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[Frank Miller] é All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder, Volume 1 [zambia PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Am I dense Am I retarded This is the goddamn book that several people including some of my Goodreads friends warned me not to read In all honesty, I saw this in a local library and my curiosity got the better of me.
Surely it can t be as bad as everyone claims it to be Holy shit, yes it can.
All Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder is the worst book i ve ever read and should be avoided like the plague I honestly recommend it to no one, not even in a Hey, you need to see how bad this book is kind of way This review contains spoilers of the story The Good The art Although Frank Miller s writing is so bad that it actually detracts from the artwork, the visuals are still those of Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair Although I often disliked what they were drawing, the art is as good as you d expect from this classic team The Gordon s Despite the overuse of the infamous goddamn Batman line that s repeated throughout the book, I enjoyed the six pages that focused on the Gordon family It felt familiar and the characters are relatively untarnished compared to everyone else who makes an appearance Barbara s enthusiasm and desire to be Batgirl, the way she fools her Dad with the right words and a smile and Jim s line I took a baseball bat to Flass once, myself made this the best proper portion of the book Batman and Robin vs Green Lantern Was this intentional comedy or not Either way, after suffering through seven and a half issues of pure garbage I was happy to have something to laugh at Batman is a god in Frank Miller s eyes and everyone else is just a punchline, irrelevant compared to the great and almighty Dark Knight When he meets Hal, he calls him a moron and Hal responds by saying What a creep I don t think I like this guy at all I know Hal Jordan shouldn t sound like a ten year old girl, but it made me laugh all the same.
It pales in comparison to the final issue, though Batman and Robin confront Green Lantern in a room that s painted ENTIRELY IN YELLOWbecause that s Hal s weakness But wait, they re covered in yellow paint, too Yellow costumes, yellow skin and even yellow teeth They taunt Hal by drinkinglemonade Hilarious When Hal punches Batman, Robin reaches out to catch his glass of lemonade Brilliant Dick Grayson then goes up against the Justice League member in hand to hand combat, schools him AND ALMOST KILLS HIM WITH A SHOT TO THE THROAT Yeah, Batman saves him, but the fact that Robin nearly killed Green Lantern in a straight up fight was the icing on the comedic cake I m not sure if I was supposed to be laughing, but in a ridiculous way this sequence was actually amazing The Bad Ha, who am I kidding The Ugly The writing and dialogue The dialogue It s very repetitive I don t know why But it is Seriously The dialogue is very repetitive I don t know why, but it is Page after page Yes, page after page The dialogue is very repetitive I don t know why, but page after page, it is JUST MAKE IT STOP ALREADY Almost everyone in All Star Batman and Robin is out of character and horrendously written There are lines that made me cringe, shake my head and put the book down for a moment so I could try and process the inane nonsense I just read Particularly when it comes to Frank Miller s treatment of women Every busty woman in Gotham City gets wet over Batman or Bruce Wayne he s a god in Miller s eyes, remember Vicki Vale loses her head whenever Bruce is around, all of her smarts be damned Batman saves a woman in an alley from a gang of rapists and she loooves the sadistic beating he gives them so much that she tells Batman she loves him Batman doesn t answer because grimdark brooding, of course Black Canary is inspired to fight because of Batman, so when she sees him in action she throws herself at him Frank Miller is living out some kind of power fantasy in this book A grimdark macho man who the curvy women can t wait to get their hands on In your dreams, Frank.
Then there s Wonder Woman Out of my way, sperm bank She s written like a bad Tumblr account You know the ones Men They can t do anything right Men always lie About everything Men always make a mess Out of everything That s actual dialogue from the book.
But wait, Wonder Woman is hot for Superman even though he and every other man makes her sick She s really a very nice girl says Superman, while Hal looks baffled in the background Is this book even real Batman and Dick Grayson Batman is a borderline psychotic macho man with sadistic tendencies A violent, murdering mess who kidnaps a young boy right after his parents have been shot and the crooked Gotham cops have attempted to give him a beating in the woods.
