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è Batman: War on Crime ¼ Download by Ö Paul Dini Amazing EPub, Batman War On Crime Author Paul Dini This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Batman War On Crime, Essay By Paul Dini Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You 4.
5 stars.
My god My GOD this is truly legen wait for it dary, LEGENDARY seriously, I am awestruck by this graphic novel.
it s not about any definite mission of batman it is about his ideals, his moralities this is a reflection of his never ending battle with crime.
it shows he is not just a superhero, but an idea a hope.
paul dini s narrative was very touching it had many heart warming lines it could capture the thought of the dark knight.
but was actually lifted this book is its art breathtakingly beautiful i had no idea someone can draw a comic so beautifuuly alex ross, sir, you have my profound respect hat s off.
When I rated this back in 2012 I only gave it 3 stars and I literally don t know why Reading it again now, in absolute format no less, it s a fantastic short and simple story into the insight of Batman and how he approaches crime fighting Brilliantly crafted by both Alex Ross and Paul Dini I don t know what 2012 Anthony was thinking with his 3 star review, but he was wrong Batman War on Crime has stunningly realistic and awesome artwork, the drawing is soooo good, the storyline is an okay one too, but I think I m too old to believe MINI REVIEW glorious artwork by Alex Ross lifelike and bursting out of the panels but the story by Ross and Paul Dini was above average at best though it may be engaging to those new to the Batman Mythology ARTWORK B plus STORY PLOTTING C plus to B minus CHARACTERS DIALOGUE B minus BATMAN MYTHOLOGY C to C plus ACTION SCENES B minus to B OVERALL GRADE B minus WHEN read early November 2013.
The illustrations are breathtaking I love that Alex Ross portrays Batman in the simpler older style suit and cowl grey and black His artistic talent with painted comics brings out an incredibly realistic feeling to every page Some of the scenes look like actual photographs I also appreciate Ross s ability to create realistic, actual body types His people are actually shaped like people an interesting concept which fades in and out in the comics genre I was really very happy to see decently proportioned women especially in the swimming pool scene even though the few opportunities to portray people of all shapes in random crowds, I only spotted one women who I could consider big ger The story is touching, for those of us who love our Batman and try to relate to the caped crusader He meets a young urban child tween whose life is left in tatters much in the same way as young Bruce Batman takes pity on the boy and helps him choose the hard life of virtue over a potential life of crime Batman kicks butt and takes names and Bruce deals a little justice in his own social circle and it ends on a bleak but slightly hopeful sunset Perfect for my dark knight.
This short one shot encapsulates Batman His purpose, his impact, and his approach via both Batman and Bruce Wayne It s also a great representation about the effect crime has on a community, and that not everyone who has turned to it is evil Some are just trying to get by If someone wanted a brief but effective definition of the character and his world, I might point them towards this title.
Batman helps a boy who like him has lost his parents.
In Batman War on crime I witnessed one of the best approaches of Batman from a creating team Paul Dini and Alex Ross, really understand the character and that s why they delivered one of the best Graphic Novels about the Caped crusader.
Bruce Wayne doesn t have one alter ego, but two One is the Bat of Gotham, the vigilante who goes out at night to face criminals in dark alleys, doing what the other men of law can t The other is the millionaire, the playboy who spends his time in bright ballrooms and big mansions socializing with other kind of criminals The first wears a black bat suit and a belt with gadgets, the second one wears a white fancy suit and a fake smile The way they act is different but the mission is the same, make Gotham a better place.
The whole story is narrated by Batman, we get to spend some days with him and see things the way he does There isn t a single speech bubble, yet there are so many things said Also there are no famous villains, no Joker, no Riddler, no Bane or Poison Ivy Instead we get to see small criminals committing robberies and dealing drugs and somehow this is worse than anything else because it feels real In one of the robberies Batman will find a boy who lost both of his parents, he knows what the kid goes through, he can see himself in that boy.
Dini gives a story without many action scenes but with heart and soul Of course when we talk about Graphic novels we have to mention the art Alex Ross, one of the best artist out there in my opinion the best , beautifully illustrated every page of this book creating a cinematic look What I love most about Alex Ross is how he adds depth into the story, look at this picture You can see that these are real people with stories behind them He treats every character like that, an old man walking, a couple dining on a restaurant or a doctor treating his patients I m very glad I decided to read this, it remind me that superheroes are not only cgi, jokes or stories about saving the entire planet Sometimes there are here to give us a hug and say that everything is going to be alright.
s I love too see Batman in his black and grey suit.
Part 2 of my review of Absolute Justice League The World s Greatest Superheroes , a collection of comics that until recently had not been in print since 2001 Written by Paul Dini and drawn by Alex Ross on pages the size of an average human head, it goes without saying that this is the shit Holy crap, can it get any better then art by Alex Ross Batman will always be my favorite superhero He just stirs up so many thoughts within me, I find his character so compelling and interesting and it doesn t hurt that he has some of the best villains too , and at the same time, he is a very tragic figure, just a boy who misses his parents What makes this comic so interesting is its simple depiction of what happens when you dedicate your life to fighting crime to cope with your grief Its a theme not enough comics cover, and I think its a missed opportunity What kind of impact does that lifestyle have on a man Can he ever overcome his pain The comic does not have an answer to this question, but by depicting a simple case of Batman trying to clean up a particular part of Gotham City, these moral questions are raised, alongside his overall legacy and impact, and if he can be a hero This might be one of the saddest Batman comics I ve ever read, as his interactions with a young boy are heartbreaking but very touching In any other hands this could be clich and overblown, but Paul Dini and Alex Ross know all you need is a simple look from one character, and you ve got all the tragedy or hope you need.
Its also nice to see just how Batman, the darkest hero, is a hero in his own way, and its a very sweet gesture that makes me wish comics could look deeper then the fa ade he puts up and see the complexions underneath, because not only do you have a character that is surprisingly relatable, but you have a prime example of all the harm, and good, we can cause to one another.