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Ò Batman: Under the Hood, Vol. 1 ¿ Download by Ø Judd Winick Book Info This collection contains Batman issues 635 641.
ABSOLUTE RATING 4 5 stars STANDARDIZED RATING 4 5 starsBruce Wayne s life as Batman has been uncommonly difficult of late, and fraught with loss On the heels of the events of Batman War Games , Batgirl, Robin, and Oracle have all ceased crime fighting activity in Gotham each leaving on tragic terms placing the city s protection in the hands of Onyx, Nightwing, and Batman alone And with crime lord Black Mask having risen up the ranks of the criminal underworld, as well as Bruce having been the victim of a hostile takeover of Wayne Industries RD division which supplied all his cool gadgets Bats and the gang clearly have their work cut out for them But perhaps most startling of all is the sudden reemergence of a homicidal masked vigilante calling himself the Red Hood a mystery man from Bruce s past who s made it his mission to make life hell for the Mask, pumping lead at anyone who s brave enough to try and stop him.
The first time I read this was maybe 3 or 4 years ago, and I absolutely loved it In light of recent rereads and the state of DC comics in general, it was nearly a shock to come back and find this book just as amazing as it was the before With the first issue, Winick hits the ground running with an exceptionally intense battle sequence between Batman and the Red Hood, ending with a bit of a mid issue cliffhanger teasing the hidden identity of the man under the hood From there, the writer backtracks five weeks, gradually leading up to the events of this epic confrontation For a lot of writers, I m sure it would have been really tempting to try and thoroughly catch readers up with what happened in the previous arc i.
e War Games , but aside from the one page flashback following the cliffhanger Winick does much of this recapping while on the move So although some level of detail was likely sacrificed in the process, I rarely felt shortchanged or confused, and was glad he had the opportunity to focus almost exclusively at the plot at hand.
I m almost tempted to say that Winick s Batman is one of the strongest characterizations I ve seen from any writer, but I suspect that perception is just a mere product of clever plot organization on Winick s part Besides the addition of Dick Grayson an ally with whom Batman has excellent chemistry there s just so much action and scene changes between characters that Bats simply doesn t have the chance to drag down the writing Usually, Batman is far from the most compelling of caped protagonists, but this writer s skillful narration and reduced internal whining was enough to remind readers that under all the tough stoicism and gruff bossiness is a remorseful, human man who secretly grieves for fallen friends and longs for a simpler, peaceful time Maybe, in Winick s case, he already got through much of the obligatory rumination and self pity an issue earlier, but writers generally feel the need to really play up this aspect Not surprisingly, we do have a single mention of Bruce s dead parents because what self respecting Batman book could possibly omit that, amiright , but it s a nonverbal one, and I expect most readers would be content with what comparatively little pathos Winick manages to squeeze into the plot line.
Overall, this tends not to be the case, but with Under the Hood Vol 1, the villains steal the show There may have been a couple decent moments with Alfred and Dick, but those paled in comparison to all the great stuff I saw from Red Hood, Black Mask, and Mr Freeze Of the three, I d easily seat the Hood at the head of the table admittedly, I may be a few years behind, but my recent comic history is fairly extensive, so I d think it s a pretty significant statement when I say that the Red Hood is the coolest comic book character I can immediately bring to mind Now there s probably several who come close, and a tiny few who match him, but I doubt anyone can actually top this guy in terms of just pure badassery radiating off the character Besides his dynamic arsenal of weaponry, the Hood travels well equipped with sharp quips and unbeatable comebacks suitable for any encounter, and in spite of his smug charm, he always seems level headed enough to be ready for anything Black mask is comparably cheeky, though also a tad bit funnier, and combines the street smarts of the Penguin with the mercurial, unafraid to get his hands dirty demeanor of Two Face And even disregarding the formidable tech upgrades, who the heck knew Mr Freeze could be such an ice cold playa Okay, Freeze My mans ain t taking shit from nobody Good for him But y all wanna know why I love Black Mask so much First off, the guy s got a talking guy with a skull for a face, and his expressions alone just crack me up sometimes More importantly though, he s so hilariously unhinged, and runs his business so close to the edge, that it s simply too entertaining seeing him navigate the chaos he s orchestrated even when we know it s only a matter of time before it all falls apart for him I mean sure, he could have played it safe like the Penguin, who rarely gets busted by Bats and mostly keeps his operations under the radar, but where s the fun in that As far as villains go, I d easily take Winick s Black Mask over the Joker any day He s just a hell of a lot funnier.