As for Dick He almost murders Green Lantern and I put that in the good section, which should tell you all you need to know It s Batman s treatment of his new ward that s the real problem.
He throws him in the Batmobile, takes him on a joyride from hell, tells him to shut up, asks him if he s dense or retarded and then smacks him in the face when he freaks out over it all I m gonna be the best friend you could ever hope forand the worst enemy you could ever imagine He leaves him in the Bat cave with his grief and expects him to eat rats to survive, which he eventually does He reprimands Alfred for giving him actual food He talks down to him and expects him to sort out a mask and costume to join him in his dark crusade When Dick hits Hal in the throat, he throws him into a wall and insults him, before finally feeling some guilt and taking him to his parents grave so they can both grieve over their dead parents I ve read it and I still don t entirely believe it and if you puke i ll break your goddamn neck Seriously Everything else All that and I haven t even mentioned how Superman is initially reduced to a one word punchline Damn and isn t any better when written in full Or the terrible depiction of the Joker Or lines such as Let me take you to school, suckersin chemistry before Batman FIREBOMBS a group of thugs Or the utterly abysmal variant cover gallery that shows Frank Miller s artwork is just as bad as his writing.
That said, if I tried to cover every bad thing about this book, i d probably hit the character limit It s truly that bad So in closing, i ll say it again All Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder is the worst book i ve ever read Avoid it like the plague.
Why do I do this to myself I just had to see how bad Frank Miller had gotten Couldn t I take the other reviewers at their word No, I just had to see with my own eyes what a steaming pile All Star Batman and Robin is I don t think I can express it in words, but I ll try anyways.
Once upon a time, Frank Miller wrote some excellent Batman stories He knew who Batman was, what made him tick I don t know what happened to Frank Miller, but he writes like somebody who s just heard of this Batman character and thinks he may be kind of like Wolverine, and what s the difference, bub Batman is certainly a dark and complex character, but there s nothing complex here This Batman is simple minded and I can in all honesty say that he s written like the villain of the piece He did, after all, kidnap and torture poor Dick Grayson immediately after his parents were murdered He did, after all, decide to beat down an out of character, but who isn t Green Lantern just because he kind of bugs him There s nothing heroic about this Batman, sadly He s as big a creep as any of the crooks Joker is off, too When did he become the straight man I also have to comment on the treatment of women here We open with Vickie Vale walking around her apartment in lacy underwear, complete with panels lingering, in close up, on the only parts of her that really matter And no, I m not talking about her brain She s dictating her column, and of course we ladies always work in our underwear, am I right Move on to a bafflingly out of character Wonder Woman, who spends her entire appearance playing straw feminist And then there s Black Canary, whose initial appearance has her beating down and robbing a bar full of guys because she had her fill of them catcalling her Page after page of uncomfortable and weird love chunks really catcalling Oddly, neither Frank Miller nor Jim Lee seem at all aware of the fact that they and their panels of closeup TA are, in a metaphorical sense, those guys in the bar Batgirl is the only woman in the book not treated at least in part like a sex object, but she s only on a few pages The end result, for a female reader like myself, is a giant neon sign saying, NO GIRLS ALLOWED I can take the hint, and I ll likely be avoiding of Miller s work.
I can see what happened here Let s make it DARK Let s make it EDGY Let s make it SEXY It s not It s a lot of trying way too hard to be dark and edgy and sexy, and ending up, well, vulgar This is not the Goddamn Batman, in no small part because he calls himself the Goddamn Batman This is just a sociopath in a mask That seems to be Miller s point, that superheroes are inherently broken themselves, but that point was made in a far better and nuanced way in Watchmen This is just a poor imitation in tone.
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This TPB collects All Star Batman Robin, the Boy Wonder 1 9.
Creative Team Writer Frank MillerIllustrator Jim LeeInks Scott Williams A WRONG TURN IN ALBUQUERQUE Damn No matter what I say no matter how I play it this kid just won t scare.
