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[ Read Online Batgirl: Year One ☆ climbing PDF ] by Scott Beatty ✓ We all have our origin stories, even us regular people The tales we tell people when we are getting to know them in order to explain why we are the way that we are I won the Spelling Bee in eighth grade, the recruiter came on the wrong day and didn t offer me a scholarship to state college, my grandmother was murdered when I was twelve the good and the bad moments that make us think and act as we do The interesting you are, the we expect from origin stories, and superheroes being about as interesting as they come, we sure do want something incredible.
So what to think of an origin story like Batgirl s in Scott Beatty and Chuck Dixon s Batgirl Year One Here we see the beginnings and motivation for Batgirl, who turns out to be Captain Gordon s daughter he has not yet been made commissioner in this volume Even with the absence of Barbara Gordon s mother, she has no personal vendetta or score to settle In addition, though she admires her father, her career choice in information sciences makes clear that her goal is not just to emulate him The reason she gives is the desire to change the future, a vague and idyllic desire that does not usually lead people to risk their necks So why is Barbara into it Why does she continue A partial explanation is that no one believes that she can Her father tells her that she s too short, her martial arts teacher tells her that she is not brave enough and does not want it enough Even Batman doubts her true grit to be a superhero Yet Barbara remains determined.
With the debut of Batgirl, we also see Killer Moth, who in real life is a spoiled male debutant who wants an easy way out of paying off his gambling debts He has the notion that if the people can have vigilantes protecting them against the really bad bad guys, the bad guys should also have a vigilante to protect them from the vigilantes So Cameron Van Cleer gets himself a well dressed posse, a hideout, some cool gear, and he still can t seem to get himself taken seriously, especially after he gets his tuchus handed to him by Batgirl on her own first foray out into the real world.
The parallel stories of Batgirl and Killer Moth both take off when their partners enter the scene For Batgirl, the mentoring of Batman and Robin bring her from stopping hoods from robbing convenience stores to taking on real villains For Killer Moth, meeting his Firefly a psychonugget who likes to burn people and things he finally has the force that will scare people into listening to them And thus, thankfully, the story does not remain at the what made them this way level but transcends to the level of what happens next And, dear reader, that is why we read which characters will succeed and which will fail Who will make it out alive After reading the New 52 s Batgirl, Vol 1 The Darkest Reflection, I ve had a renewed interest in Barbara Gordon s origins I ve always thought of her as the real Batgirl, even though I also thought that as Oracle she was one of the most interesting characters in the Batverse BatverseI m so clever Ok Somebody probably thought of that before, but stillAnyhoo.
This was a pretty darn good origin story for Babs In fact, the only real downside in Year One was the less than awesome to me art Looked like an episode of The Batman You know, round super cartoony faces It wasn t awful, just wasn t what I prefer Other than that, I have no complaints about this one It s good stuff.
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Popular Book, Batgirl Year One By Scott Beatty This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Batgirl Year One, Essay By Scott Beatty Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You I like Babs, a lot But I know her much better as Oracle a role she filled beautifully than as Batgirl I was excited to read Year One, to get to see of her in the role that she s recently picked up again Haven t decided yet how I feel about that Babs is a great character to lead the narration She s witty and perceptive, and entirely determined to, in some way, follow in her father s footsteps But she s too short to join the police, or even the FBI, so costumed crime fighting it is It takes a certain person to make that leap, I admit The entire volume is her process of learning on the job, which is far from over There s a really nice Black Canary cameo, where she s used as a capable hero that Babs looks up to, and not just as a sex object for the handling of the hero I m talking to you, Frank Miller It s a great read, anchored by the fantastic narration of Babs herself The art is stylized and stylish observe the cover and makes the book a pleasure to look at as well as to read.
This was I think my first standalone Batgirl encounter and I really liked her The artwork in this took me a few pages to adjust to, since it was so different to the style of the Superman story I last read, but it quickly grew on me and now I love it An introduction at the beginning of the book calls it deceptively simple linework focusing on characterisation and acrobatic movement , and I found it to be very effective.
Over the course of this, Batgirl Barbara Gordon quickly established herself as a new favourite of mine though I obviously need to read to back this up I liked the evolution of her relationship with Batman and Robin throughout this, and her dynamic with her father I want to learn about this character, but I think Batgirl Year One was a great place to start.
This was pretty good Babs is kind of hot hereis that weird Probably How old is she Is she out of HS atleast I hope so Anyway that out of the way I really enjoyed most of year one It was just a cool way to see how Babs transforms into Batgirl All the little fuck ups, all the work to get to be a major part of the batfamily, all the success and even her own villains It stayed interesting throughout with some solid art as well Also her and Dick are so cute together More please On flipside there s some bad here Well not bad but not memorable This was a fun story, a good introduction, but nothing beyond that I don t think I remember any of the villains past a guy who looks like a moth and fire user That s it Also Gordan wasn t kind of dumb here for being one of the better detectives in the series Either way though a fun read, good and easy and far better than the New52 volume I read with Batgirl Check it out 2.