One of the few flaws this book has is it s somewhat simplistic, uneventful plot, and nowhere was this detrimental a factor than the fifth and sixth issues Here, we get the slowest or at least what feels to be the slowest progression of noteworthy plot events, as Batman investigates any supernatural forces behind the Red Hood s appearance During this time, we get to see various cameos including that of Superman, Green Arrow, and Etrigan, in addition to a passable segment involving Onyx s surveillance of a group of Black Mask s high ranking lackeys The surveillance part is a little bland, the cameos involve interactions which aren t terribly interesting, and which would due to that well intentioned recap skimping I mentioned earlier probably go over the heads of folks unfamiliar with the events of Identity Crisis The seventh issue is the last one in the three part sub arc following the consistently engaging Under the Hood opening arc, and does a whole lot to redeem this portion of the book In fact, I d call it the strongest issue of the entire volume, and had some of its best action and writing.
In most cases, I think if I read a comic Mahnke illustrated, I d probably say the art was the most impressive part about it But it truly is a testament to Winick s writing and perhaps also to Mahnke s work by consequence that he s able to match and probably even surpass the book s superb artwork Apparently, Winick is indeed that talented a writer Okay I think I ll stop blowing Winick for a moment and grant the rest of this paragraph to Mahnke For years now, I ve always seen Mahnke as one of the very best of DC s regulars, and I was crazy about his work on Black Adam The Dark Age Although the expressive intensity of his pencils is something I really love about it, it can be a little heavy handed as it was in Stormwatch PHD , and I suspect many of his earlier i.
e pre 2005 works suffered as a result But even Paul Lee who briefly took over from Mahnke for the penultimate issue was no slouch at all, and it must ve taken me 3 5 pages before I noticed the decrease in artistic quality Consider this the start to a really great fight sequence that nicely shows off Batman s genius as a combat strategist But it s only one of several all of which are expertly rendered by Mahnke.
After finishing this book, I m a little depressed to see how few decent, popular Winick books there are out there, and I remember being quite unimpressed by his Green Arrow following Kevin Smith s wonderful run Don t know about y all, but I really need good Winick in my life, and he s clearly competent deserving enough to be doing much better than he seems to be So finally, I guess we re at the point in my review where I m finally ready to drop the bombshell Batman Under the Hood, Volume 1 is the best Batman book I ve ever come across, and I expect part two to be even better And yes, I ve already read and reviewed TDKR , Year One , and The Killing Joke Huh What s that You disagree Well bite me, bitches I don t really give a fuck With such a brilliant script and action galore, I ask you what can a comic lover ask for Postscript In closing, let s just take a look at one of my favorite moments in the entire book It s not exactly a spoiler, per se, so feel free to click it if you re curious I guarantee it won t much affect your future reading experience in any meaningful way Just tryin to be a professional reviewer, is all view spoiler hide spoiler 4.
5 starsI haven t read enough Batman comics to understand everything that had happened before this story took place, but even I know what happened to Jason Todd Winick did an excellent job showing Batman s struggle with something that cannot be possible Loved it Amazing E Book, Batman Under The Hood, Vol 1 Author Judd Winick This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Batman Under The Hood, Vol 1, Essay By Judd Winick Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You Reserving my judgment until of this story is revealed because the twist of this plot is a bit hard to buy for me and for Batman It may pay off, it may not, but it seems a bit fantastical, even in a world of fantastical things.