You may think that having the goshdang writer of The Dark Knight Returns and the goshdang artist of Batman Hush nothing would wrong in this series but something went wrong WAY wrong.
But hey Don t think that it was Jim Lee Nope Good ol Jim Lee always delivers sometimes delayed but delivers greatness translated into drawing , everything is better in comics with him, Jim Lee s artwork is so goshdang good that even storylines with too simple storylines like Justice League Origin with Geoff Johns or too uneventful ones like Superman For Tomorrow with Brian Azzarello , still are worthy to be bought just for the striking Jim Lee s artwork.
Oh, and Scott Williams Well, if with Jim Lee is better, well, if you add Scott Williams inks to Jim Lee s drawings it becomes AWESOME The problem here was Frank Miller, and that s something that I m not glad of commenting since I have huge respect for this man s writing work And it s not the angle of having a sadistic violent Batman, oh no I can deal with that He s the goshdarn Batman My problem was with the lost of north in the main plot of the storyline THE WASTED PAGES If I don t keep the pressure up, he ll find time to grieve I can t let him grieve Grief is the enemy There s no time for grief There s no room for grief Grief turns into acceptance Forgiveness Grief forgives what can never be forgiven Never.
All Star Batman Robin, the Boy Wonder was supposed to show an updated telling of how Batman recruited Robin in his war on crime, and while it presented a lot about it, taking in account that we have just 9 issues in the storyline you have an issue and a half invested in Black Canary without any valuable purpose for the main plot , you have half an issue invested in Batgirl Barbara Gordon again without contributing to the main plot , you have two issues invested in the Justice League loosely related but again, this is supposed to be a Batman title, not a Justice League one soooo you have easily the equivalent of four issues wasted in characters with sub stories lacking of any contribution to the main plot Four issues Almost half the lenght of the volume.
And the other half Well, easily half of the half, presenting characters like Vicky Vale and The Joker, with valuable contributions for the main plot, BUT there isn t following up to them, you don t know what happened with them, so it s kinda again, wasted pages, since while it s certain that they ll contribute to the main plot, if you don t develop further those contributions, well, hardly you can value the pages invested in them.
So, at the end, you have only the equivalent of two issues out of nine in the expected main plot of the recruitment of Robin in Batman s war on crime THE GOSHDARN BATMAN Here s lesson number one Never talk to cops Not in Gotham Never let a cop get near of you Not in Gotham Gotham cops They ll kill you just as soon as look at you And I know most cops you ve seen have been all right.
Sure They ve been okay Up until tonight, anyways.
Most are Most places That s why most cities don t need me But Gotham needs me Gotham needs me.
Still, I liked a lot many stuff of this Batman.
Sure, I could live without so many insults to Superman and the rest of the Justice League, and while I didn t have trouble with the sadistic violence, I have to admit that it could be tone down a bit However, you have to admit that if you were an 8 years old boy witnessing the murder of your two parents, growing up with financial wealth, and training to reduced to pulp to criminals, it s way believable to get a grown up Batman, enjoying to dress as a bat, inflicting fear in the hears of wrongdoers, and even not fully mentally matured.
Even you may think that while circus life made Dick Grayson to think as an adult sooner Bruce Wayne keeps some part of his childhood in his psyche.
I liked the employment of batarangs poisoned with animals neurotoxins I found that quite clever and useful.
I liked that he s definitely the world s greatest detective, since he knows the secret identities of other heroes and its weaknesses even he is aware of abilities that those heroes have yet to discover themselves.
I really liked the idea that Batman wasn t really attempting to recruit Dick Grayson still as a small boy to convert him into a teenage sidekick But he was aware of him, recognizing his potential to become a crimefighter, and the idea was to approach him when he d an adult however fate got in the mix , so Batman well knew that it was a bad idea to expose a kid to the war on crime, but since things got speed up, now Batman needs to re adjust the mission He thought that he d have a fighting partner, but he got a son instead, and Batman isn t sure how to deal with that.
