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[ Read Online Batman: Gotham by Gaslight Ë zambia PDF ] by Brian Augustyn Ù The foremost thing I have always loved about Batman and his stories is the air of dark mystery and malicious intrigue that surrounds its pages I also grew up with detective fiction and I remember that the very first Batman comic book I read in passing had the same elements I enjoyed about said genre in the first place I was so drawn to this brooding and reticent watchful guardian of the night in a very inexplicable sense, and I knew that he needs to be a constant thing in my life from there on.
Reading Bryan Augustyn s self contained story Gotham by Gaslight unearth those nostalgic feelings This fifty paged comic book is set in an alternate universe where Bruce Wayne, Batman and Gotham City are in the nineteenth century It actually does work well, considering that the general atmospheric theme of a lot of Batman stories belongs to a gothic criteria anyway, and the very essence of the Dark Knight blends with shadows and ghouls running amok in a lawless and godless city This comic book explored the same events in Bruce s life as we know it in canon but are depicted as if we traveled back to a simpler yet just as malevolent point in time.
Batman s costume is something that could be akin to a steampunk version I especially loved the mask that resembled a rustic styled goggles for bird watching, giving his face a menacing yet old fashioned look I also think that the overall visual choices for this comic the font of the texts, the structural panels and the washed out color palette are at par with what the writing is trying to embody Having a copy of this story is like owning an antique parchment of some sort where the sketches and illustrations are fading and are uneven in some place, but it only adds to its haunting appeal.
The plot had a good pacing and suspense to it that makes it feel like I m watching a movie set in the Victorian age that is remarkably well preserved and true to its time This is a marvelous, worthwhile read I m glad someone thought about writing Batman in this setting and century because it made perfect sense for someone of his nature and origins to fit in such a murky landscape Gotham City itself after all has that kind of vibe already something so ancient and dark that you always feel a chill in your spine when you re reading about it Augustyn s Gotham by Gaslight sings that eerie tune all the way.
RECOMMENDED 8 10DO read MORE ABOUT MY BATMAN REVIEWS IN There s a certain expectation when you see something claiming to be Victorian Era Batman, and that expectation is what you mostly get Unless, of course, you wanted some detective to shine through since there won t be any gadgets because there isn t any mystery solving in here Not really I mean, a mystery or two gets solved, but only between panels Look, when I see something claiming to be some alternate reality Batman, I immediately assume it will be fine Because they re never great, are they And that s precisely what this is Fine.
Presenting For The First Time The Adventures Of The Victorian Era Batman In One Page Edition This Volume Includes The Breakthrough Elseworlds Specials Gotham By Gaslight And Master Of The Future That Pit The Dark Knight Against Jack The Ripper And A Death Dealer From The Skies Over Gotham This Edition Collects The Two One Shots Gotham By Gaslight And Master Of The Future I didn t bother with the second story becuase I was so disappointed with the first, and the reviews on here have said that it s honestly not that good So the rest of this Listen to that phrase steampunk batman What a lovely phrase it is What promise it shows Especially when Jack the Ripper is also involved Ah, what a gorgeous premise But ah, what boring execution.
The fact is, the story just isn t all that interesting We ve seen it a million times before and executed far better in other Batman tales The mystery regarding Jack the Ripper s identity was predictable and underdeveloped The villain s mad motives were ridiculous and stupid.
AND WHERE WERE THE REAL VILLAINS While there was a mention of Harvey clearly Dent and a picture of the captured Joker, neither of these characters had any role in the lackluster plot they seemed to just be there for fan service Why not have a steampunk Joker Or Poison Ivy, who would detest the industrial revolution 19th Century asylums are very interesting places, and the 19th century version of Arkham especially a steampunk infused version of it could be mind blowingly awesome.
The story, despite being boring, also feels quite rushed, to the point where there are plot holes How, precisely, does Batman escape from prison Alfred comes to see him and he is magically freed It s not fully explained and doesn t quite make sense What could have been an awesome set piece is wasted In addition, how does he track down the Ripper following this Nothing is explained.
I also wasn t that impressed with the artwork It wasn t that pretty to look at One could say that this was intentional to better illustrate Gotham s ugliness, but it failed to evoke a particularly dreary tone Our glimpses of Batman are few and far between and none are particularly cool looking.
In short, this Batman comic was a complete waste of the brilliant potential in terms of both its story and its art If only the creators had thought bigger I ve been going back to Mignola s pre Hellboy work I read this Batman elseworld ages ago The art was part Steampunk, part Year One The story was fantastic Batman versus Jack the Ripper I loved it then and I still loved it today.
We re at the fin de si cle here in Batman Gaslight With seemingly well researched history to match, this story would seem unique and enjoyable, until we linger too long and finally read beyond the first ten pages Just as the initial depiction of Sigmund Freud seems akin to a cardboard cutout that an actually fleshed out individual, so too does the rest of the story amount to a visual success than a properly bodied tale.
Just as mentioned, we get the appearance of that in famously deranged, cocaine addicted fraudster but none of the personality that un rightfully earned this man his place in the annals of history And disappointingly the same goes for nigh everyone in the story Beyond the hackneyed to death origin tale of Wayne s childhood tragedy, characterization and the motivations they bear amount to nothing than platonic molds of impetus and personality for all involved From Alfred to The Commissioner, everyone reduces to robots, merely fulfilling their casts of idealism or programming is you will rather than responding to the needs and demands of a properly constructed world.
