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[ Read Online Batman: Black and White à 20th-century PDF ] by Mark Chiarello Ë This is an anthology of short black and white Batman strips written and drawn by some of the best writers and artists in comics The artists include Jim Lee, Frank Miller, Bruce Timm, Joe Kubert, Klaus Janson, Simon Bisley, Richard Corben, Alex Toth, Brian Bolland, Howard Chaykin, and Matt Wagner, while the writers include Denny O Neil, Neil Gaiman, and Chuck Dixon Despite this impressive roster of big names, I found the collection to be made up of some very average stories Granted, they ve got just half a dozen pages to come up with a story but even so they mostly centre around someone who commits a crime and then Batman shows up in the final panel Neil Gaiman finds a way through, writing a meta story where Batman and Joker are actors who film their strips, chatting away in the green room waiting for their scenes, going over their lines, which was a pretty interesting angle Brian Bolland s story of a crazed loner Mark Chapman wannabe who fantasises about assassinating Batman is great too but if you ve read the deluxe edition of Killing Joke then you ve already read this in colour too But the real winner is the art With so many talented artists, you get numerous pages of amazing Batman art I recently read Batman Gothic which Klaus Janson illustrated and I wasn t impressed with his treatment of Grant Morrison s story but seeing his art in black and white made me re evaluate him as an artist without colour, his art is grandiose, moody and mesmerising Frank Miller and Jim Lee s covers were amazing while seeing Batman depicted by all the artists listed above was a joy for a fan like me Black and White s not an amazing anthology, the writing is sketchy and the storylines trite and or boring, but the artwork is amazing something about taking away colour suits Batman perfectly so if the drawings themselves are your bag, pick this up, if it s not enough, give this a miss.
As a reader and collector of fine graphic novels, I think I would like of DC Comics GN DVD bundle It s significantly expensive than a regular hard cover collection but the DVD Blueray movie included seems like a great deal The graphic novel has a code for a digital version of it on Comixology The creator line up for Black and White is stacked Someone likened them to the 1927 New York Yankees The analogy is kind of lost to me, but a quick trip to Wikipedia and in basketball terms, they are kind of like the Showtime Lakers I m unabashedly a bigger basketball fan than a baseball fan, I m Filipino after all and it s kind of a local religion The creative cast is artist heavy, which caters to the black and white format One has to pretty good to work without color, which I noticed when reading Color helps a lot in storytelling, which is pretty clear in Bill Sienkiewicz s contribution This is the first time I ve seen his lines without color and I could see a lot of its punch was lost without it The short form anthology format allows for the creator to bring out the best Batman story he can in six pages It makes for instantly iconic interpretations of the character My favorite short stories from it would be, the Bruce Timm story and the Neil Gaiman and Simon Bisley collaboration.
The DVD included was rather apt Batman Gotham Knight is also a collection of short stories about the Dark Knight but this time, stringed in an order to tell a cohesive story It is a nice companion to the hardcover.
The Dark Knight Stars In This Extraordinary Collection Of Short Stories Illustrated In Stark Black And White By Some Of The World S Most Respected Comics Artists And Writers This Collection Examines Every Aspect Of Batman With Startling New Approaches Detective, Crimefighter, Avenger, Hero, Creature Of The Night, And Pp BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE The Title Is Simple The Talent Is SpectacularWinner Of The Will Eisner Comic Industry Award For Best Anthology And Best Short Story Heroes By Archie Goodwin And Gary Gianni , And The Winner Of The Harvey Award For Best Graphic Album Of Previously Published Work When you think of superhero comics, those old school, delightfully tacky ones, you think of blazing colours, the Booms and Whams and Ka Pows and dudes wearing their speedos over tights And if anyone could pull off an achromatic black and white style in that world, it s definitely Batman Just imagine him brooding over the rainy rooftops of Gotham City like a gloomy gargoyle In addition of being black and white, the stories are roughly 8 pages each and focusing on one situation or twist rather than a full story Like with all anthologies, the quality varies greatly For instance I was vexed with Teddy Kristiansen s toddler esque sketches, with Sienkiewicz overburdened, ridiculous whatever it is that he made, with Kent Williams frenetic, tense lines Similarly, Jan Strnad s and Dennis O Neill s stories feel of key with Batman Brian Bolland s work is beyond remarkable, but after The Killing Joke it does feel too recycled In another example, Neil Gaiman s story is brilliantly funny and meta, full of romantic irony, still staying true to the characters but different from anything else in this volume And it is awfully ill served by artwork that absolutely doesn t suit its tone and looks like something made by a spider with a caffeine overdose Personally, I think that Bruce Timm s style the man behind the animated series would have been a perfect pairing to Gaiman s plot Bonus Timm s contribution is the only one here not focusing on Batman As my favourite of the lot, Matt Wagner s story and artwork bring back the sixties vibe of gangsters and heists, shows like The Man from U.
