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Ó Batman: No Man's Land, Vol. 1 » Download by ↠´ Bob Gale Great story but some very average art.
It definitely took Batman in an entirely new direction, and not necessarily a positive one Still an interesting read.
Fans Of Batman Are Lucky To Get Greg Rucka The Talented, Gritty Young Author Of Keeper And Finder, Among Others Sharing Time With Their Favorite Licensed Character In This Novelization Of DC S Complete No Man S Land Comic Series And Fans Of Rucka Assuming They Get Around To Reading This At All Will Still Likely Hold The Opinion That Atticus Kodiak Could Take Batman In A Standup Fight Any Day DC Shook Up Gotham Literally In Its Batman Plot Arc A Earthquake Rocked Gotham City, Wreaking Enough Destruction To Bring The Broken, Crime Ridden, Runt Kid Brother Of Metropolis And New York To Its Knees In The Story Line S Most Indulgent Liberty, Those Fat Cats In Washington Decide To Write Off Gotham, La Escape From New York, Blowing Up The Connecting Bridges, Mining The Surrounding Waterways, And Signing Into Law The Federal Declaration Of No Man S Land, Which Makes It A Crime To Even Set Foot In The City The Usual Suspects From Arkham Asylum, Two Face And The Penguin, The Riddler And Dr Freeze, Poison Ivy And Mr Zsasz, File Out To Begin Running The Show, Strong Arming And Manipulating The Block By Block Turf Battles That Envelop The Now Ultraviolent City A Conflicted Batman Shows Up Fashionably Late, Only To Find That These Lunatics Are The Least Of His Worries Lex Luthor, Superman S Archfoe, Has Nefarious Designs On Gotham Too Could This Possibly Get Any Better Sure, No Man S Land Is Derivative Fiction, But The Appeal Of Rucka And, Of Course, Batman Can Make This One Worth The ReadPaul HughesCollecting BATMAN NO MAN S LAND , BATMAN , BATMAN SHADOW OF THE BAT , DETECTIVE COMICS And BATMAN LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT A major earthquake hits Gotham chronicled in Cataclysm and the US Government takes the unprecedented not to mention highly unlikely approach to the disaster by quarantining the city and annexing it from the USA the result No Man s Land.
The plot is familiar to those who ve played the recent Arkham City game which takes a similar approach though it only segregates part of Gotham rather than the entirety of it But the supervillains of Arkham roam Gotham freely now and recruit gangs which fight for territories of Gotham like in Arkham City.
If you can get past the improbability of the scenario I mean it would be like the US abandoning New Orleans after Katrina then you re in store for a helluva first book Bob Back to the Future Gale does a fine job of writing the first story arc in this massive series, setting the stage for what is to come He establishes the wasteland Gotham becomes and the lawless, terrifying place it descends to without regular food or supplies coming through He introduces the mysterious figure of Batgirl and doesn t introduce the Batman until the very end, focusing instead on the rival gangs run by Penguin and the other rogues, Barbara Gordon, who creates a new network of information without the aid of computers, and the fight back to restore the city led by Commissioner Gordon.
The second story arc is less impressive as the Batman plays a big part in it and he always overcomes any obstacles, but it s interesting to see Scarecrow appear and try to create chaos out of a fragile peace created by a couple of Christian priests Huntress also shows that she s going to play a large role in this series.
The series puts a confident first step forward in this book and breathes new life into the Batman series by turning Gotham into an even scary and desperate place than it was prior to the earthquake, and putting these familiar characters into new situations, giving them facets to their characters.
I loved reading it and can t wait to read the others in the series If you re a Batfan you ll find plenty here to appreciate in this well written, well told tale of when the world turned its back on Gotham and a handful of heroes stood up to raise her back onto her feet.
There s very less of Batman in this 3.
5ish The story is good, but Batman being absent in a Batman comic Nah.
