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[William Boyd] ↠´ A Good Man in Africa [urban-fantasy-romance PDF] Read Online » In The Small African Republic Of Kinjanja, British Diplomat Morgan Leafy Bumbles Heavily Through His Job His Love Of Women, His Fondness For Drink, And His Loathing For The Country Prove Formidable Obstacles On His Road To Any Kind Of Success But When He Becomes An Operative In Operation Kingpin And Is Charged With Monitoring The Front Runner In Kinjanja S National Elections, Morgan Senses An Opportunity To Achieve Real Professional Recognition And, Importantly, ReassignmentAfter He Finds Himself Being Blackmailed, Diagnosed With A Venereal Disease, Attempting Bribery, And Confounded With A Dead Body, Morgan Realizes That Very Little Is Going According To Plan 3.
5 Morgan Leafy is a civil servant in the early 1970s Foreign Service posted to the small mythical country of Kinjanja in Africa He simultaneously has inferiority and superiority issues he walks around with a huge chip on his shoulder but feels innately important than any of the Africans While this dicotomy is exaggerated in this satire, I suspect that it is not uncommon in people with Foreign Service postings in out of the way places in Africa, Asia and elsewhere However, Boyd s satire didn t entertain me the way Evelyn Waugh did in his African satires the humor is caustic and felt mean spirited.
I loved this book and was quite surprised to see so many one star reviews I think fans of Evelyn Waugh and of Kingsley Amis s Lucky Jim will like it It helps if you don t mind the protagonist being a reprehensible character.

Morgan Leafy is a great tragi comic character This is a good story with a lot of humour.
Overweight, beleaguered Morgan Leafy, a minor official in the fictional African country of Kinjaja, muddles his way through a series of misadventures He faces scandal, blackmail, and venereal disease, as well as a righteous Scottish doctor, whom he must attempt to bribe A very funny novel, with solid, human characters and wonderfully bizarre situations that are nevertheless believable than, say, Tom Sharpe s The plot unfolds compellingly, in three parts, with the middle part a flashback, and the third a continuation of the first This is than just a comic novel, it s an almost poignant commentary on what it means to be human Leafy is an ass, and he brings most but not all of his troubles on himself, yet he has the reader s sympathy throughout An extremely enjoyable book.