5 stars It s a bummer, because I loved the artwork and coloring However, Batgirl was just plain annoying She had a very in your face feminist mindset that I thought was actually kind of demeaning to women I mean, yes, girls are just as great as guys Obvious So stop shouting about it every chance you get Her reason for going vigilante seemed shallow at best just to prove she could And, ya know, because she wants to help, but that was her secondary reason I liked all of the surrounding characters, but Batgirl just came across as a spoiled girl A shame.

Batgirl Year One follows in the same footsteps as Batman Year One and Robin Year One in that the book goes back to the origin story of the character and reinvents him or her in this case To me, Batgirl has always had of a fluid origin story You can t mess with Batman s too much because the hard facts are always that his parents got killed and he takes on the villainy in Gotham City as a way to both avenge and honor them Batgirl feels open to different interpretations as to why she goes crazy enough to throw on a mask and fight crime.
I really enjoyed how this book handles this, demonstrating how she wanted to be a legitimate police officer, but was rejected for being too short really that s a thing Soon she witnesses the good Batman can do in Gotham and seeks to make use of her own set of skills Her crash course in the Batcave as well as Robin s somewhat guiding hand is a nice touch In many ways, it s as if we are being inducted into the Bat family as well with Batgirl as our proxy.
Also, the main villains of these first several issues are Killer Moth and Firefly I thought this was a nice touch as neither really gets the spotlight in the same way that Joker, Mr Freeze, Scarecrow, etc do Also, comparatively they are B or C list villains, just menacing enough that Batgirl can cut her teeth on her first foes, but not as hardcore as Joker there s a nice reference to the Killing Joke during her training By the end, it feels like Batgirl is finally the character that we ve known for years A great introduction that also doesn t shy away from hinting at her future as Oracle as well.
3 Stars I really wanted to love thisI was expecting of this Look, this is an origin story so there are things this book should have accomplished and it didn t I know that Babs is a very well known character, as Oracle than as Batgirl, but still, I wanted to know of the character, I wanted to root for her from the beginning and see the motivations that inspired Barbara become Batgirl But, you know what I got When Barbara tells his father her wish to become a police officer she just get a laugh for an answer Then he later tells her that,well she s too short for that.
Duh The ridiculous thing is that he s right Being too short is the main reason she s rejected Barbara is angry, angry because her father doesn t believe in her potential, she s angry because her martial arts teacher says that she s not brave enough, not good enough She s annoyed because she s too young, too short So, in a way to defy Gordon s expectations of her she decides to break into the JSA headquarters and leave a note for Black Canary asking for help, for a chance to be noted and to learn from her Then, she s reminded, not in a nice way, that she has nothing new and special to offer So that s it, that s her motivation What hurts Barbara the most and what gives her reason to keep going is the fact that his father doesn t believe in her potential A bunch of coincidences take place in one important gala and Barbara gets in the middle of the action wearing her all new, batman inspired, costume She s then named Batgirl and well, she keeps doing it just to prove everyone else that she can, in fact, kick ass and help others.
Look, even though the reason of why Babs was wearing the costume was freaking ridiculous there are still pretty great things in this story Batgirl meeting Batman and Dick and Alfie for the first time and being tested without knowing There s a small Black Canary and Green Arrow cameo that I absolutely loved This story feels connected to Robin Year one that I pretty much enjoyed and liked The villains, Killer Moth and Firefly, are not the most compelling enemies but they feel right for this origin story As the story progresses Babs proves herself to be determined, brave, smart and capable, so that was when I started rooting for her I also really liked the artwork, it fits perfectly to the story, but I specially loved the coloring.
What I really disliked were the too on the nose references throughout this book for what s to come for Batgirl, especially in and after The Killing Joke Lines likeI can get crippled doing thisorI could be paralizedAfter a fail and improvised team up with Canary a cheesy line ofYou and me Let s never do this againI don t know, they just bothered me a lot There was one though that I liked The final one in the middle of a simulation test in the cave One that, surrounded by the villains of Gotham and in front of the Joker, makes it say I m gonna be okay no matter what Overall I enjoyed this comic book, but it didn t give me the backstory or the motivation I was hoping for I had a much better time with Robin Year One done by the same team It is a nice introduction, but nothing out of the ordinary.
Where it all began, as told by Scott Beatty and Chuck Dixon.
