Trailer ð Batman Hush #1 PDF by Õ Jeph Loeb

Trailer ð Batman Hush #1 PDF by Õ Jeph Loeb From Jeph Loeb, The Author Of Batman Dark Victory And Jim Lee, The Founder Of Wildstorm ComicsOld Friends And Enemies Find Themselves Thrown Together In A Murderous Plot Hatched By Poison Ivy What Is She Plotting No One Quite Knows, But By Manipulating Both Batman And His Enemies Killer Croc And Catwoman Tensions Are High And No One Is To Be Trusted In Gotham City Tonight In this tale Batman suffers a grievous injury that takes him out of Gotham and into Superman s territory where he touches base with an old childhood friend and deals with several major villains of his past I like how Wayne s character was established That isn t something done very well in a lot of the other Batman graphic novels There s an obvious shades of gray as to how matters are resolved a la The Batman Way or The Superman Way Hardcore critics will take issue with how Batman was injured and how Godlike the men and women look but isn t this a superhero graphic novel Purist DC fans may be turned off by certain liberties taken by the author as well like an appearance by Superdog IGN Comics ranked Vol 1 and Vol 2 of Batman Hush 10 on a list of the 25 greatest Batman graphic novels, saying that there are some truly unforgettable moments and Jim Lee s artwork is unbelievable CHARACTERS DIALOGUE B plus to A minus STORY PLOTTING B plus first half so I suspect this is a setup ARTWORK B plus to A minus OVERALL GRADE B plus to A minus WHEN read early January 2012.
Batman is pissed off Not only are his usual enemies plaguing Gotham, but they ve somehow united behind a mysterious figure The Dark Knight is looking for clues, which means he ends up bumping into a few nasty faces from the past He can handle them, he has done in the past, but what he wasn t counting on was them manipulating Superman into fighting him.
This is no Batman v Superman The Bat is unprepared and taken of his guard It made for a great showdown, albeit one sided However that wasn t overly important to the main plot it was just another extra thrown into this convoluted mess This just had far too many characters it was like the writers were just shoving as many DC villains as possible into the story What they should have done was focus on a couple in real depth The appearances were quick and over with in just a few pages There was so much build up, but no pay off Killer Croc was whisked away, quite literally, as soon as he showed a semblance of personality This did keep the story moving, which was good, but it lacked emotion It s one fast big blur I m hoping the second volume of this is much better Hopefully, it will focus on the characters it concluded with The Bat has even reason to be pissed off come the ending, and his singular perusal of this mysterious enemy will hopefully finish with a worthy final confrontation I did really like the flashbacks They re told alongside the actual story, which made the events seem quite important and dramatic The ending was pretty solid it makes me want to go and immediately read the second volume I hope it gets better Please tell me it does because the cool artwork isn t enough.
When I first finished reading Hush vol 1 I was entirely going ga ga over the hot Batman and Catwoman s making out scenes But now after I calm down a little, I can see although Batman s action scenes and his nightly adventures are as effectively written as usual, the villains as awesome as always and the artwork is purely superb, still the storyline and the main villain Hush do leave me a bit underwhelmed I know, Hush does a lot better in vol 2, still in vol 1 he is better in the story the other villains, Superman and even Batman s flashback on his childhood totally steal the show, so 4 stars only.
PS I am amused by the mention of a President Lux Luthor in this DC fictional world Though Luthor is a villain but I guess.
even a President Luthor for USA is a bit better than what USA is currently havingReview Red Hood Outlaw vol 1 Batman Battle For the Cowl Batman Life After Death Batman Robin Batman Reborn Review Batman The Long Halloween The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol 1 Oh this was really good I love Batman and I ve heard that the Hush arc is a classic that I have to read, and so far I m really enjoying it So far my one complaint , of just a request really, is where are my Robin s Dick, Jason, or Tim, anyone really, I m surprised Nightwing hasn t come in yet, Huntress even made an appearance Anyway, onto volume two, which I m really excited about because I believe there s an appearance by one of my fave ladies, miss Harley Quinn So Wikipedia tells me that most of the Batman comics I like are what DC calls Elsewhere comics, meaning they take place outside of the regular continuity of the DC universe, thus allowing for greater freedom in story telling But this book is part of the regular DC continuity and it turns out that this is the real Bizarro World, because like a fundamentalist reading the Bible, every word in the text has to be taken as fact, despite having been written by many different men, over the course of many years This kind of thing works better in the Marvel universe, I think, because all of those characters were created in the same few years in the 60 s But the DC universe has been evolving since the late 30 s, and the idea of it all being true is simply ridiculous So, yes, Lex Luthor is president of the United States, Lois married Clark and Krypto the flying super dog ends up cornering the villain OK Whatever.