Being a Batman comic fan who has read a number of Batman arcs, it is utter shame for me not to have read the Death in the Family storyline All I knew was that Jason Todd who was then the Boy Wonder died at the hands of the Joker So minus that, I ve only read three Batman stories with him in it Hush he was kinda in it , Scott Snyder s New 52 Batman and this, Under the Hood.
If there s one word I can say about this arc written by Judd Winick, it is balanced Under the Hood Vol 1 has the right amount of action, drama, dialogue and interesting characters that kept me engaged and entertained Just to show you some comparison, with say Hush Sure it was a great story with tons of action and interesting plot points The problem is, it is saturated with so much characters that many of them were not really given the appropriate amount of screen time It felt dense many times that Hush required a focused reading than usual to fully absorb it Under the Hood on the other hand unfolds itself in a casual way, allowing the readers to sit back and slouch in couches while still enjoying reading it.
Another thing I enjoyed with this volume is the way they have made use of lower tiered less known characters enjoyable to see, there s Amazo who is there for the actions, Onyx and Black Mask who was the story s one of the two main antagonists and comic relief Oh yes, Under the Hood has a couple of funny moments, just enough to counter the emotional weight it carries Such a weight becomes heavier at the end, where the sure, full of ego, calculated Batman starts to have feelings of doubt, and maybe even self blame.
Under the Hood is definitely the best Jason Todd story post Death in the Family If there is better than this, I would have known it.
Co tu du o m wi Bats ma problem z nowym otrem w Gotham, kt rego to samo ju dzi nie budzi zaskoczenia.
Jason Todd jako Red Hood pasuje do kanonu Jest bezwzgl dny i opanowany a do tego para si brudn robot Co z tego wyniknie wiem z p niejszych komiks w zw aszcza the outlaws , jednak ten szczeg lny tytu nie obszed si bez potkni Black Mask jest jedynie urz dzeniem pchaj cym fabu do przodu, a nie pe noprawnym bossem Ca a akcja jest bardzo pospieszana przez kinowy monta kadr w, co czasami powoduje dezorientacj Dialogi te nie s zbyt dobre, a do tego jest ich niewiele.
I m on a bit of a comic book kick right now and this fit in perfectly with my already strong Batman obsession In Under the Hood, Batman comes face to face with his past in a confrontation with a new character known as the Red Hood The Red Hood has been making waves in Gotham by challenging the Black Mask s monopoly on crime in the city but doing so with a rather strange moral code The Red Hood is ruthless in getting rid of competition and refuses to involve children in any way in the organization so he ends up getting on the bad side of both Batman and the criminals in Gotham The identity wasn t a huge surprise for me because I d already seen the animated movie that came out a few years ago but it was extremely satisfying to see how well it s hinted at and the way in which it s finally revealed I especially loved the fact that you get an inside perspective on both Batman and the mystery of the Red Hood through the eyes of both Nightwing and Alfred during different sections of the story This gives the reader a well rounded view of Batman and really brings attention to the central conflict between the Red Hood and Batman which is Batman s refusal to kill anyone, even those who may deserve it Absolutely fantastic Batman story and one that s really a must read if you re a comic book fan

This is the first Graphic Novel I read concerning Jason Todd, except for the small cameo he had in Hush I d heard what happened to him from other comic reading friends so I was looking forward to seeing how Winick would write his character I really liked Jason s character in Under the Hood 1 and 2 I thought it made sense considering what had happened to him He was hard core than Batman and his team and also a little crazy, but not to much Also I d want revenge on the Joker too I wish other writers had been consistent with the way Winick wrote Jason s character, in later Graphic Novels, instead of making him a complete psychopatheic nut job.
The Dark Knight tries figure out the identity of violent vigilante Red Hood, taking a page from Churchill s riddle wrapped up in a mystery, inside an enigma distinct turn of phrase Although there was a nice amount of intense action involving our title characters Nightwing and Oynx make appearances, too , it was some the of quieter scenes in which a troubled Batman confers with Superman, Green Arrow, and the always welcome Zatanna that were just as effective.