E and Adam West s Batman , and a sense of lurking in the shadows to trap goons It s mesmerising and elevating And with colour, with bright and shiny blues and yellows and reds, you d get an ingenious Lichtenstein ian pop art take on Batman I d love to see that, too But while the black and white rendition is perfect for the story, the hypothetical coloured version would make a great poster Joe Kubert creates a perfectly fit and completed story and fantastic artwork The story probably wouldn t be the best of the lot as such, and probably neither would the artwork But the combination of both, including bringing Batman back to his roots of nocturnal crime fighting, gloominess and tacky superhero lines, makes this a pure little gem on the whole Archie Goodwin is featured twice though not only he One story is absolutely brilliant in itself The Big Easy, jazz trumpets and voodoo curses , but has no natural need for Batman, so that his appearance feels forced The other story is equally good, with childhood heroism and adult bravery and combined with Gary Gianni s breath taking old school style, but this time Batman is incorporated into the plot as a supporting character well enough to give it an additional romantic flair.
Batman aside, this volume sheds light on the core elements of comics the writing, the drawing and the colouring I don t know about you, but I sometimes have the feeling that something just doesn t sit well with me with a comic, but I can t put my finger on it at first Here every itchy aspect stands out instantly Maybe a story is just too ambitious to fit into a five page frame Maybe it just doesn t meet the already formed and familiar characters and settings well Maybe some artwork and particular style don t work well without colouring Maybe the writer and inker both have a very specific and good style or idea, but they don t fit well together This anthology is a delight to read because of the so varied styles and portrayals and because you get little 5 minute stories that are like finger food in comic form At the same time, it can be a really good guide into reading comics by analysing them rather than just passively absorbing.
I love it when Batman is stripped back to his absolute core a detective on the mean streets of Gotham.
While there s still a lot of stuff in this volume that takes the Caped Crusader in totally different directions, the majority of the stories rely heavily on the gritty Gotham streets in which Batman uses his intellect to conquer crime The absolutely stellar opener, Ted McKeever sPerpetual Morning , is flat out one of the best Batman tales I ve ever read Nominated for an Eisner Award, The Dark Knight conducts an autopsy on a murder victim, internally narrating why he does what he does and how those he had failed live on within him.
Other standouts include Bruce Timm sTwo of a Kind , a tale of Harvey Dent s attempt at redemption, Neil Gaiman s amazingA Black and White Worldin which Batman and Joker are actors inside the comic, breaking the fourth wall Deadpool style There s also Bill Sienkiewicz s strangeBent Twigswherein Batman plays family counselor for a strained father son relationship It s a strange premise but for whatever reason, it works.
There s a few duds but the good definitely outweighs the bad here I can see why people may have initially been hesitant about the style but it ultimately works when you apply the kind of storytelling that they all seem to share.
Most of the stories are decent, but forgettable There are a few standouts that make the collection worth reading, though Bruce Timm s Two of a Kind is the one that I remember best from my previous read of Black and White Not only is a great Two Face story, it works really, really well in black and white Also worth reading are Neil Gaiman s A Black White World and Brian Bolland s chilling An Innocent Guy I don t remember any truly bad stories, but there were quite a few mediocre ones.
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Another reread for me and this just reminded me of the mixed bag that it is I like the simple concept, bring together a writer artist combination or one and the same to create an 8 page black and white only story about Batman Some of these have fantastic stories, but ok art, some have incredible, unique art, but the story is lackluster There are a few however, that are simply outstanding.
My favorites from this volume Two of a Kind by Bruce TimmA Black and White World by Bisley GaimanGood Evening, Midnight by Klaus JohnsonBent Twigs by Bill SienkiewiczAn Innocent Guy by Brian BollandHeroes by Gianni GoodwinThere are also some nice pinups in here too.
A collection of Batsy stories by different writers and artists, some vary in length and quality and obviously some are better than others I think this one is best read whenever you have a spare couple of minutes and you can pick this one and read a few, otherwise the stories tend to become too similar It s worth getting if you re after a bunch of quick stories, or looking to find new writers and artists otherwise i wouldn t say it was essential Batman reading but it s a neat collection.
While the premise was great various established authors illustrators contributing twenty short Batman stories, and restricted to a black white gray palette the overall result felt sort of routine Two of the good stories Two of a Kind Bruce Timm and A Black and White World Bisley Gaiman were not exclusive to this book The other stand outs are In Dreams Liberatore Helfer , about a traumatized young woman, and A Slaying Song Tonight Kristiansen O Neil , which perfectly mixes Christmas and the Dark Knight with an upbeat ending The remaining stories and that s like 75% of the book were not really memorable or often too brief to make an impact.