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ð Batman (Volume 2): Hush Å Download by Æ Jeph Loeb I had to pick this up as soon as I could after finishing volume one This volume was just as good I loved the relationships between characters, I loved the fake reveals that kept you guessing, I loved the final reveal, I loved the art Overall I loved this whole story and I know I ll be coming back at some point in the future to re read both volumes.
Remind me not to have him speak in my funeralSelina Kyle on Bruce WayneDespite the fact that the fight scenes aren t so well drawn at least it is to me , the story is okay, the romance between Catwoman and Batman is doing great, and many dead characters view spoiler e.
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5 starsIntroduction After reading the first volume of the well acclaimed Batman story, Batman Hush, I just had to check out the second volume that would conclude this fantastic storyline Now, that I had just finished reading Batman Hush Volume Two, I can clearly say that this storyline definitely rates along my most favorite Batman storylines next to Batman The Killing Joke and Batman The Long Halloween What is this story about Continuing from the last volume, the story begins when Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are attacked by Harley Quinn at the opera Harley Quinn s attack was not just coincidence as she is then connected to the Joker, who happens to have shot a close friend of Batman s, who then leads to the Riddler planning a bank robbery and the story goes on until it reaches its shocking conclusion What I loved about this story Jeph Loeb s writing Oh my goodness Can I just say that this volume had really put me at the edge of my seat Yes I can, as Jeph Loeb has once again written a truly amazing mystery story that not only introduced Batman s greatest foes Killer Croc, the Riddler, the Joker, Harley Quinn, the Scarecrow, Ra s al Ghul and Two Face all into one story, but managed to get all of the characters wrapped up into one shocking and twisted scheme that was cleverly thought up by a truly evil mastermind I really enjoyed the way that Jeph Loeb weaved all the characters storylines into one story and it was exciting seeing how Batman would solve the case about who is behind his foes activities and who caused the death of one of his most beloved friends I also loved seeing the developing relationship between Catwoman and Batman as Jeph Loeb truly showed Batman struggling with trying to trust Catwoman and how Batman has to learn to start trusting people despite what happened to his parents when he was a child I especially loved seeing the appearances of Nightwing Dick Grayson and Tim Drake the new Robin as they were truly fantastic characters and this was basically the first Batman comic I had read that featured both Dick Grayson as Nightwing and Tim Drake as the new Robin I loved Nightwing the best as he has a bright and hilarious personality and is usually there to comfort Batman whenever he was at his most vulnerable.
Jim Lee s artwork Jim Lee s artwork once again was just as beautiful as it was in the first volume I just loved the way that Jim Lee illustrated the lightning sequences in this volume as the lightning looks truly realistic and it really captured the intense mood of the scenes where Batman is fighting during the nighttime Probably my most favorite images in this volume was of the fight scenes between the Joker and Batman as the panels suddenly go red as we see Batman beating up the Joker brutally and it really shows how intense this scene really was What made me feel uncomfortable about this story For anyone who does not like hearing language in comic books, this volume does have a bit of language, even though it is not as strong as something you would read out of a Vertigo comic Also, there is some violence in this volume, especially with characters getting shot and blood spurting out of the wounds Final Thoughts Overall, Batman Hush Volume Two was just as good as the first volume and this storyline definitely deserved to be regarded as one of the best Batman stories ever as the mystery and the drama was so well built up This volume has also gotten me interested in Dick Grayson as Nightwing and I am open to any recommendations about some good titles starring Dick Grayson as Nightwing Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog This review is for volumes one and two of Hush I read this not long after it first came out, and liked it well enough, but I think I liked it even better with this read Hush is a sprawling, villain packed mystery that introduced one of the best Batman villains of recent years, Hush The mystery is compelling, but so much attention is paid to all the various villains of the month distract from what should be the driving force But I can t complain too much, because I like how Loeb handled all of the characters, especially Harley The accelerating romance between Bruce and Selina is believable, even though I admit to being surprised that things were finally made concrete between them Jim Lee s art is quite fabulous here.