Barbara Gordon, daughter of then Captain James Gordon absence of a mother and younger brother here , was a student wanting to go into the police force and set up her own detective agency But no one, not even her dad, will take her seriously because she s too short right She takes people underestimating her to her own advantage, and is secretly capable of espionage and butt kicking than most full grown adults A couple of men even try hitting on her creepily, but she will have none of that either Barbara is her father s daughter, but isn t given a chance to express her views and skills She even tries getting into an apprenticeship under Black Canary and a couple of superhero teams, but to seemingly no avail They don t want to risk wasting their time on some redheaded young girl with no superpowers She feels like the doomed prophet Cassandra, and worries about what will become of her future if she doesn t get anything done right.
In an effort to show up her father, Babs designs, makes and dresses as a female version of Captain Gordon s ever so elusive partner in crime , Batman, at a charity costume ball But when a real criminal named Killer Moth crashes the party, she ends up fighting him disrupting the plans of the Bat family and managing to one up Batman and Robin Killer Moth even calls the accidental vigilante Batgirl, much to Babs s shock and annoyance And the rest, as they say, is historyI loved reading Batgirl s origins in Batgirl Year One I was surprised by how unpredictable it is How Barbara came to be Batgirl was not necessarily by choice, but it was just something that happened on her course to prove to everyone around her how smart and badass she was for such an ordinary girl Actually, throughout the whole book she does have a choice a choice not to wear the Batgirl costume any and leave crime fighting to the professionals, since she constantly puts herself and her loved ones in danger by going out and pretending to be another Batman But Babs is an assertive heroine She never gives up her cynical yet hopeful outlook on life nor her dreams because she continuously wants to be better and to keep on achieving And because she simply can, and will.
One thing I cannot abide in any hero is a stubborn refusal to learn from mistakes Batgirl does learn, and she grows aware of her boundaries never losing her focus and drive along the way Above all, to varying degrees, she never stops believing in herself when others do not.
Throughout her life, Barbara Gordon has never let her skills and determination falter and go to waste, no matter the circumstances She is the epitome of inner strength and resolve That, to me, is what makes her an equal to Batman what makes her so admirable as a hero and role model for girls This is why, currently, she is my favourite superheroine.
The artwork for Batgirl Year One is charming and colourful, reminiscent of Batman The Animated Series , only slightly less dark and shadowy.
Batman is Batman here broody, harsh, and unwilling to tolerate the existence of Batgirl However, it doesn t seem like this is because the girl is cramping his style or making him look bad Unlike a lot of the other men who underestimate Barbara in this comic, he eventually gives her a chance several in fact to prove herself fit to fight crime in the corrupt city of Gotham the I read about it in DC comics, the it convinces me that it is the worst cesspool in the world to live in, and I wonder why anyone who s retained their sanity and loved ones still lives there Batgirl takes incredibly dangerous risks on her night escapades against psychotic and deadly villains, but she succeeds and survives on her own, even without the help of Batman and Robin In the end, she is finally accepted into the Bat family, with knowledge of the Dark Knight s true identity and his motivation There s even foreshadowing in the form of a cut out target of the Joker pointing his gun at Batgirl in the Bat Cave, which she takes out readilyDick Grayson as Robin whom Babs calls Pixie Boots comes across as a cocky, patronising little twerp most of the time, and I smiled whenever Batgirl easily kicks his butt Yet he has his endearing moments, and seems to genuinely care for Babs, even if it is only because he has a crush on her which is unrequited at this point Robin starts believing in her long before anyone else does Despite myself, I find I m rooting for the two sidekicks as a couple at least the Boy Wonder seems closer to Barbara s age than the other men who have the hots for her Speaking of, there is Firefly shudders.
Black Canary makes a proper appearance as well, with her lover Green Arrow left at the JLA space headquarters Like everything else in Batgirl s life so far, Canary only partners up with her by chance and fate They make a good duo similar to Batman and Robin, complete with banter and demonstrations of girl power It s always great to see superheroines team up and fight crime together, and any comic where Black Canary isn t moping or is otherwise rendered ineffectual is a huge positive on my Action Girl Estimation scale.
Really, there are only two reasons why I don t rate Batgirl Year one five stars or 100%, even though I adore Batgirl It s 224 pages, but by the end I felt that could have been done There was a sense of it could have been much in terms of action and character development, though it executes both competently Maybe my expectations and standards are too high that I ve read many great stories in comics by writers like Gail Simone and I ve become spoiled I m not saying Batgirl Year One should have been darker or edgier it is already, with a balance of light humour complimenting the cartoony artwork perfectly Maybe I was expecting a stronger story Which brings me toThe villains aren t very interesting Killer Moth and Firefly, as well as the mob bosses and monsters, seem to me like any other mooks or crazies inhabiting Gotham The I learned about them and a lot of panel time is spent on them the less invested I became There isn t anything about them which stands out in comparison to the iconic Batman baddies such as Penguin and Poison Ivy Except for Firefly, who is creepy as hell with his obsession with burning women to a crisp It s proof that stronger villains make a stronger plot, in my opinion Good heroes, but weak villains.