And of course you have the best goshdang Batcave ever drawn in the history of comic books A fold out display that just goes on and on and on THE LIVING END He s driving me nuts with all his questions and I m plenty crazy enough as it is.
The TPB ends in issue 9, but there is the infamous 10 issue that it was recalled by DC Comics due having profanities dang but don t think that it d much change since you don t have anything related about the training of Robin and leaving even without a closure to the storyline.
It s a shame that the storyline was left without finishing it Since my very first exposure to Batman s world were Batman 66 TV series and the Superfriends where Batman operates along with Robin Now, as adult, I can realice how irresponsible and dangerous is to involve a child in crime fighting business, but again, to me is like natural that they are a team Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder.
That s why I enjoyed a lot the run of Batman and Robin Reborn that while they were Dick Grayson and Damien Wayne, and not Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, besides the benefit of a change in the status quo of the characters, it was the idea of the team Batman and Robin.
There are rumors that Frank Miller and Jim Lee may join forces again to do a second volume and giving a proper ending to this storyline.
If that ever happens count me in This is not a good comic on purpose In fact, this is a kind of a completely awful comic Jim Lee s art is my least favorite sort of mainstream superhero vomit And Frank Miller, well god knows what he s trying to say here But this is indeed a good comic Because it s crazy That stunning sort of genius that results simply because someone really crossed the line At his best, Miller was a stunningly gifted storyteller with some very dark places that you occasionally got shoved into Here, he s sort of riffing on the extreme right wing Batman that he created in Dark Knight Returns But it is apeshit insane this time round I mean, this is Frank Miller blowing his loathing for everything stupid about superheroes into the one book all of the fanboys wanted him to write This is Batman as a twitchy, psychotic Clint Eastwood, who paints a room and himself, and Robin yellow so he can beat the living shit out of a half wit Green Lantern because Hal Jordan annoys him This is Frank Miller as Alejandro Jodorowsky, but not on purpose All Star Batman and Robin is like a creepy homeless guy with Aryan Brotherhood tattoos showing you his cock while he sings Paul Anka songs, drawn in Jim Lee s ludicrously polished style I m the goddamned Batman indeedy.
All Star Batman and Robin is a retelling of the first days of the Dynamic Duo by the celebrated creative team of writer Frank Miller and artist Jim Lee This retelling set in the modern era Robin originally made his debut as The Sensational Character Find of 1940 a bit dated and is the rud precursor to Miller s award winning Batman end of life story The Dark Knight Returns.
Despite the hype, the packaging, and the high profile creative team, I believe this story is illustrative of everything that is wrong with today s superhero comic books.
The Characters Miller s Batman is a cackling narcicist who want to flaunt his labido and drive over anything in his way as much as he wants to save Gotham City Miller has taken the Batman character beyond a tormented soul, lost in a life fighting darkness in the lowest places, but burning with justice inside to a man who lusts attention, thrills, power over both villians and heroes and women Wow Batman just went from being one of the most original characters in comics history to your average 21 year old muscle head Miller s Batman is a man concerned with kicking people s teeth out and laughing while they bleed, than protecting the innocent and throwing every punch to make positive change in Gotham City Instead of just disagreeing with the Justice League he mocks them as imbeciles, and instead of coaching Robin to be a hero he psychologically abuses him into a life of crime.
He s a mess He even beats Robin after the boy acts the way Batman trained him to and says And stay down with one last crack to the 12 year old s jaw.
And it s not just Batman Every character Miller touches in this story is a perverse version of who the character is in the rest of the DC Universe This is not the place to pick them all apart, but suffice it to say, no character is left unsoiled This represents one of the largest problems in superhero comics today all the heroes are disappearing.
But Miller was only half of the superstar creative team Jim Lee s art exemplified another major problem in modern comics sex on every page.
Whether it was Black Canary s grotesquely disproportionate quintuple D cup size, or the completely pointless splash page of Vicky Vale in lingerie on p.