I m not really sure why this story arc was so popular I think it was mostly due to Jim Lee being the artist It s an okay Batman story and does further the larger arcs in his life a bit, but it s not exactly worth the hype in my opinion The major plot points turn on several unrealistic surprise gimmicks in that respect it s of a somewhat lame attempt at a big shake up in the batverse thriller than a solid or intriguing detective story.
El Batman detective, el m s calculador, se enfrenta al secuestro de un ni o que termina siendo mucho m s que eso, sumando a la trama cada vez m s compleja a medida que avanza, con villanos y h roes controlados por Poison Ivy sin ser en apariencia ni ella misma la cabeza de tal complot Los dibujos de Jim Lee pasan de geniales a horribles sin escalas Me arrepiento haberlo comprado traducido pero es que salieron muy baratos estos dos primeros tomos.
Introduction I have been reading many Batman comics for awhile now and after searching for some really good Batman stories that were recommended to me by other fellow comic book readers, I keep hearing good things about Batman Hush and I finally picked it up Batman Hush Volume One is apart of an alternative universe in DC Comics called Elsewhere, like where Batman The Dark Knight Returns also came from and I have to admit, I really enjoyed this volume What is this story about The story starts off with Batman trying to rescue a young heir to the Lamont chemical fortune named Edward Lamont IV from Killer Croc and after Batman rescues the young heir, he discovers that Killer Croc was trying to steal a case of money, which was stolen in the middle of the fight Batman then realizes that Catwoman stole the money, but is not sure why she stole the money and it is revealed that Poison Ivy might be the ringleader in this entire scheme.
Or is she Also, Batman makes a trip to Metropolis to learn about Poison Ivy s whereabouts and guess who he runs into What I loved about this story Jeph Loeb s writing Wow Jeph Loeb s writing for the Batman series just continues to amaze me as the stories are fantastic and the characters are extremely well written This volume definitely does not disappoint me as the story and the characters were extremely interesting to me I especially loved the way that Jeph Loeb portrayed Catwoman and Batman s relationship with each other as their relationship felt a bit awkward, but in a good way as the sexual tension between Batman and Catwoman was interesting and clever at the same time It was interesting seeing Batman having trouble with sorting out his feelings for Catwoman since we normally do not see Batman react so strongly to a situation he does not understand I also loved the way that Jeph Loeb builds up the plot surrounding the mystery of the stolen money and how Poison Ivy is tied into this whole situation I was practically trying to figure out the mystery of this criminal plan throughout the entire volume as it was cleverly woven into the lives all of the characters involved especially Batman, Catwoman and Poison Ivy The storyline was clearly intense and dramatic and I was practically sitting in the edge of my seat trying to see the true motive of Poison Ivy s plans and how it would affect Batman.
Jim Lee s artwork After seeing Jim Lee s artwork in the X Men comics, I was interested in seeing of his work Well, Jim Lee s artwork in this volume was absolutely brilliant as the characters look truly realistic and the colorings really brought out the surroundings I loved the dark colorings done on Gotham City as it really sets the dark mood for the story I also loved the image of Killer Croc himself as he truly looked monstrous and I loved his green scaly skin as looks truly frightening image error A very good Batman read The story is solid and there s plenty of guest appearances from famous Batman characters, villains, and DC superheroes The artwork is terrific and the writing is nicely done also The book is filled with plenty of intense action sequences that are a treat to read The tone is gritty, with a no fucking around type of Batman and I really liked it.