their personalities, something that would blow the minds of fans Knightfall is about putting Batman to the test without ever giving him the chance to breathe It s a story that creates the perfect nightmare for the Caped Crusader The one scenario where Batman has to deal with every crazy lunatic, one after the other, instead of being able to stand on his gargoyles preying on a villain who s looking for a high.
The artwork is a throwback to the era of comics right before the accustomed modern artwork we see nowadays I honestly didn t find it disturbing or lackluster, I actually swallowed it up fairly easily and was able to just enjoy the story afoot I thought the characters were pretty well penciled and were done justice in the aesthetic department Of course, with the plot direction that Knightfall has, the artists had a lot of things to work with Every single villain had their own moments to shine and their main traits portrayed through the simple evil schemes they concocted It was quite the fun to see them try and find ways to take down Batman In all honesty, I didn t however feel like the artwork pulled me into feeling feelings gosh, that made my brain fart The only time that that the story actually had me captivated and intrigued is in the final act, the final chapter Even though I knew where it was going, the execution was much shocking and powerful than the rest of the story Throughout the volume, you do see Batman realizing the plan little by little, while seeing how much its killing him But the final chapter felt like the last straw It felt like you could actually see that Bane s brains did an extremely heavy damage to the Dark Knight, but that the nail on the coffin would come from his brawn s.
The best part of this volume is obviously the last chapter The writing became lyrical and focal to the panels that were building up to the famous scene A lot of the stories presented before the main event could ve been cut out just to avoid feeling the repetition in plot Although the plot could be seen as Batman climbing a tower and being challenged by a different villain until he reached the top for the big bad boss, Robin s adventures on the side helped bring change and add subplots Even Killer Croc had his own agenda, one that you don t exactly expect from the savage creature The first part in the trilogy remains a classic in Batman s universe, but one that doesn t exactly have the same weight as other masterpieces This is the volume where you meet with Bane and where you are shown what his motives and way of villainy are Although the focus is around the downfall of Batman and the rise of Bane, you also get glimpses of another important character, Jean Paul Valley His role becomes a lot bigger in part 2 and 3, but his appearance sure can intrigue some of the connoisseurs of Batman s universe Any hardcore fan should go through at least Knightfall It s always nice to see a Bane that isn t a growl only slave of Poison Ivy Am I right Yours truly,Lashaan Blogger and Book ReviewerOfficial blog This is one of THE classic Batman stories, if only because it is a story people like to re tell in various forms of media I ve seen versions of Bane go up against versions of Batman in cartoons, books, videogames, movies, etc With the menacing, hulking form of Bane and a story about a Batman who might not have an easy, assured victory, how could people resist As far as classic must read Batman stories go, however, this would rank pretty low on my list The art is good, except for the hyper stylized Shadow of the Bat issues, which tried too hard to fit the predominant 90 s vibe for my taste, and it is mostly consistent The writing is serviceable, but retains a lot of the dark, melodramatic style that was a staple of comics in the 90 s It s not laughably bad or anything, but it is full of heavy dramatic angst All of the characters brood and whine extensively in interior monologues, and there is a tendency for the characters to overexplain the exact nuances on what is happening in a manner that occasionally got in the way of me immersing myself in and enjoying the story I also wasn t a fan of much of the characterization in the story This was written during a period of Batman s life where he apparently was incredibly annoyed with Tim Drake Robin , and so instead of an enjoyable partnership I found myself mainly annoyed by Batman and sorry for Robin Also, I understand that I m supposed to be seeing a Batman worn thin, partially by some mysterious sickness that s never fully explained within the graphic novel though I assume it was in some comic before this collection takes place , but there is a certain level of whininess that I could never fully get myself to enjoy, especially since characters kept referring to Batman s awesomeness, tenacity, and nobility, which were on very limited display Watching Batman whine, mope, and clumsily plod through most of this story made me feel like I was watching some emo kid play as Batman than the man himself Even still characters kept talking about this awe inspiring Batman I was still waiting to see The other characters don t fare much better Though given a sufficiently hardcore introduction in the beginning, Bane doesn t do much to show that he deserves the title of Bat breaker There s very little to him that distinguishes him or any of his forgettable henchmen from any other two bit mobster wannabe Gordon appears to be a worthless whiner whose only role is to be yelled at by the one dimensional obnoxious Mayor, Robin is a sad kid who is always told that he s in the way despite being one of the only people in the trilogy who seems to be aware of all the horribly stupid decisions going on around him , and Jean Paul is a bland, personality less drone There are a string of Batman villains thrown in the mix, including winners I ve never heard of like Film Freak, who all give Batman a harder time than I would have thought possible All in all, though, the main draw of the story the Batman vs Bane bit was fairly enjoyable It is unfortunately not the main PART of the story, however, as most of the book is the filler between Bane s intro and the main fight For great must read Batman stories I much prefer other classics like The Dark Knight Returns and Batman Year One.