3 to start the series yes, a splash page, I thought those died with embossed covers in the 90 s too Lee s female figures were a senseless distraction Excess of one element is bad in any art form too many leading tones burdens the cadence, too much sugar kills the souffle , too many fight scenes ruins the action movie.
In comics as well, too much sex detracts from the story, ruins the flow of the art, and turns the book into soft porn.
The Wrap All Star Batman and Robin is a senseless perversion of a central story to the DC Universe Lee s over the top sexuality, and Miller s narcissist brutality combine to make an ugly mess of a story with little conceivable purpose beyond titillating the lowest common denominator of human taste.
Leave it to Frank Miller to obliterate an opportunity to be creative All Star That s supposed to mean something Grant Morrison s All Star Superman is a favorite among even non fans of Superman it s so classic and accessible But the goddamn Batman is terrible Goddamn Batman, if that doesn t sum it up Vulgar, rude, abusive, heartless, reckless, violating The Rule It s like he s forgotten who he is and what he stands for, breaking bones and knocking out teeth, driving over and burning criminals alive Kidnapping Dick Grayson and turning him into a mean brat and vengeful killer like Damian Wayne It s not even fun to read them They re dark and moody and unsure of themselves Dick is charmless, a wannabe bad boy, and Bats is downright mean, unsympathetic While I sometimes wish Batman was brutal, I take it all back after reading this.
I can t help but feel that Frank Miller is a misogynistic creep He beats, endlessly objectifies, tries to rape, date rapes, and kills women all throughout this book It s despicable Babs Gordon is literally the only decent female character here and her introduction goes nowhere She gets like eight pages Bye bye, Babs Black Canary is catcalled for sixteen pages and then rides a Harley like a roaring lion between her legs So much for justice and empowerment Then there s the sex scene Was that really necessary Some of my favorite quotes She s got the right THOMAS JEFFERSON and all that Damn you and your lemonade I am the goddamn Batman Love chunks There were too many to write them all down It seems what Miller did here was apply the same balls to the wall philosophy of The Dark Knight Returns, but without any tact or subtlety whatsoever This lacks any appreciable creativity because this retelling of Dick Grayson s origin simply makes him a depreciable asshole Nicely done Fans are sure to love that Then women are thoroughly debased They re all dressed like prostitutes, Vicki Vale gets bashed up, Black Canary is objectified throughout the entire book and also sexually fulfilled , and Batgirl is carelessly tossed aside along with any chance of redemption for female characters Gotham Police are assaulted and killed And Miller throws in Joker last minute to date rape and strangle, for no purpose So yeah, an enlightening read, humorless, off color, and a piss poor attempt to rewrite these well known characters One star for horrid entertainment value, one star for Jim Lee s fantastic artwork.

This is exactly the way Batman should NOT behave in a comic book He is a murderous, cackling psychopath It is entirely out of character.
It is also my absolute favourite depiction of Batman, anywhere.
You see, Batman has a pop culture omnipresence that makes him hard to avoid Even though I didn t get into comics until a few years ago, I was well aware of Batman s deal His parents died, he became a costumed hero who patrolled Gotham City at night and would dispatch villains without resorting to killing The thing is, I ve seen so much of that I get it I want something different.
Well, this one was different In fact, different is an understatement This is perhaps the most perplexing and alienating version of Batman you will find I don t take exception with anyone who criticizes this book In fact, I feel for them This is not the Batman they have come to know and love But if your jam is occasionally seeing a beloved cultural icon lose their shit and set off on a campaign of murder, psychological torture and public indecency, you may very well enjoy All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder.
This was a weird one Not Batman and an elephant in a Tijuana sideshow weird, like a two headed koala bear preserved in a jar of formaldehyde weird.
Frank Miller brings his unique twisted sensibilities to the origin story of Robin, the Boy Wonder, but it s still Batman s show and this Batman is a piece of work.
Miller implies that Bruce Wayne was a mama s boy with violent tendencies before his parents were gunned down and that he used his grief to fuel a sadistic rage against pretty much anything and anyone that didn t fit into his twisted wheel house of justice Fair enough, so we won t expect Batusi lessons.