Because the first ten to twenty pages are merely world building, instead of forging a plot with increasing tension, this does nothing than than establish what we know already with merely altered visages to match the Sign o The Times Even when delicately administered art allows us plenty of open spaces for our eyes to pander across while we ponder palaverous verbiage, nothing is added, of any importance, to the over arc We get it, we re in the latest of the 1800 s but there s not much to show for it beyond the pretty visuals Gaslights befitting of the era and title might aptly illustrate moody atmospherics and stun us with a warmth of melodic lighting throughout but, historical contextualizations including the highest of hopes and the most painful of pessimisms of the era were lost on the author first, and us the readers, second The hopes and dreams of this profound epoch are disappointingly unseen as montage after montage establish the already known knowns of the Batman character Even when well constructed fictionalized newspaper clippings are well applied within, their verisimilitude is watered down due to the comic s internalized detriments Instead of touching upon important historical happenings within the contextualized peripheries, their lack of research further degrades their usefulness to the comic with excessive repetitions amounting to vapid redundancies Just when I thought my boredom couldn t be exceeded, a continual panoply of hyper convenient plot developments and occurrences drag us back into the primordial comic muck our damned platonic casts are unable to escape So even when a moderately interesting plot twist or two pop s up, the motivations themselves, just like the paper thin characters that support then, are damnedly lame Tending toward cheap facsimiles than artful insertions, every aspect beyond the seen ultimately appears cheap and sophomoric.
So much as this comic should have succeeded, the very imprimatur of it s title Batman, heralded its demise from its very inception Choked from birth, the immutable inflexibility of the Caped Crusader s universe interior rule book stunted any possibility that something new and fresh could arise from this increasingly stale universe All the disappointing while the introductory credits state that this is, An Alternative History of The Batman, nothing could be of the same.
Gotham By Gaslight , Master Of The Future .

The concept behind this was so intriguing to me I could not wait to devour the story, and then, it was classic mystery pattern.
Innocuous secondary character, introduced early, forgotten, then is the villain.
The part I really liked, was how well Bruce Wayne was framed and nearly hung for the crimes.
I do hope they do with this era, but with better long term writing and thought out plots.
Batman in the Victorian Age This TPB edition collects Batman Gotham by Gaslight and Batman Master of the Future , the two part of the elsewords miniseries Victorian Batman.
Creative Team Writer Brian AugustynIllustrator Mike Mignola Eduardo BarretoInker P Craig Russell Letterers John Workman Willie SchubertIntroduction Robert Bloch GOTHAM BY THE GASLIGHT I ve known about this story since some years ago, but until now, knowing about the incoming direct to video animated movie adaptation is that I pushed myself to read it.
It was a good moment to do it, since last weekend August 2017 , there was a book fair in my country, Costa Rica, so I was able to buy this TPB with a good discount.
I like Batman, and I like to read about Jack, the Ripper topic, so why hadn t I read it before Well, so much good books, so little time, I haven t any better reason to justify myself.
This miniseries is set in an elseworld parallel dimension where Batman risen 100 years before, during the Victoriana ge, but still set in Gotham City, USA.
Bruce Wayne suffered the same, with the unfair murder of his parents, BUT I liked a little detail in his origin here, where the bats instead of being something that he fears, it was something that saved his life, since a bunch of bats was the reason that the criminal wasn t able to shoot him too It s wonderful how each new approach to the character of Batman and its themes, allow new angles to ponder about this comic book super hero.
Bruce Wayne trained himself for 15 years, traveling around the world, consulting with several leading people in relevant fields, like Dr Freud and certain detective from London, to become the costumed vigilante Bat Man on his own city, Gotham.
Once his training is complete and he started his personal war on crime Jack the Ripper arrives to his city The Batman vrs Jack, the Ripper What else can you ask The terrible path of blood that started in Whitechapel, London, is beginning once again in the dark streets of Gotham City and it s up to the Bat Man to face his baptism of fire in his war on crime.
However, thing won t be easy, since the citizens of Gotham don t know who inspire them fear Jack, the Ripper or this mysterious Bat Man MASTER OF THE FUTURE A year later of the previous events, in the first part of the miniseries Bruce Wayne feels that his personal oath to his parents have been fulfilled and even he has now a fianc , Julie Madison, so the Bat Man costume hasn t seen action since a while.
However, Gotham City always is in need of its dark protector especially when a lunatic called himself Master of the Future aka Alexandre LeRoi is threatening the safety of the incoming cultural fair in Gotham City to celebrate the future of the town.
This Master of the Future possess too advance technology, so the regular Police force isn t able to deal in equal term with this strange new villain only the Bat Man can.
His war on crime hasn t end yet.
Wait, wait let me get this straight you re going to give me Batman in a Victorian tinged Gotham And he s going to face off against Jack the Ripper And people will say things like toff and rubbish and tartlet Okay, well, maybe just the first two Sign me up for those shenanigans Sounds pretty good, right Well, turns out its fine Like, it s better than a cucumber sandwich then again, what isn t , but it s not exactly a Melton Mowbray Pork Pie, you know Aside from Mike Mignola making Commissioner Gordon look like drunk Teddy Roosevelt from the Hall of Animatronic Sex Panther Presidents, the art is quite good in the first tale the book contains two stories, the second of which is not as good artistically or plotistically as the first Bruce s showdown with Jack the Ripper whose identity, semi spoiler alert, is as disappointingly weird as calves foot jelly, though it did make me feel slightly better about the character s horrifically misogynistic approach to life when he was revealed to be a man who rips the entrails from prostitutes, though it s entirely possibly his misogyny was less a product of an exceedingly disturbed mine prone to bouts of unimaginably graphic violence and a reflection of acceptable dialogue in comics in the late 80s , though, is only mildly diverting, with Bats acting like kind of a ninny as he stews in a prison cell for much of the second half of the story.
Still, there s enough entertainment value here to make it worth a read if you re a Batman fan, a Victorian fan who loves comics, or, heaven forbid, both Just make sure you cinch your corset before you walk by Commissioner Gordon that guy just looks like a groper.