Trailer ½ Хьюстон, 2030 PDF by Û Mike McKay

Trailer ½ Хьюстон, 2030 PDF by Û Mike McKay , Mike McKay, Houston, The Year Zero , Nice book, but a bit on the dark side.
Not recommended to those who belive our Civilization is going to last forever.
This book is about Peak Oil, and what follows it It is not a scientific scare with bunch of graphs and equations, and not a philosophical essay on what the humankind or your family and neighbors should and should not be doing in the next twenty years The author positions the book as a Civilization Model A close and personal narrative on how the life in the USA will look like after the Peak Oil, Peak Gas, and Peak Everything I find it a far better read than some of the semi academic books on the subject.
Personally, I disagree that the events in the book can possibly happen that fast Perhaps, the author is a bit pessimistic in calling it Houston, 2030, and should have called it Houston, 2040 or even Houston, 2060 But the depletion and scarcity tendencies are extremely well thought, and the book is very much believable.
One of the issues I have with the entire book is that in some dialogues M.
McKay is using broken English, and the book is full of invented words e.
g Fill exactly as written here, with an apostrophe for a landfill Perhaps, it is a part of the vision if everything breaks, the language also got to be broken, but sometimes does create a difficult to read text.