Fresh off watching his parents gunned down in front of him, Dick Grayson is abducted by Batman and drafted into his war on crime.
No homo erotic sub text here.
This brings him into conflict with a nascent Justice League which consists of Superman, a doltish Green Lantern, a lunatic Plastic Man and an overdrawn Wonder Woman.
Yep, Jim Lee If you re looking for objectified, flesh baring, fan boy esque, ultra cosplay depictions of women, then look no further than this volume Let s empower a female character, give them intelligence, wit, abilities, super powers and then undercut them by having them wear the cheesiest costumes a horny 14 year old boy can conjure up and sadly, the above gif is one of the tamer examples.
Miller doesn t stop there Batman and his brutal crime fighting methods are fetishized by women, including Barbara Gordon Bat Girl and Dinah Lance Black Canary just don t call her Love Chunks.
The only redeeming aspect of this book is Miller s cracker jack dialogue and wit The last issue contained here a confrontation between Batman, Robin and the Green Lantern is almost worth the price of admission.
In order to counteract the Green Lantern s power, he has Robin, himself and the meet up room painted the color yellow, Lantern s one weakness Ha Bottom Line Miller s done some brilliant stuff in the past this one, doesn t even come close Jim Lee Get a freaking girlfriend Holy Awkward Dialogue, Batman Wow Wow Wow This was a total train wreckcomplete with body bags and flaming wreckage I tried, but I couldn t look away When I saw this in the library the other day, I nearly fell over myself trying to snatch it up All Star Batman and Robin Wheee Do Not Be Fooled like I was This is not like All Star Superman Volume 01 In fact, if Morrison s All Star Superman had an evil twin this is what it would look like.
Let s start with the art, since I have the least complaints in that area It was pretty good, other than the fact that Batman seemed to magically sport some kind of Don Johnson facial hair when he put the suit on Which I thought was strange, considering he was looking less than scruffy five minutes earlier on his date with Vicki Vale It shouldn t have annoyed me so much, but it s hard to concentrate when you have the theme song for Miami Vice running through your head.
Still, the sound of synthesizers in the background wouldn t have been so bad if the writing hadn t been so stupid All of the characters repeated themselves so much that by the end of the book it was almost funny Oooh I know It can be a drinking game Every time Batman says Shut up, we ll all take a swigMy guess is that Miller decided he was going to re write Batman Make him dark and edgy News flash, moron Batman isalready dark and edgy Do you know what happens when you go one step past dark and edgy You get evil and unhinged Pssst It s called a fine line for a reason, asshat.
So what you re left with is a Batman who kidnaps a 12 year old boy immediately after the death of his parents, slaps him around a little bit, then dumps him in the Batcave and leaves him all alone All this in the high hopes that Alfred won t feed himso he ll get hungry enough to eat the rats Cause that ll teach em some character Hmmmm Let s see, wasn t there already a psychotic character who mentally and physically abused one of Batman s sidekicks What was his name It s on the tip on my tongue Oh Got it The ing Joker Honest to God, Batman even has a Joker rip off evil villain laugh in this book.
Beyond the obvious awfulness, there are also quite a few strange unanswered questions I have about All Star B R.
1 Why does Batman do a Clint Eastwood impersonation when he first meets Robin No, I m not talking about him acting like a cowboy He actually tries to make his voice sound like Clint Eastwood WTF 2 Why does Alfred look like Vin Diesel when he takes his shirt off Alfred is known for his receding hairlinenot his muscles Creepy.
3 When did the Black Canary get an Irish accent Possibly this is just something I ve never noticed Also, why the k was she dressed like that while she was working as a bartender 4 Did Wonder Woman seem a little um, strange to anyone besides me I would have thought maybe Miller was going in a different direction with her, especially after Batman s lesbo comment But then there was that odd kiss between her and Supermanso I guess not Ok So in the end this gets a 1.
5 star rating.
1 star for the art, and a half star for the It s So Bad It s Good entertainment value.