But Batgirl Year One is as good an introduction to one of my fave fictional females the majority of which have red hair, I m finding, but redheads are awesome aren t they as I could ve asked for It is funny, insightful, and both bright and dark in the right places Best of all, it never forgets who the star is Batgirl narrates her story throughout, and while on the path to becoming one of Gotham s guardians, she achieves sound confidence, strength and self control in her own destiny.
Final Score 4 5EDIT Upon further observation, it s interesting that many of Gotham s non powered female vigilantes started out independently without the direct influence or help from Batman or Robin the male versions anyway Batgirl in her various incarnations, Catwoman, Batwoman, Huntress They ve made their own choices and work under their own regime, not caring what anyone thinks Batman doesn t make these ladies look good they can do that themselves Just a thought.
I would like to take this opportunity to be brave and confident myself What I am about to write is personal and important to me, and it relates to Batgirl Do you know why I love superheroes It s not just for escapist fantasy or the flashy superpowers, though those are cool too I was a painfully shy and insecure kid growing up Reality was scary, depressing and hopeless to my young eyes and ears, in a world where no one cared to listen to or understand me So I mostly kept to myself, as I thought I was better off alone Any ambitions were a pipe dream However, whenever I saw superheroes in films but mostly in 90s and 2000s cartoons fighting against adversity and proving that anyone can be as strong as they believe themselves to be, I found myself thinking, Yeah, I can be like that I can challenge the status quo and get people to take me seriously too I especially loved seeing the women and girls kick arse, and in my little girl mind, I identified with them the most They were some of my inspirations for opening up and expressing myself.
Batgirl was one of the first superheroines I ever saw on TV, and I thought, If a girl with no powers at all can be as smart, brave and amazing as Batman, then any girl can But apparently no one else thought so No other girls I knew liked superheroes And in recent years I ve seen less and less female characters in the media who are in all honesty strong and independent If anything, the Smurfette Principle is stronger than it ever was, with a few exceptions including The Legend of Korra and Steven Universe Despite what we ve achieved in diversity over the years, in the 21st century the dominant demographic in any popular media remains overwhelmingly and persistently the straight white male Comic books in the past had been off putting to me in how often the heroines are depicted in ridiculous sexualised poses and fanservice anatomy and clothing designed to titillate the male gaze Anytime I so much as glanced at them on covers and they were hard to miss , I d think, Oh those poor spines and I don t mean the book binding The women are also usually portrayed as victims rather than heroes who actually do anything The superhero comic books always seemed to be about men s stories, so I just didn t bother with them as they were clearly not for me Even worse, I d bought into the sadly not yet dying belief held in the lands of geekdom and the old white male executive that girls don t read comic books I stuck to kid s cartoons for my superhero entertainment.
Now, in my twenties, I see that this women are lesser in comics viewpoint is false I ve begun to read graphic novels that are mostly female positive and female lead While comic books are now working harder to be diverse and inclusive as are a few revivals of good cartoons in the 2010s I think we still have a long way to go But we shouldn t give up hope After all, Batgirl and many of our favourite heroes of justice wouldn t give up so easily.
To those people specifically those working in toy companies who say that girls shouldn t be superheroes, that they shouldn t want to be heroes, that little girls shouldn t bother being self confident and just learn to be mothers and good clean wives while the boys get to be whoever they want Fuck you Excuse my coarse language, but I m sick of this It is 2015 gone on 2016 This medieval thought process double standards, discrimination and human rights violations it needs to be addressed It needs to fade away and die Plus I loved playing with male and female action figures as a kid, so what the hell No one ever got broke from trying to appeal to a wider audience, such as, say, half the human population.
I talk about this because I now realise something I was once one of those girls whom society had drilled the message that I shouldn t try hard and be the best that I could be That I try not to be equal or beneficial to the boys for fear of being called a bitch for doing what the dudes are allowed to do no problem Simply being someone who does what she wants, surviving in the big wide and ever progressing world, does not make her a bitch Fiction is a reflection of our reality and how society perceives things, and so stories are powerful tools of influence.
It is long overdue for a woman to be seen as an ambitious, independent and intelligent person capable of making her own decisions first before her gender is even taken into account in how we view her very identity as a human being And treat her as such for she is not just a body to be scrutinised every day of her life.
It is thanks to these discoveries and rediscovering Batgirl and other heroines in mediums I love that I can finally fight back Change as a goal is possible if we work hard towards it I am proud to be a geek and a feminist, and I know there is no shame in that I can challenge the patriarchy whenever it shows its ugly, toxic, regressive head That s what Batgirl and any other woman in fiction and in real life would want, and would do accordingly Because they can Because we can.
That s my two cents Thank you for reading, and have a good day.