Two small nits to pick the resolution is so fast, after such a detailed build up, that it feels unsatisfactory Another issue might have been nice, maybe, to give the climax a little body And I enjoy a bit of camp as much as the next person, but I don t think anybody comes out a winner when Krypto the Superdog shows up in a serious Batman comic Way out of left field, and totally off tone for the rest of the book.
A great conclusion to a terrific story The mystery is intense and it has me guessing all the way through The writing is top notch, the artwork is equally so, and the action sequences were very enjoyable The huge cast of characters is a like an Easter egg for everyone who has followed the comics for so long The mention of plots and previous storylines is definitely intended to treat the hardcore fans This is a fantastic Batman story and one that fans of the character will love.

This was okay It was entertaining Throwing all of batman s enemies into a conspiracy against him is not novel, but this is pulled together well enough The dialogue between batman and the super villains was good The end seemed a bit of a stretch Oh and does anyone else ever identify with the supervillains I mean the killer croc probably needed that money than the rich family It s not like he can get a job or anything, and he was devolving genetically If someone couldn t get their genetic disease treated, I have a hard time judging them for stealing to have that done.
Hoooooo boy, reading that was EXHAUSTING is the best ever way possible God, I love comics And everything and anything to do with Batman in general And let me just add this in before I get too far that I was SO SO SO happy to see Dick and Tim again I cried a little bit I love those kids OKAY, now straight into the thick of it view spoiler So the Catwoman thing didn t work out Obviously hide spoiler 4.
5 stars This was great Even better than the first one, and so close to getting a full five stars So many Batman characters in this volume, I loved seeing them all This was definitely an awesome story arc, and I can see why it has all the praise it does I highly recommend this to any Batman fan if you haven t read it already Also I did get my batboys featured, so my request from the last volume was fulfilled The lingering questions really drove this forward Who is this mysterious man from batman s past Why is he stirring up so much trouble And, importantly, how has he manged to manipulate some of Batman s most iconic opponents The answers really had to be worthy of the questions, and I can safely say that by the end they were This had the resolution it needed I m not giving anything away I m not going to attempt to be cryptic or discuss whether or not the identity of the villain was obvious or hidden I m not going to say anything in that regard because I may just spoil it But, I will say that I wasn t disappointed It was some rather clever writing So let s talk about the plot I found the first part ofHush to be, well, quite random It seemed to me that the writer was just trying to shove in all the famous faces from Batman s past It seemed like that when reading the first part, but now it all makes sense I was wrong This all fits together very neatly even if it seemed like an explosion at the start The story has been balanced very cleverly it provides enough conflict and violence to make the action exciting yet it retains the mystery right till the end Batman s investigative skills were really put to the test It s a solid bit of comic book storytelling, the monologue is perfect The artwork was rather good too, very sharp and dynamic The crossovers with other parts of the DC Universe just made me want to go and read DC comics As if I don t have enough to read, but that s always a good thing I m going to be trying some of The Justice League comics next I just like seeing Superman and Batman together They make a good team, but the friendship and mutual respect is what makes them so great together One thing I didn t like was the references toBatman Killing Joke This story happened after that I didn t like that The ending ofBatman Killing Joke felt like it should stand by itself Overall, this was really decent The mystery and the drama took this to the next level it was much better than the first six issues More DC comic book reviews from me in the future Follow me on Facebook Bookmarks BATMAN HUSH Is A Thrilling Mystery Of Action, Intrigue, And Deception Penned By Jeph Loeb BATMAN THE LONG HALLOWEEN And Illustrated By Comics Superstar Jim Lee ALL STAR BATMAN ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER In Which Batman Sets Out To Discover The Identity Of A Mysterious Mastermind Using The Joker, Riddler, Ra S Al Ghul And The Dark Knight S Other Enemies And Allies As Pawns In A Plan To Wreak Havoc Volume Is Collecting Batman