Batman Knightfall vol 1 Broken Batman by Doug Moench This Batman story is not everyone, actually it brings everything you love and hate by the Caped Crusader in to one volume for a two volume story First of all, you need to read to the lead up comics to understand it which I admit that I didn t do because most of the Batman stories I read is that you don t need to read surrounding stories to get it However its a good read, a bit trashy and less thought provoking than other Batman stories The Dark Knight Returns, The Long Halloween, Arkham Asylum.
The good Bane is an excellent Batman villain Smart but also strong and lethal not normally a combination you would think for a Batman villain but it works Which explains Nolan choosing him for the TDKR.
A struggling Bruce Wayne Batman is great to see since Superheroes are often meant to look superior to everyone else but Batman is human than super which great You also Bruce struggle to keep his Batman weakness hidden while in his playboy disguise Tim Drake Robin and Alfred Great supporting characters and Robin doesn t come across annoying and kidlike as people would beileve he would come across And Alfred keeps up with the saracastic humour and wit that stops the story becoming to dark Other Batman villains Almost all of the Batman villains appear as either large threats or minor cameos Seeing The Joker escape Arkham is always a due and seeing interactions between the villains is occassionally funny and self aware while being dark still The Scarecrow Joker team up is a highlight.
The Bad Bane s goons They should be interesting one has a Falcon and one of them is called Zombie but unfortuately they suffer from being slightly stupid and annoying since Bane has to bail them out too often Jean Paul Valley The man who takes over Batman is extremely egotistic and lacks anything really interesting about him He gets worst when you read the second volume where every part of me wanted to see him be killed by Bane in the second volume But it wouldn t happen and he changes the suit goddamit Bruce s love interest She s boring and Bruce seems to be totally in love with her Of course Bruce would fall in love with his doctor but come on Batman Bruce Wayne, Catwoman and Poison Ivy are in this story too and you tell me you re not interested The art Maybe I m a bit pomp but the art of this story is actually boring same old comic look The only highlight is the Scarecrow Anarcky story which is interesting especially the use of red but its still boring Overall read this if you re interested in Batman s history, the fact that he s just like us and for the villain Bane but the rest could have been so much better I found this interesting than really enjoyable The comics in this compilation are over 20 years old, and the old version of the storytelling really isn t my style Also, I just have to say most emo Batman ever He starts this hefty collection hurt, and spends the entire thing being well not very Batman at all Making bad choices Being bitchy Constantly hurt and sucking at his job Kinda took some of the fun out of it for me On the plus side, as someone who isn t a huge Batman fan by which I mean I don t read the main comics, just a lot of the side stuff written by the A list talent like Gaiman, Miller, Moore, Loeb, etc etc it was interesting to see the parade of villains in this collection It s almost like a primer in Batman bad guy lore But honestly, that s the only thing that even keeps this at the relatively low meh rating of three stars for me.
and I thought I was excited for The Dark Knight Rises before.
I seriously had no idea that Bane could be this awesome When he was announced as the villain in the new Batman film, I was really hesitant to get my hopes up I mean, Bane That loser from Batman Robin note to self never base anything on that garbage movie All he did was grunt, scream and smash stuff Other than brute force he didn t seem like that much of a threat.
So when I was given this graphic novel for Christmas, I was pretty reluctant to even pick it up However, it came with a pretty firm recommendation from a trusted friend, so I gave it a shot It took a while for me to actually see where they were going with this arc but once it picked up and I began to understand, it blew me away.
Basically, Bane throws everything at Batman Bane frees all the inmates at Arkham Asylum and exhausts Batman as he attempts to incarcerate them all Already beaten up and apparently pretty sick, it doesn t take long for Batman to run out of gas and when that occurs, Bane will pounce.
I ve never even been exposed to this side of Batman he tries so desperately to maintain an image of endless determination against a task so enormous Sure, you must imagine that at times his job can be pretty damn hard but its rare that he shows it There are even scenes where he s drawn with this look of fear, knowing that it may be his end.
Despite the fact that I spent the better part of this review gushing over the story, I need to give it a 3 out of 5 Why I m not crazy about the artwork Jim Lee is my favorite Batman artist of all time and it s kind of unfair that I compare everything to him he s a pretty high measuring stick but a lot of it looked kind of ugly There is some great stuff to be found in here but it s few and far between.
This is only Part One, so I need to get my hands on 2 and 3.