Finally I m reading Batman No Man s Land, the Batman s story that The Dark Knight Risesis partly based on, and it doesn t disappointed After a huge earthquake, Gotham is abandoned by the USA government, most civilians had escaped from the disaster zone, those who are left behind have to fend for themselves and the city is divided into different zones by the powerful criminals, yada, yada,The human dramas are nice, the artwork is super cool in a dark, gloomy and befitting way I m jumping to read vol 2 now The no man s land saga has finally begun , as people leave Gotham there are still many who opt to stay at the city , now named No Man Land However having lost faith in the Justice system and having his face smeared with defeat Bruce Wayne or Batman is away from Gotham Batman s absense spreads chaos around the City Until Batman returns to find the way of living in Gotham has changed The book isn t entertaining , if you are looking for that , this book isn t for you But it gives a new outlook on how the world can work when savages rule it How sometimes a fruit matters than a costly digital device The whole system of villains and cops taking over lands and fighting over there sector is fascinating There is a lot of action but for most part Batman isn t present in them.
Over all it s a dark story that displays primitive nature of Gotham s occupants I liked it I thought the latter section Fear of Faith, which occasionally had a quasi horror suspense movie aura no surprise as Scarecrow was involved was a little interesting than the introductory and sort of dry No Law and a New Order.

When Hell goes to war with itself, only the devil is declared the winnerDC comics has brought together two of my favorite things Batman and post apocalyptic fiction I almost feel as if this series has been made for me So, here s the deal A massive earthquake has rocked Gotham City to its core combine that with an outbreak of a deadly disease not unlike the Ebola virus and you have a recipe for disaster Rather than send aid or attempt to rebuild Gotham, the government has sealed it off from the rest of the civilized world, proclaiming it no longer part of the United States Those that wanted to leave were initially given the choice however, the gangs, the sick and the released criminals from Arkham Asylum decided to hang around Also staying put are several dedicated members of the GCPD an effort to bring order to the once powerful city.
Watching Gordon struggle over how to enforce the law really grabbed me Not only is he dealing with anarchy on a massive scale, he s realizing that he has no one to tell him the right and the wrong way of doing things Suddenly, he s in the shoes of the Batman Gordon knows that he needs to implore drastic measures to restore order to Gotham he just has to realize his own limits.
I ve always liked Scarecrow, I just didn t realize how much until 2005 s Batman Begins In No Man s Land, 6 years before the release of Begins, Scarecrow is given a pretty prominent role Rarely using his fear induced chemicals Scarecrow attempts to seize control of a sector of Gotham through the manipulation of already frightened people Gale gives us Scarecrow in his most clever state making the reader realize that he truly is a pretty strong villain in his own right.
The end of the first volume finishes strong with a pretty cool reveal I m glad I have the 2nd volume already on deck No Man s Land was utterly massive This trade only collects eight issues two full storylines I ve heard that DC will be releasing a new series of No Man s Land trades, that will collect every issue that tied into the overall storyline A collection of doorstoppers, to be sure If you ve never read the No Man s Land storyline before, I d suggest getting your hands on the new editions instead.
The first storyline in the book concentrates on setting the scene, and it does a great job of it Gotham has been leveled by an earthquake, and the government has decided that it s better to just leave the city to self destruct than to do anything to help Yes, this does read a bit differently post Katrina than it had in 1999 The city has been divided into factions controlled by rival gangs, some of them headed by Arkham inmates that were set free after the earthquake The GCPD is little than another gang here, and Batman is nowhere to be found It is bleak, and done well.
The second storyline is a Scarecrow story, and I was surprised at how much I liked it If Scarecrow is without his fear toxins, what harm can he do Plenty, once he gets welcomed into a church safe house Watching him cheerfully manipulate people and events into the complete meltdown he hopes for made my skin crawl I try not to expect too much from these big event books, but this was really a solid offering It helps that the event itself was such promising ground for telling stories like this.